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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Walter Trout and Bass Player Jim Trapp

 I lived on 45th Street in Newport Beach CAlifornia when I was 13.

I met Jim Trapp one day when he came walking by.

We became the best of friends and did everything together.

Jim was a wild kind of a guy back in those days and instigated a lot of mischief between us.

I used to sit in my super small front yard and wait for Jim to show up each day.

He would walk down from Costa Mesa every day, his mother had rented a house on Newport Blvd near the fair grounds, so he had quite a long walk.

I could see him walking down Superior Avenue, which used to be a very steep hill before they graded it down to be more of a gradual slope.

We had so much fun back in the late sixties!!!

We were in the ocean every single day, body surfing and skimboarding.

During the cold winter it would be raining and we were still in the ocean.

Jim told me that Tex Beneke was his father, he does look a lot like him you know.

I bet you didn't know that Walter!

Jim had a fascination with the bass guitar for some reason, even though he played the harmonica well.

Jim has passed on from an exploded heart while hitting some balls on the driving range I was told, I always knew that he had an enlarged heart but never thought that it would be the end of him.

I was amazed to find out that Jim had been the bass player for Walter Trout...


"Reason I'm Gone" from the Walter Trout DVD Documentary of the recording of Relentless in concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL. With almost 20 tracks and special footage, this DVD is a must have for any guitar lover and fan of Walter Trout. This is a 10 min sample of this wonderful 165 minute full-length and high quality DVD.

In this last video you hear Walter do a cover of one of Phil Keggy's famous riffs, see if you can find it...

"Reason I'm Gone" from the Walter Trout DVD Documentary of the recording of Relentless in concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL. With almost 20 tracks and special footage, this DVD is a must have for any guitar lover and fan of Walter Trout. This is a 10 min sample of this wonderful 165 minute full-length and high quality DVD."Reason I'm Gone" from the Walter Trout DVD Documentary of the recording of Relentless in concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL. With almost 20 tracks and special footage, this DVD is a must have for any guitar lover and fan of Walter Trout. This is a 10 min sample of this wonderful 165 minute full-length and high quality DVD.

Jason Ricci and Walter Trout Paradiso Amsterdam 2008

Howard Levy - Amazing Grace - London 2007

The Good Ole' Boyzs

Blues Legend Charlie Musselwhite & Richard Bargel performing "Mississippi Beat Part I" at Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne, Germany March 26, 2007. This video is authorized by Charlie Musselwhite.

This Guy is ready at a moments notice to play with any band in any key!

Jimmy Cotton

One Of The World's greatest Harmonica Blowers

Classy Album 1970

And from 1969

A Fun Album From 1969

These Guys Were Popular In 68...

Anyone Remember This Album? It actually was popular in 67'

I Liked these Guys...

I Liked These Guys...

I Liked Them...

Saturday Night Is Alright

We want to find a missing boat with 243 people on board. You can help.


‘X-Files’ Writers Recall the Show’s Most Disturbing Episode


 Who doesn't like a magic Carpet ride?


JBL Headphones on sale today only

I previously told you about my introduction to JBL headphones here.

Fry's Electronics has these for $49.00 today (10-31-2015) only if you have a "promo code".

A very extraordinary price for these incredibly good headphones!

I just wanted to pass on this unbelievable deal to you.

As always we have no interest or compensation for sharing with you.

Part Two Update Of The True Weather Report For The Western Coast Of The United States



 A closeup view of the jet stream disruption over Oregon and Washington preventing a flow South into California.

Western United States True Weather Reporting


 A strong upper level moisture flow heading into California is being disrupted over Oregon and Washington which is preventing cool damp rainy weather in the bone-dry State.

 A man-made electronic high-pressure blockade is clearly visible in the Infrared satellite view over the two States.

 Once again, conditions are quite favorable for delivering rain into California and the Southwest, but the people running these transmitters have blockaded the moisture field.

 This morning at 10:30, the Relative Humidity was 9.5% in the Foothills of Los Angeles - when we should be having a RH of 75% and cool damp weather.

While We Don't Have Any Money Those Who Do Hire Wealth Tax-Avoidance Experts


Tax avoidance is the legal usage of the tax regime to one's own advantage to reduce the amount of tax that is payable by means that are within the law.

So how exactly how do they shield the wealth from exposure to taxes or other depletion?

Our Bread Is Broken

Industrial production destroyed both the taste and the nutritional
value of wheat.

 One scientist believes he can undo the damage.

Image result for wheat What most people picture when they think of flour — that anonymous chalk-white powder from the supermarket — is anathema to Jones.

 Before the advent of industrial agriculture, Americans enjoyed a wide range of regional flours milled from equally diverse wheats, which in turn could be used to make breads that were astonish­ingly flavorful and nutritious.

 For nearly a century, however, America has grown wheat tailored to an industrial system designed to produce nutrient-poor flour and insipid, spongy breads soaked in preservatives.

 For the sake of profit and expediency, we forfeited pleasure and health.

The Bread Lab’s mission is to make regional grain farming viable once more, by creating entirely new kinds of wheat that unite the taste and wholesomeness of their ancestors with the robustness of their modern counterparts.

Thank God our other more important bread is not broken nor can ever be...

 Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"
Matthew 4:4

For true nutritional balance eat your bread and read the Word of God!

Who is minding the store?

While the powers that be want to clamp down on all of us citizens they ignore an even deeper problem that exist.

The New York Times reports that analysts and officials in the American military community are increasingly examining a recent trend among U.S. tech companies of forming new partnerships with Chinese firms that have ties to the Chinese military

Critics are concerned that the growing number of such deals could inadvertently improve the fundamental technology capabilities of the Chinese military — or worse, harm United States national security.

 "One Chinese technology company receives crucial technical guidance from a former People's Liberation Army rear admiral," notes the Times.

 "Another company developed the electronics on China's first atomic bomb. 

 A third sells technology to China's air-to-air missile research academy. 

Their ties to the Chinese military run deep, and they all have something else in common: 

Each Chinese company counts one of America's tech giants — IBM, Cisco Systems or Microsoft — as a partner."

 A blurring of the lines among many companies that supply military and commercial technology makes it difficult to know what cooperation might result in technology ultimately being used by China's military.

 "The Chinese companies are required to do the best for their government. 

 American companies say they are only answerable to their shareholders," said James McGregor of the consulting firm Apco Worldwide. 

"So who is looking out for the United States?"

You Are Right Now!

It's Done! And By The Lord God It Will Stay Done!

 You are the "Right now" minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You have the right now ministry of healing to the Body of Christ.

You are the right now evangelist to the world of the good news of Jesus Christ.

You are the right now prophetic ministry.

You are the right now man of God.

You are the right now woman of God.

One of the deadliest enemies of our walking in God's promises is the state of passively coexisting with the enemy.

Our own hearts must stop submitting to situations that are not right.

We have come to the time of which Jesus spoke, when the angels are to be sent to the four corners of the earth to separate the wheat from the tares ( Matthew 13:30,40-42 ).

We will not enter further into the bringing forth of the Kingdom until He separates the tares from the wheat.

We must not let time slip by and fail to redeem it.

How much time do we have left?

What will happen if the enemy delays us long enough?

We will miss the plan of God completely. Then another, more violent generation will have to arise, who will get a Word from God and stay with it until it is fulfilled.

  At this particular time Satan cannot stop the revelation that comes to people's hearts.

The Living Word that is coming in this hour is very decisive.

It opens up heart after heart, but the hearts that are not open to God become completely closed to the Word.

  You must realize that you do not have a whole lifetime to seek God.

Jesus explained these present days with the parable of the ten virgins ( Matthew 25;1-12).

At a certain time the door will be shut.

Those who do not have their oil ready will be shut out; that will be the end of it.

There is an ominous foreboding in what is happening in these days.

A thousand prophets must come forth to execute God's purposes, but they will not come forth merely as the result of months and months of training.

To become true prophets of God, they must somehow break through the barrier of time.

  The conspiracy of Satan and hosts of demons will try to keep you tied down and preoccupied with many things.

The right teachings that God is bringing today, along with your own hope and expectations, could bring you into a full prophet's ministry.

But Satan will do everything he can to rob you of your time in order to delay you and slow you down.

He wants to hinder you and shackle you until you cannot win this end-time race.

  Learn what the enemy is doing to time.

Do not plan on becoming old and dying, with others coming on the scene merely to rehash the truths that have been given for this time.

Something must change the present pace.

You will not come forth into God's perfect plan without explosive faith and determination.

Something must happen in your life to prevent you from being drawn back from the full, intense fervor that you should have.

There are a thousand tricky situations, with little weights here and there, to make you lose the race.

  Luke records the parable of the sowing of the seed.

Some of that seed was ready to bring forth mature grain, but the thorns choked it out ( verse 7).

And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.

That is happening right now.

The rocky soil is not the problem.

Demonic birds are not plucking up the seed before it germinates, nor is persecution making it wither.

The main problem is the thorns that come and choke the Word.

You may be just short of breaking through to a mature ministry, to that manifestation of the sons of God ( Romans 8:19).

You may love the Living Word and feed upon it.

However, you must not only know how to feed upon it; you must also be able to reject the thorns that come to choke and strangle it.

  In a rising crescendo, like a tidal wave, many are rapidly approaching the manifestation of the sons of God; yet something is stopping the process.

They have been in one spot too long; they have been wandering around a mountain when they should have been moving into Canaan.

The army of the Lord must march with faith, not with frustration.

They must worship the Lord, giving praise and thanks, voicing their proclamations, making their claims, and moving right on to see things happen.

  Believe in God's promises to you.

Anticipate becoming one of those prophets of God; but believe also that you are hindered in approaching that goal.

The barriers must be broken.

Either that, or you will totally reject the possibility of ever seeing God's promises fulfilled.

You will find yourself putting their fulfillment back on the basis: "I am not worthy of this. I missed the boat."

You have not missed he boat.

It is Satan who is working to destroy you through the time element of one delay after another.

There is a fixed time; and if Satan can delay you long enough, you will miss God's plan for you.

  For the first time in the entire Christian era, there is a fixed time.

If you do not get in by that time, you are through, and you lose out.

Then shall the Kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins... Matthew 25:1.

Then refers to this end-time.

Read all of Matthew 25.

It is filled with stories about the end time.

Today you have only a certain period of time to do what God wants you to do.

  The Lord prophesied that He would do a quick work in the earth and cut it short in righteousness
 ( Romans 9:28 ).

This has to be.

There must be a people who break through.

These days must be shortened or no flesh will be left alive ( Matthew 24:22 ).

Satan is raging because he knows that he has only a short time ( Revelation 12:12).

He is more aware of what is happening to time than you are.

He is doing everything he can to play havoc with time, to bring oppression upon it until it gets away from you.

Frustration comes; and instead of time being an opportunity to seize upon the things of the Lord, you find you are running on a treadmill and getting off at the same place where you got on.

You must not accept that.

You have a responsibility to dig in with all your heart and see changes happen.

  You will not accomplish anything just by trying to discipline your time.

If you try to do this in yourself, you will fall right back into the efforts of the flesh.

It has to be done in the Spirit.

Merely making out a list of the day's activities and trying to follow it through will not work effectively in the Spirit.

Do you want to be like a cork in the waves of the ocean, or do you want to see destiny fulfilled that God has presented to His people?

There is a foreordained portion for the sons of God to walk in, and you must get into it.

You must be delivered from the futility of time.

You must be released from the frustration that you feel.

Start by believing God, by working right up to the realm of the Lord.

Stay in His presence, claim what you are going to have and believe!

  People live too much in the future.

They live in the realm of anticipation instead of appropriation.

They have a built-in response that says, "Yes, tomorrow will be wonderful. We will see marvelous things happen."

That built-in response will cause you to live in hope instead of faith.

As great a virtue as hope is, rule it out for right now.

You might as well be swallowed up by despair, as to live with the kind of hope that Satan can use to prevent a genuine active faith from operation immediately.

  But now abideth faith, hope , love , these three: and the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:13.

You know that this Scripture true, and it is good to have hope.

In fact, sometimes you survive by hope.

But there comes a time when hope becomes only a crutch to hold you up.

As long as you have crutches, you say," Eventually I will walk. Right now I am doing well just to limp."

You need to throw away your crutches of hope and say, " I am going to have faith and walk right now!"

Something within you must rise up for more than hope or a good beginning.

Tell yourself, "Right now I am going to do it! Right now I am going to do it! Right now I am going to do it!"

  God always puts a test upon you, but not to judge you or condemn you for something that is wrong.

He only wants to see whether or not you are going to walk in what He is setting before you.

God's promises can be a blessing or they can be a curse.

If God has given you a promise, and yet you excuse yourself for not walking in it now because you are hoping that after a while it will come to pass, then that promise is a curse to you.

The Fundamentalists think that way, saying in effect, "We have nothing now. The day of miracles and gifts is past. We believe that after a while we will have them, but in the meantime we will just sit and wait for a rapture."

That kind of reasoning produces a deadly passivity.

Anyone who is believing to walk in God's promises now is labeled a heretic by the Fundamentalists.

They would rather believe  the Scofield Bible and Larkin's teaching which explains that God's provision is all for the future.

Consequently, they must live with hope and call it faith.

That is misguided hope.

Traditional Christianity feeds unbelief to good orthodox believers until everything of faith is put off in the future.

Let us not limit the Old Testament promises to a Zionist movement that rejects Jesus Christ.

We read in the New Testament about the true Israel of God, and we see that there is no other name but Christ whereby we must be saved ( Acts 4:12 ).

That applies to Jew, Gentile, or anyone else.

  With today's restoration of the New Testament truths, you can say, "I have my Bible back again. It's promises are mine."

But what for?

Are you going to limp along for years like the Fundamentalists, or are you going to believe that you can walk in your destiny?

In your own heart you must feel this: "I am what God says I am, and I will not wait another day longer.

Right now I am a prophet.

I am raised up by God, and I will not walk under any handicap.

I am going to speak the Word of the Lord."

  Do not anticipate- appropriate!

That is what God wants you to do at all times.

In Exodus 3:13 Moses asked, "Who shall I say sent me?"

God has many names, but He answered, "YHWY."

It means, "I AM THAT I AM."

"I AM" is a present-tense verb.

The only way that you can truly express YHWH is this: "I AM THE GOD THAT I SAY I AM.


The Pharisees wanted to stone Jesus when He said , ...before Abraham was born, I AM." John 8:58.

He was not saying "I WAS," or "I WILL BE"; He was saying "I AM THE RIGHT-NOW GOD!"

If He declared that, then you should declare that you are the right-now ministry that God has called you to be.

If he is the Right-now God, then you are a right-now prophet.

Right now!

This is the accepted time ( II Corinthians 6:2 ).

There is no other way; it has to be now!

If what God is bringing forth on the earth is true, then you must walk in it now.

  What is the answer for the futility of time?

By faith we understand that the worlds (ages) have been framed by the Word of God...Hebrews 11:3.

God has made a provision for this end time, but it will not happen until someone stands up and prophesies this new age into existence.

Let us stand and proclaim this age.

Let us prophesy!

An age is framed by a Word of God.

Do we realize how much initiative God has given His people?

In a true submission to the Lord, we could prophesy any kind of Kingdom we want.

Jesus said, "According to your faith be it unto you" Matthew 9:29.

Those who bow to Him as their King are the Kingdom.

Jesus told His disciples, "Fear not, little flock; for it s your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom" Luke 12:32.

As we serve Jesus as Lord, God is giving us the Kingdom!

It is our Kingdom.

What do we want to do with it?

  If the Kingdom is ours to proclaim, and it is to be the way we want it, then God will look down on us a thousand years from now and see a people who believed Him and made it happen.

Otherwise, we will have been a sorry mess of people who lived only wishful hopefulness.

He has given us the Kingdom and that is exactly what we must walk in.

Aren't you sick of falling short of God's promises?

There is nothing wrong with what He has done.

There is nothing wrong with the way we believe to see the Kingdom come forth.

In this age it has been laid in our hands, and we must take it.

  Decide what you want.

If you do not quite make it today, you can make it tomorrow.

Stay with it.

Continually live in the present appropriation, not in some future anticipation.

Make the prophecies that came in the past happen.

Let their fulfillment be in the present.

Talk about them now, and walk in them now.

Be like Peter : Get your foot over the edge of the boat and start walking on water.

Do it now, not because of any enthusiasm, but because you believe.

If you start sinking, someone will rescue you.

But start walking on water.

Right now!

  What happened to the Israelites?

They looked at the giants and backed off in fear and unbelief.

God said, "That does it! You don't go into the promised land!"

Then they realized that they had sinned, and the next day they decided to go in and fight the giants.

God allowed the giants to slaughter them, and they were driven back into the wilderness where they were to wander for forty years until finally they all died ( Numbers 14).

They missed it by only twenty-four hours.

  In spite of all the promises that God has given for this hour, those who fall short of walking in them will be just like the Israelites; they will die in the wilderness of the tribulation.

Let us rather be today's sons of the prophets.

It is the accepted time.

Joshua would say, "Go and take the giants! You can do it"

Let us pull down everything that stands in the way.

Right now!

  This is not a time to relax.

It is a time to pursue Satan and his hordes to the gates of hell.

Stay with it until the victory is won perfectly.

Do not be satisfied with anything short of all that the Lord has spoken, and more.

Now is the birth of the sons of the prophets.

From now on, move!

Accept the end-time ministry of Christ and His anointing upon you.

Walk in it!


Friday, October 30, 2015


The entire "Tribes" series, including its predecessors "Earthsiege" and "Starsiege," are free to download from the series' official website, Tribes Universe, thanks to Hi-Rez Studios.


Ah Huh Sure

You Can't Buck The System With Your Own Way Of Doing It Yourself

California State University at Fullerton brought a grievance against associate professor Alain Bourget recently.

 It wasn't for poor results or questionable conduct — it happened because Bourget refused to assign a $180 textbook for his introductory linear algebra and differential equations course, instead using one that cost $75 and supplementing it with free online materials.

 "Bourget maintains that his choices are just as effective educationally and much less expensive, so he should have the right to use them. 

But the university says that it makes sense for courses that have multiple sections to all use the same textbooks

Both Bourget and the university say their positions are based on principles of academic freedom."

Living In The UK? Sorry To Hear It!

The UK government plans to require ISPs and telcoms companies to maintain browsing and email history of UK residents for a period of 12 months and make the data available to police on request without a warrant.

 "The new powers would allow the police to seize details of the website and searches being made by people they wanted to investigate.

" Exactly how they expect the ISPs to provide search histories now that most Google searches use SSL isn't explained (and probably not even considered by those proposing the legislation).

 Similarly with Gmail and other email providers using SMTP TLS and IMAPS, much email is opaque to ISPs.

 Will this drive more use of VPNs and TOR?

This comes alongside news that UK police used powers granted to them by anti-terrorism laws to seize a journalist's laptop.

My Electronics Store "Fry's Electronics" Is Pushing Drones


 The U.S. Army, curious about the potential threat and usefulness of off-the-shelf drones, brought consumer quadcopters and octocopters to the Network Integration Evaluation war games that concluded earlier this month at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, and Fort Bliss, Texas.

 "During the exercise, which is used by the Army to help evaluate new technology, the drones were deployed as a swarm to simulate a threat,' writes Martyn Williams. 

 'Later, the Army expanded the trials to discover whether it might be able to make use of the same technology." 

The results are pretty much what you'd expect:

 "It has been proved that consumer [drones] can be used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, distraction tactics and, in the future, the ability to drop small munitions," said Barry Hatchett with the Army's Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation.

You Won't Find Any Problems Getting A Good Cigar In Cuba But You Will have To Wait A Long Time For A Google Response

Internet access in Cuba has gotten far better in the last year, thanks in large part to thawing relations between Cuba's government and the U.S. 

In the case of a censorship-heavy, technology-impaired regime, though, "better" doesn't necessarily mean good.

Northwestern engineering professor Fabián E. Bustamante and graduate student Zachary Bischof decided to quantify the performance of Cuban internet connections, and found them "perhaps even worse than they expected," with regards to routing in particular.

 Reader TheSync writes with this excerpt:

During their study, Bustamante and Bischof found that when a person in Havana searched for a topic on Google, for example, the request traveled through the marine cable to Venezuela, then through another marine cable to the United States, and finally landed at a Google server in Dallas, Texas.

 When the search results traveled back, it went to Miami, Florida, up to the satellite, and then back to Cuba.

 While the information out of Cuba took 60-70 milliseconds, it took a whopping 270 milliseconds to travel back.

Sara Schaefer Shares some Of Her Life And Her Hipster Jesus In A Letter To Him

Recently, I stumbled upon a hipster Christian Instagram account.

 I was mesmerized by it. Beautiful pictures, beautiful people, just trying to live #ThatAuthenticLife in autumnal settings.

 Attached to each picture were little messages of inspiration that felt so familiar to me, like tasting something that reminds you of your mom’s cooking.

But then, one day, this account posted a picture of a fetus, with a graphic, wrathful caption about abortion.


 I unfollowed them in defeat.

 When I tweeted in support of Planned Parenthood and the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag, I was heartbroken by the cruel, idiotic responses I got from so-called Christians.

All these people, claiming to know you, claiming to know me, claiming to know what’s right for everyone else. 

So violent, so judgmental, so misogynistic. So afraid...

A Book That Lonnie Frisbee Believed Was Worth Owning

In 1968 Lonnie Frisbee shared with me a book when I visited him at the Blue Top Motel in Costa Mesa CA.

He greatly valued this book.

So I went to the Sacred Heart Treasure House book store and purchased it new.

A Catholic bookstore, because there were no bible bookstores around back in those days except for the local Catholic bookstore.

The above photo is my personal dog eared copy that I still own to this day.

Why would I still have this book 47 years later?

I paid $2.50 for it in 1968.

You can purchase it on Amazon in the $30.00 $45.00 range.

(Since I first posted this on my blog the price seems to have risen. Still worth it if you can find it. As usual we have no benefit at all from Amazon for sharing this resource.)

Here is the preface to the book:

"We believe that these are the thoughts of our Lord shared with us to meet our needs.

We know that some instructions were given for a specific time in our growth in the life of the spirit and were intended as universal teaching.

We have included these instructions, however, to help those who are also working with zest, with eagerness, to live the life of love as he lived it.

We now offer this enlarged and indexed edition with the continuing strong conviction that God has spoken to men in the past and continues to speak to them today.

We believe that anyone possessed of a compelling desire to know and obey may learn God's will for him."

Judging by the good things of ministry that we know about Lonnie Frisbee's life we might be be able to conclude that this book helped him to be more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Of course Lonnie read his Bible and studied it over and above this book.

But there is material within the pages of "Listen The Lord" that will rock your world.

I like to believe that it helped me in my personal walk with God to hear His voice all the more clearly than I would have been able to otherwise.

Find out for yourself.

Obtain this wonderful little book that I still own after so many years.

I admit that I had to glue the binding because the pages were starting to come loose.

Rubber glue works wonders.

Some believe that it was two women who got together to see if they could hear the voice of Jesus during the war years of WWII in England.

They wrote down everything in a journal that they received.

This book is that journal.

Very fascinating reading to say the least!

David Sloane

Climate Engineering Update


We can now add yet another source to the growing list of important publications that have already spoken out about the critical climate engineering issue, "Eluxe Magazine". At the link below is an excerpt from their impressive “about” section.

Eluxe Magazine is the world’s first ever publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury. We’re a quarterly published paper magazine and a digital publication based in London and Paris, dedicated to showcasing luxury brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to good ethics and environmental sustainability.  We determine the sustainability of a brand on several factors, including whether it:
  • Uses organic, biodegradable, recycled or renewable materials
  • Traces the environmental accountability of the product throughout the supply chain
  • Follows a strict Corporate Sustainability Policy, with transparent annual reports.
  • Uses recyclable, recycled or no packaging
  • Creates a product whose consumption can greatly reduce the owner’s environmental impact
Other publications that have already done their part to sound the alarm on atmospheric spraying atrocities are SOCO magazine and National Health Freedom magazine

 The wave of awareness and outrage is building very rapidly as people around the globe wake up to what has been done to them without their knowledge or consent.

 Momentum is growing exponentially in the most critical battle of all, the fight to take back our skies from the grip of the collective insanity that has all but decimated our planet.

 We must all keep marching forward in this battle with all the strength and speed we can manage, every day counts.

 My most sincere thanks to Eluxe Magazine for solidly joining us in all important effort to expose global climate engineering.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Wrapup

Dog arrives at his new home and notices the swimming pool


Best Dog Costume

Declassified dogfight footage: F-14 Tomcat vs. Lybian MiG-23 

 Court says it’s again legal for NSA to spy on you because Congress says it’s OK



Ahh the boney church! Muhaaha!



Is Our Mouths Really That Powerful?

The fastest growing segment of professing Christianity today is the Word-Faith Movement, also known as the Positive Confession or simply "Faith" movement.

 Its growth is at least partially due to the massive amounts of money the leaders are able to extract from the faithful Sheeple.

 This influx of cash allows for huge buildings and extensive ministries, and more importantly, wide exposure on television, which translates into numerical growth. 

Not only do many Word-Faith preachers broadcast their services and campaigns, but Word-Faith adherents, Paul and Jan Crouch, owned the largest Christian-based television network in the world.

 The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), founded by the Crouches, with an estimated net worth of approximately $600 million dollars, is capable of televising the Faith message (as well as many other errant messages) all over the world.

Way back in the early 70's the Crouches and the Bakers started out together in a small commercial space off of Dyer road in Santa Ana Ca.

They told us young Christians that they were putting together the first all Christian Television station and needed our (Free) help to get it up and running.

So we helped them in any way that we could to make their dream a reality.

Looking back i realize what suckers we all were.

They were using all of us to achieve personal enrichment.

Guess what?

It worked!


Trust Of Government Is At An All Time Low And Could Go Even Lower

"Tom Groenfeldt reports in Forbes that the U.S. Postal Service has awarded a contract to SecureKey.

To implement the Federal Cloud Credential Exchange (FCXX) designed to enable individuals to securely access online services at multiple federal agencies.

 — such as health benefits, student loan information, and retirement benefit information — without the need to use a different password or other digital identification for each service. 

SecureKey already operates a trusted identity service in Canada using identification keys provided by one of five participating Canadian banks.

 It allows Canadians to connect with 120 government programs online with no additional user names or passwords for everything from benefits queries to fishing licenses.

 The SecureKey program is designed to connect identity providers — such as banks, governments, healthcare organizations, and others — with consumers' favorite online services though a cloud-based broker service. 

The platform allows identity providers and online services to integrate once, reducing the integration and business complexity otherwise incurred in establishing many-to-many relationships."

Plus, it makes identity theft that much more convenient!~
 I was just thinking... a single set of credentials for every online service, what could possibly go wrong?

It's cool, they're going to beta it with a key with a chip in it, but by the time the public uses it, it'll just be a bar-code that they stamp on your forehead or right hand.

Kind of looks like three sixes, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

 How long until these become mandatory for all websites. Here's how I could see this going down:

- First, all major government websites require usage of this.

- As more and more brick-and-mortal government offices close, more and more people start using the id.

- VISA, MasterCard, et al begin requiring these for all online banking.
- Taxable web transactions somehow get tied by law to having to use these.
- Soon, ISPs require you to log in with it periodically, (remember AOL internet 'sessions'?)
- All utilities, bills and such paid online start requiring it.
- Social networks require it for 'think of the children' safety.

...Tinfoil futures are a sure bet....we're losing the internet right in front of our faces.
 You just have to send your id in the bottom 64 bits of your ipv6 address to access the internet.

 Why make the address space so large unless you were going to stuff authentication credentials into every packet?

 Then they could easily just turn you off whenever necessary.

How Do You Know That You Are Called To The Ministry?

What is a calling to the ministry?

Let's see what the scriptures show us that the above link doesn't go into...

A. God hath set some in the church. There is a divine call.

1 Corinthians 12:27

King James Version (KJV)

27Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.

28And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

1. Ephesians 4:11 says "Jesus gave." This passage says "God set."

2. Notice this Corinthian passage calls the Body of Christ the Church. The Church is the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is the Church. Not a congregational brand name church or a brand name fellowship or a geographical place or building. Not organizations.

B. God sets ministry gifts in the Church- not man.

1. There is a vast difference between God's setting some in the Church- and man's setting some in the Church.

2. A study of Church history reveals how down through the centuries various groups have endeavored to get back to what they call New Testament practices.

They've set up organizations which often were something man manufactured- something in the flesh, something carnal.

They "called" and "set" people who had no divine calling into certain offices.

This is unscriptural.

God does the setting.
God does the calling.

C. You do not enter the ministry- any phase of it- just because "you" feel it is a holy calling and you'd like to respond.

1. You cannot make yourself a ministry gift.
2. It is dangerous to do something just because "you" want to do it.

D. You do not enter the ministry because "someone else" tells you that you are suited for it.

1. Don't go because somebody else called you.
2. Don't go because your mother called you.
3. Don't go because your father called you.

There is a divine call. Recognize whether it is on your life and don't go out without it.

E. How can you tell a divine call?

1. You will have the conviction in your own spirit.
    You will have the witness in your own heart.

2. God deals with man's spirit.

3. Learn to listen to your spirit.

A. Learn to listen down on the inside of you and you will know many things you don't otherwise know.

B. But if you are just messing along in the world, about half~dedicated, half~in~half~out, because you are living too much in the carnal area, carnality will dominate you and you won't be conscious of your spirit.

C. If you are fully dedicated and consecrated to God to do anything He wants you to do, you will become concious of that something inside you.

d. There will be a divine compulsion on the inside of you.

F. The methods by which men are called are unimportant. But obedience to the call is important.

1. If methods were important, the Bible would emphasize them; it does not.

2. The Bible has much to say about obedience.

3. Sometimes God does move in extraordinary ways. But this is not the rule.

A. Sometimes people will have visions. Paul did.

B. Prophecy. Ministry gifts are not set in the Church by prophecy. There may come a confirmation by prophecy.

Acts 13

1Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.

2As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.

Barnabas and Saul were not called by prophecy. They were not set in by prophecy or by man. God just confirmed something by prophecy.

1. If a so~called prophecy does not confirm what you have in your own spirit, forget it.

G. Seeing a need is not a call to ministry.

1. If we are not careful, we slip into the attitude of the Church in general that seeing a need is a call. This is not scriptural. THIS IS NOT A DIVINE CALL.

2. Naturally, as Christians we see a need, we are concerned about that need and will endeavor with all the ability we have to minister to that need. That is scripturally correct. But it is not to be confused with the divine call to the ministry.

H. An anointing evidences a divine call.

I. If God didn't call you to full time ministry, don't try to get into it; you will be a misfit.

J. Knowing that you are divinely called settles the matter once and for all. There should be no confusion on the subject.

I am not moved by what I see.
I am not moved by what I feel.
I am moved by what I believe.

Learn what spiritural things are, they are more real than natural things.

Learn to look to your spirit.
Your spirit will tell you.
Your spirit will tell you things your head doesn't know....