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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Stop Data Trackers From Following You Around And Spying On Your Interest And dishing Up Annoying Repeative Ads To You

Better for you search engine suggestions

The Farm On Most Nights
While we all love Google and use it constantly, but some times we want Total privacy search engines especially in this day and age of control freak tyrannical snooping and violating of all our personal privacy:







 This is not an anonymous Internet searcher but it is included on the list because it carries results that nobody else does. 
BinSearch specialises in crawling binary Usenet newsgroups results that are ignored by all major search engines.
  You can search for Usenet posts subject, filenames or .nfo and limit your search to certain newsgroup or timeframe.
Due to the huge amount of data that Usenet carries, results are refreshed every few weeks and old ones dropped, Binsearch crawls thousands of groups but it is not possible to index all of them, only the major newsgroups.

Get Smart On Privacy!

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