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Eagles Nest Ministries Videos, Dr Gary Greenwald.

This is a testimonial video about a recent conference we had here at Eagles Nest Ministries. We want to share how this even impacted the lives of the people who came, and also encourage you to consider attending one of these impacting events in the future!

This is Katherine, and here is her testimony: 

 Dear Dr Gary,

 I wanted to personally give you an update on my situation since you were at CI in Florida just over a week ago.

 I developed severe allergies and about a year ago it got so back that I could not eat any of the following foods:

*Corn (and anything with corn, corn syrup, etc)

 To name a few.

 I was also not allowed to be outside because I had allergies to:


And numerous other outdoor things.

Having been to the ER so many times because my throat closes even from just the smell of some of these things.

 I carried around a breathing machine (so I do not have to wait to get to ER), 4 inhalers (1 of them is very 4 hours, the other is the strongest possible and I took that twice a day and the other 2 are if needed).

 I also carry a self-injecting Epipen which I have to use at the earliest sign of an allergic reaction.

 It has really not been easy.

 It was at a point in April 2007 that I now have an air purifier in my office and my bedroom to help me breathe.

 I also could not sign much during worship or talk much as I would get so out of breath.

 The staff at CI have been praying for me regularly for about a year because it is just getting worse.

 In April they also told me that I only had 1/3 lung capacity and they do not understand why the drastic change in 2 years.

 I was also recommended for some new asthma injections, which would have cost me of $500 per injection to try and help me.

 On another note...

 Since being on staff at CI starting in 1998 I have been through various medical things and just did not feel I could break free of it.

 Last year I was also passing out a lot and they recommended no driving until they diagnosed the problem.

They diagnosed low blood pressure.

 Well that Friday night you were here at CI, I was in the Video Room working on the streaming of the event and the Lord spoke to me that it was my time for healing.

 I agreed but did not know how as I was the only one streaming the event.

You kept calling out a breathing condition and when you said that you knew this person was here I really felt it was me.

 Well as you prayed for the allergies, asthma, blood condition and you saw a spirit of health coming upon me ... life has not been the same again!!!!!

 I still have so much energy.

 I do not get out of breath during worship or conversations.

 I have NOT taken any allergy medication or any of my inhalers or breathing treatments since then. I also have not taken my low blood pressure medication.

It is AMAZING!!!!!! 

 I have eaten pizza, shrimp, garlic bread, had a soda and swept the leaves in my yard and had NO problems.

Every time we meet as a church or staff here I am able to testify on the radical changes that have taken place.

 I have had many comments from leadership that I look different and that even my skin looks better.

 I thank the Lord for your obedience not to stop calling for that person ...

I know God can touch anyone where they are at ... even if they are working during a service.

 Life is very different now that I do not have to be concerned about ingredients and that I can breathe!

I can also start traveling and ministering again -- have not been able to do too much of that since all this got so bad a year ago.

I am Licensed with CI and have traveled internationally with our Bishop and Mom.

 Thanks again,
Katherine Burstein

Healing testimonies from non-Christians

Nothing is Impossible! Healing Miracles

Possessing the Dragon's Gates

Deception of a Generation (demonic toys)

In The News Today

The Bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has taken millions of dollars from foreign governments attempting to buy influence with a woman who might be the next president.

 At press time, the House had passed two cybersecurity bills, one Senate bill had been passed out of committee and reported to the full chamber for a final vote, and a third House bill and a second Senate bill were awaiting review by the appropriate committee. The two House bills that passed earlier this week will be combined and sent to the Senate, but the Senate won't take up them up directly; instead, it will vote on its own two bills. It's complicated, so here's a quick breakdown of the key details.

Ben Yeager reports in Outside Magazine that Italian explorer Alex Bellini plans to travel to Greenland's west coast, pick an iceberg, and live on it for a year as it melts out in the Atlantic. It's a precarious idea. Bellini will be completely isolated, and his adopted dwelling is liable to roll or fall apart at any moment, thrusting him into the icy sea or crushing him under hundreds of tons of ice. His solution: an indestructible survival capsule built by an aeronautics company that specializes in tsunami-proof escape pods. 

300x200"I knew since the beginning I needed to minimize the risk. An iceberg can flip over, and those events can be catastrophic." Bellini plans to use a lightweight, indestructible floating capsules, or "personal safety systems" made from aircraft-grade aluminum in what's called a continuous monocoque structure, an interlocking frame of aluminum spars that evenly distribute force, underneath a brightly painted and highly visible aluminum shell. The inner frame can be stationary or mounted on roller balls so it rotates, allowing the passengers to remain upright at all times.

Aeronautical engineer Julian Sharpe, founder of Survival Capsule, got the idea for his capsules after the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. He believes fewer people would have died had some sort of escape pod existed. Sharpe hopes the products will be universal—in schools, retirement homes, and private residences, anywhere there is severe weather. 

The product appeals to Bellini because it's strong enough to survive a storm at sea or getting crushed between two icebergs. Bellini will spend almost all of his time in the capsule with the hatch closed, which will pose major challenges because he'll have to stay active without venturing out onto a slippery, unstable iceberg. If it flips, he'll have no time to react. "Any step away from [the iceberg] will be in unknown territory," says Bellini. "You want to stretch your body. But then you risk your life."

Nepal was struck by an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 today, with an epicenter 80 km east of the country's second biggest city, Pokhara. Its effects were also strongly felt in the capital, Kathmandu. Casualty reports conflict, but authorities have indicated at least 500 are dead and many more are feared to be trapped. Nepal has declared a state of emergency for the affected areas, and asked for international humanitarian assistance. India and Pakistan have both offered help. Some Indian cities were affected by the earthquake as well, and there are reports of avalanches on Mt. Everest, which has many climbers at any given time. 

Due to their jobs as pollinators, life without bees means death to humans eventually...

Soon to happen?
 Neonicotinoids are a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically similar to nicotine. Neonicotinoids kill insects by overwhelming and short-circuiting their central nervous systems (PDF). Shell and Bayer started the development of neonicotinoids back in the 1980s and 1990s. Since this new group of pesticides came to market, the bee population has been devastated in regions where they have been widely used. Studies from 2012 linked neonicotinoid use to crashing bee populations.

New studies, however, have discovered that bees prefer nectar laced with neonicotinoids over nectar free of any trace of neonicotinoids. According to researchers at Newcastle University, the bees may "get a buzz" from the nicotine-like chemicals in the same way smokers crave cigarettes.

My wife and I previewed the Apple watch last Thursday at our local Apple Store.

An unenthusiastic employee helped us to put on the watches and than started the demo on them.

We were actually sold on the idea of the watches but were told they would not ship or be available until June...
Image result for apple watch mickey mouse gif The Apple Watch's release date has arrived early: retailers around the world have quietly begun putting them on their shelves, and customers are beginning to receive their shipments. Reviews have been out for a while, including thoughtful ones from John Gruber and Nilay Patel. Apple has published a full user guide for the software, and iFixit has put up a full teardown to take a look at the hardware. They give it a repairability score of 5 out of 10, saying that the screen and battery are easily replaced, but not much else is. Though Apple designated the watch "water-resistant" rather than "waterproof", early tests show it's able to withstand a shower and a swim in the pool without failing. Ars has an article about the difficulty of making games for the Apple Watch, and Wired has a piece detailing its creation.

One Place

  Hear some of today's best Christian teachers.

 Have a ministry?

You can broadcast to a larger audience on

Encourage One Another In The Lord

1 Thessalonians 5:11New International Version (NIV)
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

I not only minster on this blog.

I also minister through the vehicle of email.

When the Internet first started out I came online in the 90's like most of you did.

Realizing that Paul the Apostle had to sometimes travel for months enduring much hardship before he could reach his destination to minister to others.

But here was something new called the Internet.

 A vehicle through which I could reach others instantly as it were with out any hardships of travel or time spent.

 I have been doing that diligently as best as I can ever since.

 You who come to this blog don't usually to see the email portion of my ministry unless your a recipient of my emails.

Today I feel led to roll back the curtain a bit and show you just one of the many threads behind the scenes of what i do here on the net.

You have seen the eclectic mix of ministry and other interesting things I present here on my blog. 

But I also am led to minister to the ministers through the vehicle of email.

I am not afraid to step out in faith to bless and encourage those among us who have dedicated themselves to serving the Lord. 

As the Lord leads I encourage those who are out on the battlefield for the souls of others, spreading the gospel message around the world.

The Lord has had me be a minister to ministers in an amazing way inspite of myself. 

I go to the well of Jesus Christ by faith and pull up a Word from the Lord by faith through my prophetic ministry in Him.

He blows my mind with the fruit and the responses from this email ministry.

I have always thought that every Christian who has access to the Internet should have an email ministry.

Here below is just one of the many incredible blessings I have had the privilege of seeing because of the blessing of the Internet...

The first section is from Bryan, Mercedes, and Patrick Marleaux, missionary's to the world at large. 

The walk in the Holy Spirit. Going where He indicates on a very small budget, trusting the Lord to provide as they go along.

They are a place where the Lord's money is well spent, not on large homes or jets or fancy cars with a rich man's life style like some others we all know about.

This family actually uses each and every dollar entrusted to their care for the ministry of the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for a place where your "Jesus dollars" are not being used for personal gain or foolish building of mega churches and other nonsense,

Grace World Mission is the place to donate where it will really count for souls saved!


Happy Resurrection Day!

Praise the Lord! Jesus rose from the grave victoriously! He paid for sin on the cross, once for all, where He took upon Himself that cruel punishment man had warranted—the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. Having reconciled wrath and mercy, He made available salvation: “That whosoever would believe upon Him would not perish but have everlasting life.” “The work of God is this: To believe on the one He has sent!”

Such a glorious thing when we realize all that Christ has done for us, and especially as we understand that we were without hope without Him. (Scriptures used: Heb. 10:10, Rom. 6:23, John 3:16 & 6:29)

As the Reformer Martin Luther put it in 1518: All good things are hidden in the cross…for in Jesus Christ and Him crucified is righteousness attributed to us who believe… as well as…joy, hope, glory, strength!

He died that we might be forgiven and rose that we might have eternal life!


It was a real blessing to receive an e-mail from a Spanish-speaking man in Italy recently who told us that our radio programs are the only thing sustaining His walk with God since he has no church in his area (doing them in English and Spanish has helped us reach people we otherwise wouldn’t have).

He explained that our teaching has really made him comprehend Jesus’ payment for his sins on the cross as well as the Lord’s grace and love to him in a way he never knew before. It is encouraging when we receive testimonies like this. Your prayers and support make it possible!

The European Mission Fields

Europe is a place of great spiritual need. That need often goes overlooked because when Americans go on a trip to Europe they may see big church buildings or cathedrals in many of the cities.

However, what is not seen beyond the churches that are tourist attractions, is that many have been abandoned or are now used for other things. I remember walking down some non-touristed streets in the UK, and one after the other the old cathedrals had been closed, having been converted to business offices or shopping complexes, and there were those that have even become mosques.
 This is just an example of a place once impacted by the Gospel that needs it again. In fact, the BBC recently reported that less than 2 % of Brits attend church on Sunday now. While we may hear of pockets of activity here and there regarding the Lord reaching into people’s lives, the bigger overall picture shows a large mission field in need of being reached once again.

The “Charlie Hebdo” attacks in France should serve as a wake up call that the spiritual vacuum in Europe is being sought to be filled by spiritual darkness of a very dire nature. Disillusioned with the empty promises of a purely materialistic Western culture that has abandoned its spiritual foundations, many are blindingly turning to something that is just another enslaving impostor.

Jesus said, “This Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in the whole world…”

It is the Gospel of the Kingdom that must be brought forth in its fullness. We’ve seen those that are enslaved in spiritual darkness and emptiness get saved by Jesus’ great love and power, right in the thick of it, in some of the darkest places in Europe, as His power touched and filled their lives.

We are preparing to leave on yet another Euro-mission where we will be preaching and ministering right off in some places in the north. We’ve had a little interim of time since our last venture there; however, we are always just seeking to follow the Lord’s timing and leading, thus not just going of our own accord, but following His leading.

We truly appreciate your prayers and financial support, as traveling there is not anything even close to cheap. Even just the youth hostels are running up to $80 a night these days in some places. We stay with people where we can but that is not possible everywhere we go. Jesus said, go into all the world—Europe is a continent that has been largely overlooked in regards to mission—consequently, it is now in a dire spiritual state. The full Gospel must be brought forth there!

Young girl of about 11 who got filled with the Holy Spirit and was healed.

More On Some of the Things The Lord Has Been Doing Lately

We just ministered at a service up in Orange and were blessed to see the Lord moving in an incredible way. 
We preached and ministered on the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit as Paul exhorts in Ephesians, especially in the light of the warfare we encounter as believers—in fact, this is one of our weapons—to be filled with and pray in the Spirit. 
Well, the Lord confirmed that message as many were filled with the Holy Spirit and ministered to powerfully, as well as about three people who surrendered their hearts to the Lord that day.

It was all highlighted by a little girl about 11 years old who was filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time, amongst a few other kids; she testified afterward before the congregation about what a joy it was to be filled with God’s power and love--she also shared how the Lord had healed her body--hallelujah! 
It was a joy to watch the tears steaming down her face with her hands lifted up in the air, her face lifted to heaven as God’s love poured down into her, to the point where, overwhelmed by His presence, she fell to the ground. It is such a divine moment when the Holy Spirit sovereignly moves on little ones like this, something we used to be so blessed to see happen at unique times when our old friend and mentor Lonnie Frisbee would minister, and so stoked to see it happening in those unique moments when the Holy Spirit just floods into the place as just happened in this service!

A man with partially blocked hearing also received some healing. I kept getting a word at the end of the service about something wrong with someone’s ear, my ear kept burning and I wasn’t really sure if it was a word or what, so we awkwardly interrupted as the service was just closing to share the word and no one responded.
 More awkwardness! Then a lady walked over to her husband and pulled him up to the front; he had damaged his ears with a Q-Tip very badly (careful with those) and his hearing had been all damaged and blocked up for a while. He just couldn’t hear us was why he wasn’t responding when we shared the word. We prayed for him and he said that he felt the blockage beginning to open up, we prayed some more and it continued to get better. 
Speaking of hearing, our friend Raquel who was at the meeting also, said she had been praying to hear God’s leading, direction and voice better. As we prayed over her she was also touched along with others in a dramatically powerful way!

We also just had a radical outpouring of the Holy Spirit up in the Inland Empire. A few different waves of the Spirit had already come over the meeting with great power, releasing the filling of the Holy Spirit and healing as we ministered and prayed for people! 
 Then the pastor asked us to pray for some of the youth. The fire of God came in and just lit up these young people, and some were knocked powerfully to the ground. In fact, the pastor’s daughter was so overcome by the presence of God she lay on the ground stuck to the floor even long past the end of the meeting. While the pastor closed the meeting, his daughter laid stuck to the ground by his feet in front of the congregation, while he joked: “Don’t mind my daughter there, she is just really drunk in the Spirit.”
 Everybody laughed and was overjoyed at the way the Lord had moved. No one minded that the meeting, with all that had happened as God poured out His presence, had stretched way, way, way, beyond the normal time of closing. As we exited, we noticed it was near midnight, quite late for a meeting that started a bit past seven!! The presence of the Lord is so awesome you sometimes just lose track of time!

Praise the Lord! Please prayerfully consider supporting us in our upcoming mission trip to Europe. We always appreciate and are so grateful for all your prayers and support of our ministry.

Much love and blessings!
Bryan, Mercedes, and Patrick Marleaux 

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 (my email)

Ya, the Lord wants us to "go deeper" and stay out of the typical soulish attitude of wanting to "be somebody."

What I love about you and your family is that is not even a part of your existence.

The desire to save souls and to equip them in the Holy Spirit is all over you guy, always has been.

You run and you really do it right, you are apostolic evangelist in my world view.

Believe for more souls, it is not enough yet, desire bigger harvest and greater outpouring of His Spirit on your efforts.

It is not what you do, as you already know. 

It is not by might nor by power but by His Spirit...

We press into the Lord in petition for Him to do it while we anticipate that great outpouring by His Spirit, and not our own efforts.

The biggest Argentine revival started exactly like that.

The man said to himself, others go to work for 8 hours a day. I will therefore pray for revival for 8 hours a day, that will be my work.

It was incredible what happened.

He only attracted three people from the village he was staying in.

Over a period of weeks they attended, with only the same three and no one else from the village.

Finally he asked if anyone had an "impression to say or do anything."

A lady said she had been having an impression to pound on the table three times.

She refused to do it because it was ridiculous she said.

This went on for a couple of weeks and the impression remained.

Finally she was convinced to just go ahead and do it.

When she did it in obedience the Holy Spirit fell on all four people and they started speaking in tongues overflowing with great Joy and peace.

From that moment on the village started coming to the meetings and the same thing happened to them and spread out in waves to surrounding villages.

A very small reluctant beginning until the lady decided to be obedient to the constant impression she was getting.

The net result was the greatest revival Argentine had ever experienced.

I am believing for the mustard seed that you and your family represent.

You are not a great cumbersome evangelical machine like Greg Laurie's harvest, you are simply obedient mustard seeds.

Mustard seeds that are sown by the Master Himself in the breeze of His Holy Spirit on fields that others are not assigned to.

What you have seen and what your heart has broken over is what His heart sees and is broken over.

This is what has compelled you on your missions.

And that is where the great power of the Holy Spirit is for you.

We pray Lord move our hearts by the things that move Your heart.

Break our hearts by the things that break Your heart.

Move on Your Church!

Your Church that has come under attack and pressure.

Restore Your Church!

Use us Lord we pray, we are available to serve.

And indeed you are very available and will represent Him before the people.

May His Holy Spirit move in power before your very eyes.

Hi David,

Really enjoyed the link you sent this morning with the YouTube video of Lonnie leading worship in Sweden. Thanks! It was a big blessing!
 One of the first places we ever ministered in Europe was in Sweden, and in spite of the atmosphere, we have seen God do amazing things, really pouring out His power and presence.

So check this out: we were speaking at a church out in San Bernardino, it is one of the worst gang-infested areas and murder capitals of the whole country.
  It was totally sovereign the timing being out there, as they just contacted us out of the blue and we go out there and they had this sign on their marquee announcing our coming to speak which already surprised us, but then we opened up the little church brochure before beginning to speak, and there inside the brochure is the following headline, next to the announcement that we were speaking that morning:  "Never Give Up" it was a totally sovereign confirmation of that email you recently sent, along with the other ways the Lord spoke on that. 

Reflecting on what you shared below here, we ourselves were down there during the Argentine Revival and it was pretty amazing, wild to hear how it started!!!  Lonnie had prayed over us about missions before he passed away and it was our first mission trip about one year after Lonnie died.  He had said some of the same things you just did like "apostolic evangelist" etc, so it is awesome to see how the Lord keeps confirming it. In fact, after Lonnie had said that, then after that, another guy I ran into down at the beach one day gave me a similar word and said he felt it would be confirmed by an earthquake the next day - it was and we were both blown away.

Thank you for your encouraging words as we leave to Europe. 
We receive them!!
Bryan and Mercedes
 ( my Email)

"The Gospel witnesses to itself by signs following. Without healing it is stripped of a powerful element of its self-authentication. Healing is not detachable, a mere bit of gadgetry or an accessory. It is integral to the Gospel. It is the power of God demonstrated. God bless you."
The Word I got is never give up by looking at circumstances and conditions. Always expect to be backed up by the Holy Spirit as the Apostolic representatives of Jesus Christ.
Always proclaim the Word of God as an "Oracle of God' speaking forth the living Word of God in total confidence.
Knowing full well that it is going forth and accomplishing that for which it has been sent through you.
Piercing deep into the recesses of the soul of the listeners inspite of the prejudices and preconceived notions and the many strongholds of the enemy in their hearts and minds.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised...
Luke 4:18
The Spirit of the Lord is indeed upon the Marleaux family, a royal family in the household of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Know this and embrace this!
Expect bigger and mightier displays of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit wherever the sole of your feet shall stand for it shall indeed be holy ground because of your presence.
There has been placed upon your heads in the realm of the spirit crowns of jewels encrusted with the diamonds representing the many souls saved as a result of your tireless responding to the many calls of the Holy Spirit and the many prayers of those seeking after such as yourself.
You have been found faithful in the Lord Jesus Christ and He is so pleased.
When you come before the people stand up strong and stand up in the power of His might as His representative.
All the battles belong to the Lord.
He is the way maker when there seems to be no way there will be a way.
Your hands are anointed hands, lay them upon the people He leads you to, knowing that there is great blessing of impartation that you are igniting in their souls for the saving of other souls.
This is the blessing of the Apostolic calling!
Build churches in this fashion.
Prophesy over those God indicates are being called to leadership for God has given gifted men to the Church.
He will identify them to you, pointing them out to you so obviously that the prophetic Words will flow through you to their hearts effortlessly.
This is the breakthrough.
Speak the Word of the Lord.

It's time Lord!
Give us more souls in Jesus name!

I want to give you, my readers, a chance to participate in this email ministry.

I assure you that every penny you give to them will be used wisely and not for personal gain what so ever.
This family is totally dedicated to the ministry that God has called them to.
They are not building a stationary "Mega ~church" with the funds.
They are not living the good life in first class accommodations nor are they living like the one percentiles do. 

Secondly by allowing me to be a blessing perhaps to you like I have had the privilege of being to some others through email.

The only difference is we will communicate through the comments section below.
Tell me who you are (Your real name is not necessary if you want privacy) and give me a little back ground if you would like.
Then I will go to the well of Jesus and see if there might be a Word for you through me at this time.
Usually God speaks to you before others confirm to you what it is that He has said to you or is already showing you.
Most likely anything I get from the Lord on your behalf will be Words of confirmation.

Since no one has really commented on this website over the years, check it out, therefore I am not expecting any.

Yes there have been a few, but only a few over all the years that I have been here.
It will be interesting to see if anyone does. 

Blessings in Christ!

En Agape'

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday fourgon fractionalism

I paint houses...forgive me for laughing ;-)
Why you should never drive with 5 gallon buckets of paint inside the car... LOL!!!

 Surf's up''

carpet will never look the same anymore.

 TIL Philosophical-Logician Kurt Gödel had confided in Albert Einstein and Oskar Morgenstern that while studying to become an American citizen, he had discovered an inconsistency in the U.S. Constitution, one that would allow the U.S. to become a dictatorship.

 Chemtrails close up

 Niagara Falls in perspective.

 Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas

  The world's tallest rock climbing wall.

Hindu Nail Bed and A Lost Soul

Sweden has been conquered by Yoga
Wealth nor status in life nor political association nor anything of this earth you possess can redeem you.

The worship of the Hindu gods and spirits is conquering the nation of Sweden.

God's people are being destroyed by spirits of Eastern religions

When it begun.

{Jer.18:15} For my people have forgotten me, they have burned incense to false [gods]; and they have been made to stumble in their ways, in the ancient paths (They are departing from the paths laid down by the scriptures).

On Saturday the 15th of August year 2009, close to 2,558 people attended the event at Gardet park, which is one of the largest green spaces in Stockholm (Sweden).

The people were lying on the Hindu nail mat as they were facing the sun, chanting simultaneously in united purpose.

The event of chanting and meditating on this Hindu nail mat was led by an experienced yoga master and chanting instructor called shakti.

Shakti was also the organizer of this event and the team leader that sells the spike mats.

As the people were lying on the Hindu nail mat, and chanting towards the forces or energies of the sun (worshiping the sun god),
evil spirits and evil energies were also being released over the nation of Sweden.

Spirits that will begin to influence the whole nation of Sweden and prepare the Swedish people into a national wide worship of the Hindu gods.

This event has really changed the spiritual environment of Sweden to the extent that the nail mat has become the most sold Christmas present that everyone in Sweden wants to get.
The mat has hard plastic nails on it, that pierces the person's body that sleeps on it,
but the people embraces the pain because of the false promises that comes with the nail mat.

Now; for the price of one nail mat, people are able to get two nail mats as a present for themselves and for their family members.

As the people are busy buying the yoga nail mat as a Christmas present to their family members, unknowingly these people are also inviting the mysterious force that governs the worship of the Indian goddesses, spirits and gods.

This Christmas that fell on 24 th of December the year 2009 in the nation of Sweden has become the Christmas that has invited the Hindu evil spirits and gods into most of the Swedish homes.

Does Sweden Discriminate Against Christians?

Where are the Christian evangelist to Sweden?

Lonnie Frisbee was sent to Sweden once in the late 1960's. Lonnie leads worship with an interpreter, Stanley Sjöberg - a well known pastor from Sweden in an unidentified Scandinavian church in this audio. You can hear the results of the Holy Spirit manifesting in the meeting.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Working On It


Use your earphones

I have warned you before.

Cell phones use about 4 watts of microwave power. All of it shooting through your brain on the side of your head. Those who watch brain cancer have noticed tumors in people that corresponds with the side that they listen to their cell phones on.

Cell phones is big corporate business with a lot of lobbyist employed. So you will not hear this from them or from the gov...

Research studies from around the world indicate the potential health hazards caused by radiation exposure from cell phone use. Microwave radiation from cell phones can increase the temperature of skin and tissue in the area of the head near the ear. This thermal or heating effect can cause headaches, fatigue, tingling, swelling, and other health problems.

"The head of a prominent cancer research institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff Wednesday: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer. The warning from Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, is contrary to numerous studies that don't find a link between cancer and cell phone use, and a public lack of worry by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration."

The book of Acts and the Church Epistles show clearly that the Lord still works through called prophets.

Michael Newnham, a man of God, had an interesting post yesterday on his website about his perception of prophets.

He somewhat disparages one of the ministry gifts because of some who obviously abuse or are counterfeit to that gift.

He kind of threw out the baby with the bathwater in one swish. 

His website started primarily because some of the ministries in the land are not the genuine item in a Biblical sense.

Routinely his website points out those who are counterfeit ministers and such and others will join in his comments section in a lively discussion.

As I read all of the comments to this post yesterday, no one really stepped up to the plate to point out that God's government of His New Testament Church does indeed include the ministry gift of prophets.

I will say that I believe Michael knows there are actually prophets assigned to the New Testament Church of today inspite of his frustrations with those who abuse or are counterfeits.


So is there such a thing as genuine prophets in the Church of Jesus Christ today?

God has a government for His Church and one of the parts of that government, in God's wisdom is the ministry of the prophet.

In spite of the fact that prophets were vital to God’s purposes in the Old Testament, the need for them today has been called into question because of the presence of the gift of Holy Spirit in every believer.
There is a distinct difference between the manifestation of prophecy and the gift ministry of a prophet.

Many people are familiar with the ministries of apostles, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. 

However, if we are to have everything that the Lord wants us to have as his Body, we must understand the ministry of the prophet and have prophets functioning in the Church.
On the Day of Pentecost, God began to unveil something He had hidden from mankind (and the Devil)—the Administration of God’s Grace (Eph. 3:2).
Today, in the Administration of Grace, the Lord Jesus Christ seals with Holy Spirit every person who gets born again (Eph. 1:13). That means every Christian has the ability to hear from God and prophesy (Acts 2:17 and 18,. 1 Cor. 14:5 and 24).
For many people, the immediate reaction to hearing that every Christian can prophesy is to think that prophets are no longer necessary.
However, a more detailed study of Scripture (and indeed, the evidence of correct practice in the Church) reveals that is not the case.
For example, Ephesians 4:11 says that the Lord has placed prophets in the Church along with the other ministries of apostles, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Furthermore, there are other verses in the Church Epistles that mention prophets, such as 1 Corinthians 12:28 and Titus 1:12.
Acts confirms what the Church Epistles teach, and shows that prophets were active and important in the Church
 (Acts 11:27, 13:1, 15:32, 21:10). Surely the Lord would not have specifically placed men and women in the Church with the gift ministry of a prophet if they did not perform a distinctly different role than other Christians who were operating the manifestation of prophecy.
In contrast to the manifestation of prophecy every Christian can operate, the gift ministry of a prophet is a specific calling of the Lord on a person’s life.

Thus the call to be a prophet is a job assignment, given to someone whether he wants it or not. The Old Testament scriptures make this very clear. 


Isaiah knew he was called from birth: “…Before I was born the LORD [Yahweh] called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name” (Isa. 49:1b).
Amos describes the call of God upon his life: “…I was neither a prophet nor a prophet’s son, but I was a shepherd, and I also took care of sycamore-fig trees. But the LORD [Yahweh] took me from tending the flock and said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Israel’” (Amos 7:14 and 15).
In regard to prophets in the Church, the book of Acts confirms what Ephesians and Corinthians state doctrinally, that the Lord selects and specifically calls some men and women to be prophets.
 Prophets were important in the establishment of the church at Antioch, the first church recorded that was composed of both Jews and Gentiles (Acts 11:27).
It was the prophet Agabus who foretold that there would be a severe famine in the Roman world during the reign of Claudius Caesar (Acts 11:28; this famine is documented in secular Roman history).
 Prophets were vital in getting the revelation from the Lord to set apart Paul and Barnabas and send them on their first missionary journey (Acts 13:1-4).
The prophets Judas and Silas are specifically mentioned as exhorting and confirming the disciples in Antioch (Acts 15:32-KJV).
It was Agabus the prophet who so graphically portrayed what would happen to Paul in Jerusalem (Acts 21:10 and 11). In fact, the only foretelling in Acts is given either by prophets or by the apostles Peter and Paul.
The book of Acts and the Church Epistles show clearly that the Lord still works through called prophets.
They are not “just another believer because every Christian can prophesy,” as some have stated. Evangelists still exist in the Church even though every Christian can share his faith, there are still pastors even though every Christian can help people who are hurting, and there are still prophets in the Church even though every Christian can manifest prophecy.
Prophets are charged with being spokesmen for God just as they were in the Old Testament, and today they speak also for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Once we understand that the ministry of a prophet is the Lord’s doing, and that they are very important to the health and well being of the Church, we should be very interested in recognizing who they are and what we can do to help them in their job of being spokesmen so we can have the word of the Lord among us in a more powerful way.
Now that we know the difference between the manifestation of prophecy and the ministry of a prophet, we need to understand how that difference plays out in the Church.
 All prophecy, whether from a Christian operating the manifestation of prophecy, or from a called prophet, will be as the Spirit gives utterance (Acts 2:4-KJV).
 All true words of prophecy come from God or the Lord Jesus Christ, never from the speaker’s mind. In the case of the manifestation of prophecy, the Lord limits himself to giving words of “…strengthening, encouragement, and comfort” (1 Cor. 14:3).
However, that is not the case with the ministry of a prophet. Called prophets speak the message the Lord gives them, whatever it may be. Both the manifestation of prophecy and the ministry of a prophet are used by the Lord in the Church today (Eph. 4:11).
A quality the prophet must have is the courage to deliver God’s message no matter what the content. Because the fallen nature of man is constantly bringing him downward, a good portion of a prophet’s work comes in the form of reproof and correction.
 This can easily be seen by reading the prophetic books and noting what the prophets said. Things are no different now in the administration of Grace than they were in the Old Testament. The sin nature of man exerts a strong influence, which is why there is so much reproof and correction even in the Church Epistles.
Speaking words of reproof and correction is rarely a blessing.
The heavy nature of many prophetic utterances is why revelation from God was often called a “burden.”
The prophet must also develop the wisdom to deliver his message the way the Lord would have it delivered.
This means that he must endeavor to have the heart of the Lord for people.
 Because prophetic utterances can have a huge impact on the one receiving the message, it is very important that the prophet deliver the message, as God's representative, with the same heart as the Lord would if he were here personally.
That does not mean that the message will always be gentle (“…Get behind me, Satan!…” was hardly gentle), but it does mean that it will be delivered the way the Lord would have it delivered.
It is a very difficult task to distill to doctrine the communication that a prophet receives by revelation and how it should (or perhaps should not) be communicated to others.

The mature prophet knows that sometimes the Lord communicates to him in a manner that is meaningful only to him, and a literal recitation of it would only be misunderstood by a listener.
 In such cases, the prophet gives the Lord’s message, and not the literal vision or revelation he received, so that the listener gets the message that the Lord meant for him.
Just as prophets get lauded and praised when their prophecies are a blessing, they are derided and persecuted when their prophecies are unexpected or unwanted.
Prophets must accept this in order to forestall temptations of disobedience, self pity, envy, bitterness, and hardheartedness, and to be able to see and hear clearly the revelation that the Lord wants communicated.
Each prophet must develop his own relationship with the Lord Jesus so that the Lord can communicate to him in a way that he understands, even if others do not.
 There will be times when it would be detrimental for the prophet to repeat exactly what the Lord gives to him because the images would be misunderstood.
Each prophet must learn from experience how to correctly understand the messages and images he receives from the Lord, and then prophesy to others in a way that is helpful and appropriate.
There has always been spiritual advice available, both good and bad. That is why the Bible mentions and forbids the practice of divination, consulting mediums, astrology, etc. (cp. Deut. 18:9-13).
 Kings have always surrounded themselves with men who claimed to have supernatural knowledge. Pharaoh of Egypt is one example (Gen. 41:8) and Nebuchadnezzar is another (Dan. 2:1-3). Even though the majority of the sources of spiritual advice most people today know about are demonic, there is also spiritual advice available from the true God.
Where are the prophets who call out the ministries in our churches? Where are the prophets who advise our army and our government, and indeed, give personal advice and direction so people will see that there is a God in heaven?
In Amos 3:7, God said, “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
Yet, today, much happens without any prophetic input at all.
Every Christian can hear from the Lord, and should push himself to do so. But we also need to pray and ask the Lord to continue to add genuine prophets to the Church so that we can have more of his words and wisdom as it applies to specific situations.
“Lord Jesus, if it was God’s heart in the Old Testament not to act without telling His prophets, that must be your heart today. Yet there are so many areas in which we are blind and deaf. Has our sin driven you away from us?
 Have our efforts to know you been half-hearted and self-serving? Help us to be deserving of your active participation in our lives.
 Help us to want to hear clearly from you. Lord Jesus, raise up and energize a company of prophets, men and women who will boldly and clearly bring your words to your Church."