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Friday, October 09, 2015

eBible Fellowship said that October 7th the world would be anniihilated.

Maybe there is no one reading this because there is no more internet, because there is no more Earth.

 According to a prophecy from a Christian organization called eBible Fellowship, on Wednesday, October 7, the planet was supposed to be destroyed "with fire," according to Chris McCann, the leader of the online-only religious group. 

“According to what the Bible is presenting it does appear that 7 October will be the day that God has spoken of: in which, the world will pass away,” McCann told The Guardian. “It’ll be gone forever.


Since the radioactivity has come to the west coast of America we can expect to see thyroid cancer and other types to start showing up in the surfing populations.

According to the Associated Press, "A new study says children living near the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer at a rate 20 to 50 times that of children elsewhere, a difference the authors contend undermines the government's position that more cases have been discovered in the area only because of stringent monitoring.

Most of the 370,000 children in Fukushima prefecture (state) have been given ultrasound checkups since the March 2011 meltdowns at the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. 

The most recent statistics, released in August, show that thyroid cancer is suspected or confirmed in 137 of those children, a number that rose by 25 from a year earlier. 

Elsewhere, the disease occurs in only about one or two of every million children per year by some estimates."

Obama let the American public down!

EFF: the Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared

Wikileaks has released the finalized Intellectual Property text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which international negotiators agreed upon a few days ago.

 Unfortunately, it contains many of the consumer-hostile provisions that so many organizations spoke out against beforehand.
 This includes the extension of the copyright term to life plus 70 years, and a ban on the circumvention of DRM. 

The EFF says, "If you dig deeper, you'll notice that all of the provisions that recognize the rights of the public are non-binding, whereas almost everything that benefits rightsholders is binding. 

That paragraph on the public domain, for example, used to be much stronger in the first leaked draft, with specific obligations to identify, preserve and promote access to public domain material.

 All of that has now been lost in favor of a feeble, feel-good platitude that imposes no concrete obligations on the TPP parties whatsoever." 

The EFF walks us through all the other awful provisions as well — it's quite a lengthy analysis.

But on the other hand...

The Obama administration has announced it will not require companies to decrypt encrypted messages for law enforcement agencies. 

This is being hailed as a "partial victory" by the Electronic Frontier Foundation; partial because, as reported by the Washington Post, the government "will not — for now — call for [such] legislation."

This means companies will not be forced to build backdoors into their products, but there is no guarantee it won't happen further down the line.

 The government wants to continue talks with the technology industry to find a solution, but leaving things in limbo for the time being will create a sense of unease on both sides of the debate.

The EFF has also compiled a report showing where the major tech companies stand on encryption.

Geoengineering and El Faro

A cargo ship named the El Faro was lost at sea after sailing into the center of Hurricane Joaquin.

It is highly possible, given the circumstances, that the captain got the same National Weather Service hurricane forecast that the rest of us heard - which was a due North trek toward the East coast.

 As we know that forecast was completely inaccurate.

Not only was the forecasted trek of the storm wrong, but who could have predicted the hurricane would sit cornered by two HAARP transmitters for three days stalled near the Bahamas while flooding the Carolinas with trillions of gallons of water?

So the point is, this covert weather modification is now costing lives and property.

 It will happen again unless the operators of the HAARP transmitters start providing data to the weather service.

 WHY they don't provide this information may explain why there are millions being made on weather options and derivatives trading on the CME, CCE and other Wall St. outfits who may have insider information on weather manipulation.

Friday Furnicular Funipendulous

Low Tech High Tech Linked

If you have 50TB of data that you'd like to put on the S3 cloud, Amazon is releasing Snowball

 It's basically a large grey box full of hard drives that Amazon will mail to you. 

Simply upload your files and mail it back — they will upload it for you. 

For $200 + shipping, it's at a pretty reasonable price point if you're tired of hosting your data and want to try and push that to AWS.

 ("Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway." -Tanenbaum, Andrew S.)


Young Girls Carry Their Phones In Their Butt Pockets Increasing 911 Calls

Android users have long complained publicly that it's way too easy to accidentally dial 911.

 So it's pretty astonishing that it took a team of Google Researchers and San Francisco Department of Emergency Management government employees to figure out that butt-dialing was increasing the number of 911 calls

The Google 9-1-1 Team presented its results in How Googlers helped San Francisco Use Data Science to Understand a Surge in 911 Calls, a Google-sponsored presentation at the Code for America Summit, and in San Francisco's 9-1-1 Call Volume Increase, an accompanying 26-page paper.

Girl says iPhone caught fire in her butt pocket couldn't call 911

Butt 911 call actually saves teen 

A new report has concluded that the ocean has half the fish it contained in 1970.

Is NSA evil?

Colors from opposite sides of the color wheel compliment each other

Photo: Malcolm, Flickr Carlos Castaneda. If you recognize the name, you will enjoy the story about...

Look out Apple, Microsoft's first laptop looks like a MacBook Pro killer

An insider view into Microsoft
How can you control people's free access to the net and each other? 
Bareburger 2The newest burger joint taking over the nation started in New York. 
This unorthodox burger chain was just named hottest in America
Netflix has confirmed the price hike now costs $9.99 to us with an official statement:
To continue adding more TV shows and movies including many Netflix original titles, we are modestly raising the price for some new members in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. As a thank you to existing Netflix members — who aren’t already benefiting from a previous price guarantee — we will maintain their current price for a year.
 Four more carmakers join diesel emissions row
So glad I don't work next to this dude!
  Majestic. And then there's this guy.
Breaking News:
 Active shooter at NAU

 1 dead, 3 wounded in campus shooting at Northern Arizona University
This game has one player try to defuse a bomb while the other players ('experts') read the bomb's manual and tell the defuser what to do. Watch as this player talks to multiple experts at the same time in one of the tensest moments I have ever seen.
  "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific", Kauai, Hawaii [OC] [3264x2448]
 Manoj Bhargava, creator of the 5-hour Energy drink, demonstrates his Free Electric bike. By pedaling for one hour, he says, a person can power a home's lights and basic appliances for an entire day.
 20 New Lines from The Epic of Gilgamesh Discovered in Iraq, Adding New Details to the Story
  Just so you know the first webcam was invented to monitor a coffee pot. It was for people to avoid pointless trips to the coffee pot by providing a live 128x128 greyscale image of it.
 New study finds children living near the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns have been diagnosed with Thyroid cancer at a rate 20 to 50 times that of children elsewhere

 TIL in 1998, a Georgia high school student was suspended from school after wearing a Pepsi t-shirt on Coke Day. Upon hearing the news, a Pepsi spokesperson said, "Without knowing all the details, it sounds like (he's) obviously a trendsetter with impeccable taste in clothes."
 Desert Trip Special Mercedes Unimog Off Road Vehicle
 Crazy woman does donuts in intersection, flips her car down a hill


Thursday, October 08, 2015

Today's OZ curtain pullback Behind The Scenes Weather Manipulation 10/8/2015

A high pressure zone is being installed by a HAARP transmitter over the Southwest U.S. just in time to block hurricane Oho's strong moisture field.

 This moisture field, which is now spinning clockwise, is spinning down through Utah, Nevada and into California.

 Heavy chemtrail aerosols are also being sprayed again today in the Los Angeles region which are assisting in the covert effort to stop the rain potential of this weather system in California.

 This moisture field from hurricane Oho would have also dumped some snow over the higher elevations in the High Sierra range had the jets not been spraying and the HAARP transmitter been turned off.

 Once again these satellite maps demonstrate deliberate, man-made weather manipulation to starve California and the West coast reservoirs of needed snowpack and rain!

Is It Guns Or Is It psychotropic drugs we should be concerned about?

According to Northeastern University criminologist James Fox, between 1980 and 2010 there were an average of 20 mass murders per year, or an average of one every 2.6 weeks.

According to Shootingtracker.com, there were 30 mass public shootings in 2014, and there have been 31 this year.

So now it has become one every 1.6 weeks.

 It is time to take a hard look at some unpleasant facts of the side effects of some chemical substances and how they are effecting society at large.

When the side effects of these medications go beyond the patient, affecting society in horrific ways, then it is certainly time to take a closer look at these drugs and their side effects.

A psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic is a chemical substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, or consciousness.

 Any drug capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior. 

Some legal drugs, such as lithium for bipolar disorder, are psychotropic.

 Many illicit drugs, such as cocaine, are also psychotropic. Also known as psychodynamic drug.

What the media never tells us is that in 90% of mass shootings there is psychotropic drugs involved.

One of the terrible side effects we hardly ever hear about is what it is capable of doing to an area of the brain that is so important...

The part of the brain that controls conscience, an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior, is deficient because of the use of psychotropic drugs.

The big pharma will spin news as if the following were not the truth because it would curb profits if the truth ever got out.

They will point to guns as the problem when the people on antidepressants behind the trigger are the true problem.

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common... and it's not guns. (Link)

(Another related link here)


Antidepressants Are a Prescription for Mass Shootings (Link)

Three-fold Increase in Mass Shootings in Step with Increased Psychiatric Drugging (Link)

Psychiatric drugs are more dangerous than you have ever imagined. 

If you haven't been prescribed one yet, you are among the lucky few. 

If you or a loved one are taking psychiatric drugs, there is hope; but you need to understand the dangers and how to minimize the risk. 
The following overview focuses on longer-term psychiatric drug hazards ...(Link)

It has been noted by commentors on some websites and blogs that there are more people on psychotropic drgs who are not killing people.


But can society at large endure the side effect of these dangerous drugs of the mass shootings?

Families are being effected and communities are being effected along with our nation as a whole.

You don't know if your loved ones are going to be the next victims.

You don't know if your next time at the movies or in a public place will be your last upon this earth.

The profits of the big Pharma do not outweigh your own peace of mind do they? 

It is not so much guns we have to be worrying about, it is people on psychotropic drugs we should be concerned about. 

We must never neglect the facts.

“Truth is that which delineates that which is.”

There is a very big problem that is affecting society at large.

The side effects to society at large are at unacceptable levels.

Explore this data link which shows, by drug, the side effects to society and the actual drug related events. http://ssristories.org/




Thursday Technopole Taxis

A Lesbian Reporter Walks Into A Pray The Gay Away Convention

When my article about the conference came out, we got complaints from both sides. Some readers said I gave too much space to the ex-gays.

 Others said I was too critical of Christian theology and included too many quotes from the protesters. My editor Michael told me if I’d pissed off both sides, I’d done my job. But I wasn’t convinced. I knew I hadn’t been objective.

I was on the side of the protesters and in the article I’d purposely given them, not the ex-gays, the last word.


Could Mars Have Been Destroyed During The Angelic Wars?

The Atlantic has a story that explores what may have destroyed the Martian atmosphere and ocean.

The question of whether there is life on Mars is woven into a much larger thatch of mysteries.

 Among them: What happened to the ancient ocean that once covered a quarter of the planet's surface? 

And, relatedly, what made Mars's magnetosphere fade away? 

Why did a planet that may have looked something like Earth turn into a dry red husk? 

“We see magnetized rocks on the Mars surface,” said Bruce Banerdt, the principal investigator of the InSight mission to Mars, which is set to launch in March. 

“And so we know Mars had a magnetic field at one time, but it doesn't today.

 We would like to know the history—when that magnetic field started, when it may have shut down.”



Some People Are Not Too Bright

The Martian is a smash hit movie that made $100 million worldwide during its first weekend.

 The science and engineering depicted was, with certain notable exceptions, near perfect. 

The cinematography and special effects were so well done that one could almost imagine that Ridley Scott sent Matt Damon and a film crew to Mars to shoot the movie. 

In fact, perhaps the film was a little too good. Buzzfeed took a stroll through social media and discovered that many people think that The Martian is based on a true story.


Old Jerry Gets To The Frontlines

The EFF reports a spot of bright news from California: Governor Jerry Brown today signed into law the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

 CalECPA, says the organization, "protects Californians by requiring a warrant for digital records, including emails and texts, as well as a user's geographical location.

These protections apply not only to your devices, but to online services that store your data.

Only two other states have so far offered these protections: Maine and Utah."

The ACLU provides a fact sheet (PDF) about what the bill entails, which says:

 SB 178 will ensure that, in most cases, the police must obtain a warrant from a judge before accessing a person's private information, including data from personal electronic devices, email, digital documents, text messages, and location information.

 The bill also includes thoughtful exceptions to ensure that law enforcement can continue to effectively and efficiently protect public safety in emergency situations. 

Notice and enforcement provisions in the bill provide proper transparency and judicial oversight to ensure that the law is followed.


 Skimboarders watch the tides, nothing new here...

You'd think Tide prediction would be quite easy, it comes in, it goes out. 

But of course it's driven by gravity between the moon and earth and there's a lot more to it. 

Today, computer models make this easy, but before computers we used incredible analog machines to predict the tides.

 The best of these machines were the deciding factor in setting a date for the Allies landing in Europe leading to the end of the second world war.

 From the Hackaday story: "In England, tide prediction was handled by Arthur Thomas Doodson from the Liverpool Tidal Institute. 

It was Doodson who made the tidal predictions for the Allied invasion at Normandy.

 Doodson needed access to local tide data, but the British only had information for the nearby ports.

 Factors like the shallow water effect and local weather impact on tidal behavior made it impossible to interpolate for the landing sites based on the port data.

 The shallow water effect could really throw off the schedule for demolishing the obstacles if the tide rose too quickly. 

Secret British reconnaissance teams covertly collected shallow water data at the enemy beaches and sent it to Doodson for analysis. 

To further complicate things, the operatives couldn’t just tell Doodson that the invasion was planned for the beaches of Normandy. 

So he had to figure it out from the harmonic constants sent to him by William Ian Farquharson, superintendent of tides at the Hydrographic Office of the Royal Navy.

 He did so using the third iteration of Kelvin’s predictor along with another machine. 

These were kept in separate rooms lest they be taken out by the same bomb.


 We ex hippies love VW

Today VW's Michael Horn is testifying to Congress and has blamed the recent scandal on engineers saying: "It's the decision of a couple of software engineers, not the board members." 

However, 530,000 cars in the U.S. will need to be recalled for significant engine modifications, not a software fix.

 Only 80,000 Passats are eligible for the software fix. 

There is no word on the effects these modifications will have on the cars' performance, fuel consumption, etc. The BBC reports: 

"The issue of defeat devices at VW has been a historic problem, points out a Congress panel member questioning VW US chief Michael Horn.

In 1974, VW had a run-in with US authorities regarding the use of defeat devices in 1974, and in December 2014 it recalled cars to address nox emissions."


 This seems like a disaster in the making to most of us.

Volvo has announced it will accept "full liability" for accidents when one of its cars is driving autonomously

It joins Mercedes and Google in this claim, hoping to convince regulators that it's worthwhile to allow testing of such vehicles on public roads. 

Volvo's CTO said, "Everybody is aware of the fact that driverless technology will never be perfect — one day there will be an accident.

 So the question becomes who is responsible and we think it's unrealistic to put that responsibility on our customers."

 Of course, this is limited to flaws in the self-driving system. If the driver does something inappropriate, or if another vehicle causes the accident, then they're still liable.

 It's also questionable how the courts would treat a promise for liability, but presumably this can be cleared up with agreements when customers start actually using the technology.



You just might not want to upgrade your iphone right now...

Apple is splitting the manufacture of the A9 processor for its iPhone 6s between TSMC (~60%) and rival Samsung (~40%) — "and they are not created equal," writes Andy Patrizio. 

For starters, Chipworks noted that Samsung uses 14nm while TSMC uses 16nm.

 A Reddit user posted tests of a pair of 6s Plus phones and found the TSMC chip had eight hours of battery life vs. six hours for the Samsung. 

Meanwhile, benchmark tests from the folks at MyDriver (if Mr. Patrizio's efforts with Google Translate got it right) also found that the Samsung chip is a bigger drain on the phone's battery, while the TSMC chip is slightly faster and runs a bit cooler

So how do you know which chip you got? 

There's an app for that.

But I don't know what it is at the moment...

Frisbee was very big in the 60's and 70's.

This guy has mastered the art!


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Pastor Tilson Edward Shumate And The Healing Waters

 The Healing Waters Tiacote, Mexico

Waiting for their chance for a miracle, a line of people often stretches for over a mile on a dusty road in the little town of Tlacote, Mexico. 

More than 10,000 a day sometimes come to visit Jesus Chahin's well and to take away a can or two of the now-famous miracle water which is said to have cured everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol.

Although the state health director has tested the water and says that it is normal for this region and safe to drink, Jesus Chahin says that it weighs less than normal water.

 Chahin, a wealthy man, has been giving the water away since last May when he accidentally discovered its healing properties by observing its swift healing effect on a farm dog who lapped up some of it.

 He thinks its healing properties may be connected to the fact that it weighs less than normal water.

Those who hope for healing continue to arrive and wait, unconcerned about any scientific explanations. 

Dominican nun Maria Guadalupe Aguilar drove 175 miles with Rev. Juan Crespo who suffers from prostate cancer, to see if the water can heal him. "For me", she says, "all of these things are God's miracles." (Source: Washington Post)
The word has spread, and since May 1991 millions of people have been to Tlacote and millions more have drunk the water, seeking help for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, AIDS, etc. 

The ranch owner, Mr. Chahin, keeps the registration files of every visitor, some of whom have traveled from as far as Europe and Russia. The daily line-up varies in size from 5,000 to 10,000 people.
It all started with a sick dog who recovered soon after drinking from a muddy puddle.

 A few people then cautiously tried the water, and they too were healed. 

 And then more came and were healed in the farm village of Tlacote near Mexico City. 

The local priest applied to the Mexican government to have the water pumped and filtered, but it refused to provide any funding...until he sent water to a nearby army hospital, where six hundred soldiers were cured.

  Healing Waters

  Somehow it was all over the news-The Healing Waters of Mexico! 

They were saying that an angel came down and touched the water and all who drank of it were healed.

Several news stations repoeted a healing line that was over a mile long.

People were standing in line with buckets to get some of the blessed water.

  At the time, I was hoping to go and pray for the sick at any church that would have me.

My quest began with the sophisticated "Know-it-alls" in churches that won't even begin to let a miracle happen. (Note from David: Hint, it was in Costa Mesa CA.)

I ran into more Pharisees than you can imagine.

If I passed their interrogation, I was allowed to sit in the back of the room and pray.

I was presented with a set of hoops , so I  surprised them and jumped through them all with graceful precision.

They didn't know what to do with me, so they said," Just pray in the back, in silence, every Saturday night for six months and then you can pray up front with the elders."

At the end of six months they tried to wiggle out of their agreement and presented me with another set of hoops.

  They were kind and I have great respect for them, but what a quench.

The sick and needy of this world don't ask questions, they just ask that you pray.

You don't have to prove yourself for eight million years and pay the so called "dues."

The proud and the Pharisees always try pulling rank.

"Saying, these last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day" Matthew 20:12.

John 2:24-25 says," But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men. And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man" (flattering titles and carnal credentials).


Gold Nor Silver

  I traveled deep into Mexico to arrive at a prayer line.

The people were happy to see me and welcomed the ministry of the laying on of hands and prayer.

I made a cross of sticks to hold up as I prayed for thousands.

I don't speak much Spanish, so I did a lot of praying in the Spirit.

Paul the apostle said that we should pray for the interpretation.

Maybe some of what I prayed was in Spanish, who knows?

  I left home without extra money in my pockets and only the clothes I was wearing.

Jesus sent out His disciples in Matthew 10:8-9 and said," Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. Provide neither gold nor silver, nor brass in your purses."

Jesus also said not to take two coats, for the workmen is worthy of his hire.

I nearly froze to death.

  When I first arrived, it was in the light of a beautiful full moon rising over the hillside.

What a sight!

Buses and cars were parked everywhere.

There were hundreds of campfires with people singing around them, and many others sleeping all over the hillssides.

From the well of blessed water there was a rope stretching for over a mile, strung through each person's bucket.

That's how they kept their place in line.

Many were cutting the rope late at night and taking cuts.

I guess the water worked anyway.

God's grace is sufficient.

  The wind came up and I had no place to go but next to an open fire.

I wound up sleeping on the ground, next to a wall, out of the wind, wrapped up in some roofing paper that I had found.

I was dusty, dirty and all alone, but as the Lord said," A workmen is worthy of his hire."

The presence of God was worth more than all the silver and gold in the world.

We usually can't say with Saint Peter, "Silver and gold have I none," but neither can we say "Rise up and walk."

On that trip, I could say both!


"Thin and frail, Ezequiel Lopez inched along in a wheelchair, a plastic jug in his lap and hope in his heart.

''I'm here for the water,'' said Lopez, a door maker from Orange, Calif. ''I hear it cures everything, all kinds of diseases.''

  A mutt named Lucas, injured in a dog fight, fell into a tub of it and his scars disappeared

Guided by faith and driven by desperation, the sick and the feeble stream into a heavily guarded ranch in central Mexico, filling their jugs with ''God's medicine.''

The water, which bubbles up from a 792-foot well, dissolves tumors, kills viruses and mends broken bones, believers say.

Word of the precious liquid has swept through the barrios, not only in Mexico but in the California cities of Santa Ana and Anaheim, in Long Beach and Los Angeles. Everyone's talking about it. Everyone's got to have some.

But getting it isn't easy. Seekers wait as many as four days in a winding line that stretches more than a mile."

On the natural side:
The difference in this water is its hydrogen(atomic hydrogen) content.
 Mg + 2H2O ► Mg(OH)2 + 2H ► Mg(OH)2 + H2
H2 = hydrogen gas which is converted to atomic hydrogen in the body.

Pastor Tilson Edward Shumate, The Mexico City Earthquake, And An Angel

On September 14, 1985, at 7:17 A.M., a Richter magnitude 8.1 earthquake occurred on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

I may never know why, but instantly I knew I must return to Mexico.

I packed up the car thinking I'd drive all the way, until I saw a sign that read Aero Puerto, and decided to fly.

I took along an evangelist friend who I thought would help me dig through the rubble to rescue survivors.

When we arrived, he was useless to help, but supportive in spirit.

I tunneled through the debris looking for survivors.

I many people of all ages, but they were all dead.

One baby looked so alive that I actually tried to wake it up.

I jack-hammered holes in some of the buildings and crawled through cave-like openings in others.

In most of the rooms, the ceilings were now only as high as the bed frames that were holding them up.

All you could see from under the beds were the blood stained mattress of someone's body trapped inside.

The hospital and most of the city was built of concrete, and that makes for a very heavy, non-flexible structure.

The high-rise buildings crumbled, and the heavy guage rebar looked like twisted steel wool.

Mexico city is built like jello, causing the tall buildings to sway to the point of no return.

Jesus said that in the last days we would hear of wars and rumors of wars, and there would be earthquakes in different places.

The sea and the waves will roar and men's hearts will fail them for fear of those things that are coming upon the earth.

"All these things are the beginning of sorrows" Matthew 24:8.

John said in Revelation 6:12, "And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood."

It is the wine of the wrath of God, the cup of His indignation for those who worship other gods.

"The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb" Revelation 14:10. 

Mistaken Identity

 When we arrived at the airport in Mexico City, we were taken by police escort to meet government officials that thought we were someone important; and we were, so we just went with it.

They were convinced that we were sent on a mission to help them, which was true-God sent us.

We are his representatives wherever we go.

  Thet took us to their endangered subway.

We were put in charge of a hundred men, and all the heavy equipment that we needed to save the subway. (note: Pastor Tilson is a building contractor by trade.)

I am pretty good when it comes to operating heavy equipment, so at first I decided to tackle the task; but my heart was with the children.

After several meetings, I convinced them that the children's hospital was my target.

They took me to see the structural specifications and floor plans, so we could locate the rooms that were most likely to have children trapped inside.

By now my friend had gone home and I was alone.

They assigned me a soldier with a machine gun to stand guard over me all night while I slept.

  Our mistaken identity in this case was the reverse of gossip and slander.

We were greeted with respect, as honorable men, sent to help them.

What they heard about us was good, and we were treated accordingly, even though what they heard may or may not be true.

Since we live in such an age of deception, it is wise to guard your heart against making assumptions based upon the opinions and preconcieved ideas of others.

A Guardian Angel

  I saw too much death, and on the night before I left for home, I began to tremble and shake.

I didn't know what was happening to me.

At first I seemed almost unaffected by so much death, and now I was a basket-case.

I was shaking, thinking of how I missed my wife and son.

Would I ever see them again?

Was this the end of the world?

  I was in a hotel room with the door shut and locked.

I didn't hear anyone come in or go out of my room; however, at my lowest point of distress, a lady in white put her arms around me and held me.

I think she was an angel, or a nun.

Her hug stayed with me for days-it strengthened me.

  All through the Bible you read of angels touching humans, Old and New Testament.

They see us and watch over us, and at times we see them.

Their ministry is usually hidden behind the scenes but always constant on behalf of God's people.

Angels are eye-witness to the unlimited resources of heaven, and are ministering spirits.

'Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" Hebrews 1:14.

The Bible says, "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" Psalm 91:11.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tuesday wrapup

Now is the ideal time to upgrade your computer/laptop memory!

I recall paying $200.00 for 16 mb of ram in the early 90's.

Image result for ramToday you get 4gb for $18.50.
The average price of a 4GB DDR3 memory DIMM at the moment $18.50 — a price that's far lower than at this time last year. 

Why is it so cheap?

 The memory business tends to go in boom and bust cycles, but the free availability of Windows 10 means that fewer people are upgrading their PCs, reducing RAM demand. 

Analyst Avril Wu said, "Notebook shipments in the third quarter fall short of what is expected for a traditional peak season mainly because Windows 10 with its free upgrade plan negatively impacted replaced sales of notebooks to some extent rather than driving the demand for these products." 

And prices might stay low for another two years.

No, vinyl isn't cool anymore. Walk into any music store in Brooklyn, and they'll tell you that reel-to-reel is the next big thing.

Oh man...here they go again...


Weaponized Weather?


Imagine if your military could cook up any kind of weather.

pic34Imagine if your military has decided to explore every avenue of controlling weather so that it could use it against any opposing country.

Imagine if George Bush signed one of his famous "signing statements" giving the military carte blanche to practice weather control over domestic populations.

Imagine you found a document like this one (PDF) informing you that your military is indeed doing all of the above.

You would begin to assemble the pieces of the weather puzzle and ponder why the west coast has drought and the east coast over abundance of hurricanes and record rains etc.

Man-made climate change paved the way for American scientists to come up with the idea of weather modification.

 They reasoned that if daily human activity was already impacting weather patterns, it was acceptable for them to deliberately change the weather for a variety of purposes.

The first meeting about weather modification was held at the end of 1945.

At this time, the possibility of using several weather manipulation schemes to America’s advantage during war was discussed.

 Later, during the Cold War, funds were poured into further research on the topic.

 This opened the door for using the weather as a secret weapon against enemies.

But there needs to be practice and outworking of the methods to perfect weather as a weapon.

Many believe that Hurricane Sandy was a product of man-made climate change.

Then there are those who believe that the storm itself was man-made.

 In 1952, 90 million tons of water swept through Lynmouth, a village in Devon.

 The disaster claimed the lives of 35 people, and 430 lost their homes.

 It was deemed an “act of God” and a terrible tragedy.

However, rumors began to surface that rainmaking experiments may have been to blame for the excessive flooding.

 It was estimated that the Lynmouth region received 252 times their usual rainfall during the flooding, and it happened within a week of the rainfall experiments undertaken by the Royal Air Force.

 Monsoon season in Vietnam is bad enough without interference from government, but during the Vietnam War, the American government attempted to extend monsoon season by at least 30 days by seeding the clouds over the area with silver and lead iodide.

This top secret campaign was known as Operation Popeye and ran from 1967–1972.

It allegedly focused on increasing rainfall over the resupply routes in the area, particularly the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The plan was kept under wraps until 1971, when a reporter uncovered a memo secretly sent to President Johnson.

The memo contained the following message: “Laos operations—Continue as at present plus Pop Eye to reduce the trafficability [sic] along infiltration routes & Authorization requested to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successful tested and evaluated in some area.”

 According to theorists, geo-engineers have cut the rainfall in California with the continuous spraying of aerosols and use of ionosphere heating.

  A "1000 year" flood has just occurred on the East Coast and a "1200 year" drought continues to worsen rapidly on the West Coast.

In fact record shattering floods and droughts are rapidly accelerating all around the globe.

 "Official sources", of course, tell the American public that unprecedented weather events are just "natural" and the vast majority unfortunately accept this lie without so much as a second thought.

Though countless anthropogenic (human) activities have done immense damage to the climate system, the ongoing global climate engineering (weather warfare) insanity is the greatest single disrupting factor of all.

 "100 year" disasters are now occurring every 100 days or less.

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The Father of Weaponized weather speaks up.

"Technology will make available to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised.....techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."