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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Mundane

Stranglehold CISPA III?
"A government task force is preparing legislation that would pressure companies such as Facebook and Google to enable law enforcement officials to intercept online communications as they occur. ... 'The importance to us is pretty clear,' says Andrew Weissmann, the FBI's general counsel. 'We don't have the ability to go to court and say, "We need a court order to effectuate the intercept." Other countries have that.' Under the draft proposal, a court could levy a series of escalating fines, starting at tens of thousands of dollars, on firms that fail to comply with wiretap orders, according to persons who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. 'This proposal is a non-starter that would drive innovators overseas and cost American jobs,' said Greg Nojeim, a senior counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology. 'They might as well call it the Cyber Insecurity and Anti-Employment Act.'"

White Hall Hell Eternity

Washington Post and Fox News Find that – Even Right After the Boston Terror Attacks – Americans Are More Leery of Government Tyranny than Terrorists
Multiple Polls: Americans Are More Afraid of the GOVERNMENT than TERRORISTS

Most have seen 911 Mysteries. In case you have not, here it is:

 TIL A king penguin in Japan was rescued and nursed back to life. He refused to leave, and now lives with the family. He has his own extra cold room, and he goes out on walks around the neighbourhood to pick up groceries.

 This has to be illegal.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Alive Unto Christ...

2 Corinthians 5:14&15- "For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead: And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again."

We must remember what a destructive and frightening man the Apostle Paul had been before Christ apprehended him on the Road to Damascus in order to really appreciate what he is saying here. We can see of his devotion to his Savior, Jesus Christ, just from reading his epistles, but previous to that, he had been zealously and aggressively persecuting the Church, consenting to the stoning of Stephen, the Church's first martyr, looking for Christians high and low to imprison for their faith- the man was certainly on a mission! He was also very educated in the scriptures, having studied under the scholar Gamaliel. He was a Pharisee. He knew the Old Covenant Law. He lived it.

Why then, did he seek to destroy the Church? Well, he believed that he was doing God's will. He was zealous for the Law of God, no doubt..... After his very dramatic conversion though, we see a man who, by the time he began ministering to the Body of Christ, was so steeped in the love of his Lord that he devoted the rest of his earthly days to Him. He had learned the enormous difference between Law and Grace. He knew from personal experience that Christ was not a philosophy, not just a great teacher, but that He was literally LIFE in a world of death, and that He offered, and continually offers that LIFE- He Himself- to those lost in sin and death, to the end that the very apex of His creation- man- would come to know Him and the forgiveness of sins, and Life Everlasting. Paul knew HIM, not just ABOUT Him.

"For to me to live IS Christ, and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21)." Now, Paul was referring to physical death here, but he was fully aware that to be alive in Christ necessarily meant that he was now dead to self. Remember, beloved- it is the grace of our God- not the Law- that allows us to die to self.

The Law could never bring about death to our selfish bent, it only made it pop its ugly head up at the worst possible times- simply because the Law could never really change a heart. The Israelites wanted to obey the Law of God, and after Moses read God's commands to them, they all said, "We will do all that you command us!" That lasted for about a minute, because the Law could not give life (remember, man lost that in the Garden of Eden), but Christ's resurrection did!

We all speak of the Cross of Christ- and rightly so, for that act of Love is what took our sins away. But let's never forget that His resurrection from the dead is what guarantees our own resurrection to eternal life! How blessed! Resurrection follows crucifixion- they go together. God made sure that nothing was left undone in our redemption. No greater news could be given to fallen mankind, could it?.....

Back to our scripture, "the love of Christ constraineth us"...It may have been his devotion to the LAW of God that constrained Paul to persecute the Church prior to his own conversion, but what was the result of that- even in his own heart?
Let's look at just a quick clip of Acts 9:1 "And Saul (AKA Paul), yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord..." Do you see what's in Paul's heart here? He was dedicated to the Law of God all right, but what was the fruit of that dedication? Where is God's love in Paul at that time? Now compare that to the same man's heart after Christ becomes his Beloved Lord- "The love of Christ constraineth us..." See the difference? Same individual, but oh- such a changed man, yes? Paul's heart is now filled with a divine love for the bretheren.

This is precisely what the love of our Savior does- it constrains us ( the NIV translates the word 'controls', Beck's translation says 'compels', Amplified adds 'urges')- You can bank on it- Paul's passion for the Law never brought him to this! Paul offered that it is the LOVE of Christ which brings us to the end of the love of our own selfish way of life- for His sake, that we should not henceforth live unto ourselves, but unto Him Who died for us, and rose again! Is that not absolutely magnificent?

En Agape, Jim Ewing

The Voice

In this issue of The Voice, you’ll catch an evangelistic fire in an exclusive interview with Reinhard Bonnke and explore America’s slide into socialism with Senator Jim DeMint. Be sure to visit our Website for more content that will help you advance Christian life and culture.

Does Benny Read 1 Timothy 6: 5-8?

1 Timothy 6: 5-8

"Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content."

There is a movement in the midst of Christendom that deeply disturbs me, not just because I believe that it is based on a couple of false premises,but because it seems that so many people are slipping into its clutches. I have seen a number of once passionate Christians fall prey to this false teaching, though it would seem that any believer with the slightest bit of discernment would see right through it.

It has been called the 'word-faith' movement, the 'prosperity' movement, the 'name it-claim it' or 'blab it and grab it' doctrine, and more. It certainly appeals to the flesh, but it will be of no interest to a believer who truly desires to follow Christ, unless and until that believer begins to lose his or her passion for the Savior. Jesus said, in Matthew 16:24, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."

This flies right in the face of perpetrators of the word-faith teaching. They will tell you that it is your right as a Christian to always be healthy and to prosper financially. I heard a preacher friend of my brother-in-law tell him, "I'm making more money now without trying, than I ever did before, no matter how hard I tried. I've got a nice new car, and I never plan on being sick." He went on for a while, but not one word in that long conversation came out of that man's mouth about sin, heaven, hell, or the precious blood of Christ. So much for denying one's self and taking up his cross, and FOLLOWING Him...but as deceiving and damnable as this teaching is, it doesn't end there. They also teach that faith is a force, and that your words are vehicles of that force. I actually heard a well known preacher say, "you'll think twice before saying, 'that scares me half to death'!" Ridiculous! I was a short-term recipient of a form of this perverted teaching many years ago.

Some of the people in the church I attended would warn me, "Watch what you confess! The devil can hear you, and you don't want to bring bad things on yourself by confessing negative things!" I wasn't a victim of that mentality for very long. As I studied the bible, I'd read, among other things, about David's pleadings with the Lord in the psalms, about our Savior prayer to the Father in the garden, and I realized then that I was free to 'let loose' with the Lord, that I could tell Him when I was afraid, when I was lonely, sad, or whatever, and not only would He NOT rebuke me for being 'negative', but He would actually welcome and comfort me in whatever I was dealing with at that particular time! Believer, God knows everything about you- the good, the bad, and the ugly, and there's nothing that you can't verbally share with Him- joy, sadness, frustration, spontaneous praise, it doesn't matter! There's nothing that He doesn't want you to be open with Him about. He wants an intimate love relationship with you and He wants you to trust Him with your deepest thoughts and concerns...

Do you now see how the enemy of your soul attempts to sneak in and steal your joy, to keep you from being open and honest before the Lord? Do you see how he will pervert the gospel and try to entice you to believe lies, and then to pass it off as the gospel? And doesn't that make you mad?....

As for the purveyors of this damnable heresy, shame on you! Return to the Lover of your souls and and repent now. Christ died to save you from your sins,and rose again from the dead to give you eternal life. Take up your cross and follow Him...Now, to those believers who want Christ more than anything, be 'wise as serpents, and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16)'. God bless and be with you-

En Agape,
pastor Jim Ewing

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our School Of The Prophets

Desert Ministry

 (School Of The Prophets)

Mike Nichols (Road Hog, CB Name) and I ( Foggy Goggles, CB Name) started "Desert Ministry" way back in 1986. I had a website on MSN for a long time before they shut it down along with all of their other accounts and sent all of us packing over to "Multiply.com." If you look for Desert Ministry on Multiply there is still some remnants left over from the old website. At the time that I started the original website there were no Desert Ministry entries that came up on Google except ours. Today that has changed.

The school of prophets is not just some term that we have devised. It originates with Samuel in the Old Testament, who trained young men to be prophets. Perhaps there was no greater force created by God than what Samuel foresaw and utilized. Witchcraft had been very common in the land of Canaan, and with the school of prophets it was so completely eliminated that under the reign of Saul (Although Saul was half hearted about it and later, when he was in trouble, sought out the witch of Endor), there were scarcely any witches or any witchcraft to be found.
The school of prophets created such a powerful environment that it retarded the apostasy of Israel for a long time. They moved very much like Body ministry, and in fact, it is my conviction that the school of prophets started a great deal of interest in the Kingdom that shows up in later prophets in the Old Testament. The whole theme underlying them, of the King coming and the Kingdom and the day of the Lord, largely began with the school of the prophets.

The schools of prophets walked in the miraculous. They prophesied a great thing. They could create unbelievable forces. When Saul sent his hatchet men to kill David, they passed them on the road, and the force of their prophesying was so great that the messengers stopped and entered in dancing and prophesied with them. The second messengers were sent, and the same thing happened. Saul went himself, and he threw aside his garments and began to dance and prophesy until they said," Is Saul also one of the prophets?" ( I Samuel 19:20-24)

The prophets moved collectively a great deal. They answered to Samuel, Ramah was the main center of his activities, but Samuel headed up this school. Long after Samuel's departure , even in the days of Elijah and Elisha, the school of prophets was still a young force. When Elijah and Elisha were going down to the place across the Jordan where Elijah would be translated, they passed the school of prophets, who prophesied, "Your master will be taken from you today," Elisha answered, "I know it. Don't bother me." ( II Kings 2:3)

In this end time God has promised the return of such men. It will not be just local, though it must start someplace. It will multiply not by books and revelation teaching alone; it will multiply as the men themselves come into the ministry and bring forth other men to do the same thing. Remember the whole purpose of the prophets was the first hand conveying of a ministry to another person. It was through impartation more than anything else.

There are very few casualties, but few successes in the controlled Bible school system of today. Most pastors know this. We sure did. In the first place, there are few Bible schools which are really spiritual, and even when there is such a school, nine out of ten of the students lose out with the Lord. The principle we follow in the Desert Ministry school of the prophets is to convey by communication, by direct contact. We can create a high level of spiritual expression which can literally sweep people into manifesting the same thing.

Take brother Ben for instance. He first came out into the desert places with us and somehow was scared that we were going to kill and eat him. Seriously, he has a Filipino background and I guess culturally there was a big disconnect at first. But soon enough he was prophesying and bringing forth the Word of the Lord with the word of knowledge at a very high level. One day on our way out to the Salton Sea desert we stopped at a small market. There was a man loitering in front of the store. Ben boldly walked up to him and started to 'read his mail.' Ben said, "You just got out of prison a few days ago and your mother has been praying for your salvation." The man said in great amazement, "How did you know that!?" He ended up praying the sinners prayer with Ben and was saved.

There are certain principles and guidelines which have been laid down over the last 25 years. God has outlined them for us and it seems to be right. A Word is given, and fantastic levels of revelation begin to come up from the young prophets. The presence of the Holy Spirit begins to manifest more then we experience in any church. There is a true Body function.

We have tried to bring this experience to the Bible teaching school but were driven out over time, so much so that we don't even bother to try any more. Our vision was to be able to have a group of prophets come in, not to take over and change a church and usurp the role of ministry and authority, but to so completely minister to a church that a church which is moving in the right direction can be enhanced with just a few weeks of young prophets ministering in their midst. It would be far better than the old campaigns and revivals and evangelists coming to try to stir up a church. This is a true Body function. When they are finished there will be people brought into Christ and moving in the gifts and ministries.  
Out in the desert I am full on in my dedication, the Lord has lead me by revelation on every desert trip we have taken over the years. I draw upon the Lord and the Lord gives me the message He wants me to give. I do not try to preach difficult, deep sermons, and yet there is a depth to them that reaches everyone because I look to the Lord for revelation. I have always preached by revelation over the years. Sometimes the Lord will keep me up all night talking about something. When I speak it, it is a fantastic flow that moves the people tremendously because it is alive, it is real revelation. This kind of ministry shall be reproduced, but it is not as simple as you think.
Do you know what I was saying in my heart today? " I wish I knew the Word better," yet I have studied it all my life. We will never feel we really know the Word as we should. We must have the basics. We must have the Word in our hearts. We must hide it there. I am not so much concerned about reading the Word to create sermons or for devotions, but just about reading it. We must read it until the Lord makes it alive. Then when it comes time there is a reservoir that the Spirit of the Lord can draw from, and it can come forth.
There is no question about it, if we are to be a prophetic company, the strength of the prophecy will be our knowledge and understanding of the Word and our ability to move in revelation and perception. These two things will be very basic. That is the reason there must be a great deal of study involved for any who will be a part of the school of the prophets. That is essential. In addition, there must be a great deal of teaching and ministry to bring them into accurate revelation.

I have stood in Austria just before the dividing wall in Germany came down and I prophesied to the people that God was about to do a great thing and that there was no one who could stop Him. I have prophesied over Pat Robertson just before Russia contacted him wanting to put his program on their TV, telling him, "I believe the Lord would say to you, The wind of my Spirit is moving in Russia, call my people from her midst." I have prophesied that rain would come upon the bread basket of America during a great drought and that very hour unexpected heavy rains came down, so much so that soybean futures were train wrecked. I have prophesied to Pastor Chuck Smith years ago that he would see the full extent of his Calvary Chapel family with his own eyes, and he now has. I could go on and on, you get the point.

At the present time the churches are handicapped in as much as the good ministries of revelation are too limited. This school of prophets at this time is not an extra boost so the brothers can go around prophesying; the churches do not have the level of revelation that they need. There is not enough discernment. There is not enough deep perception. There is not enough confirming ministries of deep revelation. Sometimes the ministries pray and get a good witness, but we need the prophets to speak two or three and let the others judge. If we have a i Corinthians 14 type service, it will have to be. Every pastor feels he needs the backing of real prophets who are established. The whole purpose of the school of prophets is to bring this to pass.
When we get into the school of prophets, it will take quite a bit of discipline and revelation. God will give a Word to send ministries into an area for a few weeks to start working on that area and reproducing other ministries. It is not to con people or sell them on something, but until they actually see and hear the ministries in operation, they don't get a hold of it. A few choice videos could be sent to churches to stir them up to the school of the prophets and put the burden on them because they will be called upon to send men to the school. Maybe they will have to support them for a while. If they come to California we will try to find a place for them to stay, and the churches can help pay the rent. We will sacrifice to help them also.
I feel that the school of prophets will break through to the prophecies that are about eighteen years old now. Some of the prophecies over the churches said that there would be a time when their doors would never close. There would be a continual moving of God. There would be those who would continually stand before the Lord, for the tabernacle of David that is fallen down will be restored again. Amos prophesies that for the end time ( Amos 9:11).

The verse in Amos is quoted in Acts 15:16
After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down...
The gentiles could not enter in to worship before, but in Acts 15 the Apostle said, "This is the tabernacle of David which was fallen down, where Gentiles and everyone can stand in the presence of the Lord and worship." They had accurately interpreted, yet the prophecy in Amos actually refers to the end time when God would bring this glorious fulfillment. We will witness in many churches the prophets standing, praising and worshiping God. The prophetic community will continue on and on, and instead of a back log of personal ministry that is never accomplished as in the present time, everyone will have a Word from the Lord.

It will be fantastic to see the people come. All day long, all night long men will be standing, worshiping. When they get tired they will go home, sleep, and come back- or there may even be places in the church where they can stretch out on a cot to get a few hours of sleep and get up and go at it again. I anticipate we get ready for the real latter rain, and it will lift us a great deal out of scheduling of services that on a certain day at a certain time we meet.
The school of prophets, if it comes forth and they really seek the face of the Lord, will be the thrust that will break through into marvelous meetings with God. We began simply enough, after waiting upon the Lord all day we would gather together and we would begin to dialog. I speak something, and one person after another comes up with revelation, and each puts things together with real revelation teaching. This is very important. At the camp we sat around and talked and answered questions. It opened things up which do not normally come in sermons. The questions were significant, and the people contributed back and forth. There really is no better way of teaching, if the level of interest is there so that they know what to ask and are really concerned.  All of this is embraced in the school of prophets. This burden has not only been mine, but on others has rested this same burden for the school of prophets. They see as I do the need for more revelation ministries in the churches. We have many with a good prophetic flow or psalms. The level of worship has slowly risen, but we know we need more with a revelation ministry.
God brings men under the ministry for a specific purpose. The pastors and associate pastors are the most important ministries in authority over the people. When they are in it enough, they will have the vision and the burden until it becomes a type of missionary enterprise that they bring it back with them. This is a recycling program, the school of prophets. If they begin to stagnate, they should not hesitate to say, " I'm in trouble, Help me, I'm stagnated." Some way will be found, worked out, so that they can leave their church and have a place to stay here and come and get back into the flow. The vision is not always sustained independent of this. Even if you sustain the vision but have been away from my ministry for several years, a lot of things have happened. Even if you are walking in more than you had at that level, you may be missing some important keys which are coming.
The school is not to train men so that they can flow on and on in just a glib flow of prophecy. We are seeking something that exalts the Lord and makes His presence real to the people. This is the key. The manifestation of the presence of the Lord. That is the whole purpose of the school of the prophets. Until we break into that our worship will have restraints on it, our people will have walls when they approach the Lord. They must have something which breaks that down and God  breaks through on them. The whole purpose is not a glib flow, but His living presence in our midst.
We must break through to the next step, and we have to be willing to walk on. Everything now is based on the presence of the Lord because this is the beginning of the end. The glorious gospel of the Kingdom of God being preached into all the world for a witness. We can do it, His presence is here. It is our unawareness we must break down, our lack of awareness of the Lord and of His Shekinah presence. How to come into that is what the school of prophets is all about. I have yearned and wanted for it and waited for it.
I know that in the timing of the Lord this should be right on us; this should have priority. At this present time we look for confirmation for the Lord to set ministries aside and set them in, and we have amazing good success, but we have too few men who are really capable of giving an apostolic company witness from a source out side of the local church.
This picture is Erik and his truck at Zzyxx Campsite. We never really gave this site a good name because its not much of a site. Just a dry riverbed with a ten foot or more bank on one side. But! When we first camped here we were greeted that night by two ten foot tall angels. It really happened!!! They put crowns on our heads that we could not see, and yet we could feel them. The feeling of them on our heads lasted for weeks afterward. I know it sounds strange but I was there and will always remember that night. The Roadhog, Wolfman, and Foggy Goggles were by themselves on this particular Desert Trip. We do not usually tell anyone this story because of the unbelief in most Christians hearts towards the miraculous. There is a kind of rationalism which kills miracles. When miracles are dead, miraculous things cease to happen. We would receive more miracles, if we stopped insisting that miracles do not happen, and began EXPECTING THEM TO HAPPEN.
Doug got so blessed that day. At sunset he requested that we stop the truck and let him rejoice before the Lord for a few moments. He is one of this ministry's fruit out of many that we are grateful to God for. It truly is a work of God to see lives changed and ignited for Jesus Christ.
A panorama of Soda Dry Lake

David's favorite spot to wait upon the Lord. No
Bulldog, Roadhog, Mad Scientist and Foggy Goggles

This picture was taken shortly after arrival at what we call "Repentance Point" on Saturday morning. We all go our own ways and get our hearts right with God at Repentance Point before entering the desert to seek His face. After we feel were prayed up we stand by the trucks and wait for the others to return before the next phase of the desert trip which is to wait upon the Lord after group prayer at the Monument.
David's truck 1

This was one of the places we originally considered for the Desert Ministry. But it was to close to the city and a lot of sportsmen would come there for target practice. The noise made it hard to concentrate on the Lord. So we went deeper into the desert in search of the perfect location. As it turned out Roadhog knew of the perfect location and we have been blessed there.
Davids truck

This was taken at our other site "Turtle Shell Camp" by the Salton Sea. There is a whole different personality to this site then the Zzyxx site. Erik and David have had some powerful experiences here with the Holy Spirit. But then so have the others. If you ever come on a Desert Trip with us remember to ask us about the "Space Trash" Holy Spirit detector...LOL
Desert Dudes

This is Saturday morning group prayer at Repentance Point prior to going deeper into the desert at Zzyxx. Usually not much happens here during group prayer because most of us are still not in tune with the Holy Spirit yet and mostly are still repenting and getting prepared to wait on God for the rest of the day.
Erik ministering

This is a typical ministry time on Saturday night at Zzyxx Campsite. After dinner we usually minister to one another in personal ministry. This is where God meets most people's needs and encourages them. In this picture Erik is looking for a particular scripture to minister to Dr. Scott.
Erik tshell

This is Turtleshell Campsite. Erik is hauling in some firewood for the evening meal and ministry time. Now old timer desert rats would tell you not to camp out in riverbeds, its wisdom. But we usually are there when its not raining and there is no rain in site, so we camp out there because its the perfect flat location for our sleeping bags. The sky is always great to look at here due to the high clouds that tend to sweep past this place. Near by is the navy airbase and on occasion we have been kind of buzzed by their latest jets. Not very often though. Oh ya, this is also near their laser guided bombing runs in the Chocolate Mountains. We have never been there during their practice. And another thing, there is Gold around here. There is an old story of a discovery nearby, around some redsoil etc...that an old Desert Magazine story revealed.
This was a site we only visited once. It was during a 113 degree day in the summer. Notice the standard summer set up, an umbrella! This is David and his truck again. We had crossed the rail tracks at Zzyxx and went deeper into the desert just to see what was over there. In this pic we are about to explore on foot. We had one dude on this trip who was in his 60's who had never been away from the city his entire life. He stayed by the trucks and was panic stricken with the thought of being away from civilization.He called for help on the CB radio and the CHP sent a Helicopter out to investigate. The chopper didn't land but just did a fly over. We found out the story when we returned and the dude confessed. Yes some people have never been out to the desert and panic, But this was the only time it got out of hand on one of our Trips. Wait...there was the time Ben thought we were all cannibals out to eat him...lol...that's another story...
Foggy on top of Turtleshell campsite

We have experienced incredible spiritual activity out in the desert. The power of the Holy Spirit moving upon us is so very good. Most Christians have no idea what it can be like. This picture was taken during one of those moments.

This man is one of the most sensitive men to the Holy Spirits voice that I have ever known. His physical presence is far over shadowed by his spiritual presence. And yet he got lost out in the desert on his first time out with us because he felt that he had the needed skills to wander far from the campsite. Fortunately David and Erik heard God's voice telling them to lift up a lantern high on a stick so Ging could follow the light back to the camp. Lol...even spiritual men need to understand that it takes a lot of practical training before you can actually wander far from the campsite. The desert is deceptively hugh and there are a lot of skills needed to know just where you are in it. It is easy once you know what to look for.
Mike and truck

This is the Road Hog sleeping like a baby on Sunday morning. The Road Hog is a genuine "Desert Rat". I know of no one with the internal navigational skills that this man has. When your with the Road Hog you are never lost in the desert. He must have an internal GPS receiver in his head or something. He is the only member of our core group who can wander far from camp and return on time. He has brought back to camp a lot of interesting things that he finds on his journeys. Mostly what he titles "Space trash" which seems to be parts of blown up military stuff of no value. The Road Hog has shown us a lot of secret paths to places we would have missed had he not been with us. Mad Scientist sometimes gets resistant to some of the Road Hogs choices of what to explore due to the fact that they may be off the beaten path so to speak...LOL The Road Hog is the King of the desert! That is his 4x4 in the picture. Oh...and notice his excellent sleeping arrangement...He is the expert in desert comfort!
Mike relax

This is the Road Hog relaxing under the shade of a bush during summer heat of 113. This location is one that we have only been to once. It had little to offer, but we stayed there for a while to explore it. It was rejected as a spot to use for the desert ministry. With the Government closing down most of the desert to us its not easy finding places where we can camp and seek the Lord undisturbed. Most open desert locations that are legal are also used by other individuals who shoot guns or ride motor cycles and make a lot of disturbing noise, so we are always open to find newer and better locations as our regular locations get invaded or just shut down by our Government. Its not an east task putting together this ministry. But some how The Road Hog manages to pull it together. Gods man!
Mike wave

Now here is The Road Hog waving to me from on top of the hill. This picture was taken during one of our exploratory journeys. We were scouting out locations for the ministry. I liked this spot but there were way too many shooters and motor cycles around it. So we rejected it. I have come to this particular place a couple of times on my own. It is definitely not Desert Ministry land...lol... I almost got shot! Don't be alarmed...we only function as a ministry in very safe locations. we have never once had a mishap as a ministry in the desert. God has been so good over the many years of this ministry.
Doctor Scott

Doctor Scott is our worship leader. He is a mellow guy who everyone gets along with. He is married to a prophetess and is a prophet himself. They have two daughters who also are prophetess. Quite a family! We are so blessed to have the Doctor as part of our core group..."Doc i gots this pain right here...see...wat cha think?"

You know there is nothing better than men of God hanging around a desert fire discussing the things of God. No interruptions by pagers or cell phones, no meetings to attend, and no "honey do" list to perform. Just blissfully hanging by the fire enjoying the people of God.
Pastor Jim

Pastor Jim is ministering to the Sunday Morning coffee pot. We enjoy our morning coffee on Sunday as we discuss the minutes of the current Desert Trip. Often times the Holy Spirit surprises us with a visit on Sunday morning and we just might stay a little longer than we had planned so as not to miss out on any blessings.
A typical Saturday night dinner set up

Unfold the fantastic engineering marvel of a plastic table that seats four. (We have had many a conversation over this.) Lay out the steaks, chips and dip, and other wonderous culinary delights and you have an instant kitchen. There is something about a steak cooked over an open flame of desert wood. Yum! The Road Hog used to bring some awesome meat from Brawley. But all that has changed since he relocated to Oregon...Dang!
The Road Hog

The Road Hog with his big mug on Sunday morning. Notice that sign. It says, "Warning laser weapons area". We have a camp on the outskirts of the bombing range. Its a very safe area since they have yet to practice on weekends. And we only go there on weekends.
Sunday Morning Prayer

Sunday morning prayer at the monument on Soda Dry Lake during the winter. This was the only time we ever camped out at the monument. Today we have a secluded private property location for camping. The monument gets to much traffic since the government declared it an off road park...wow how time flys by and changes do take place...
Trucks at Zzyxx

Now is not that a beautiful site! Does a man's heart good to see real trucks off road. God has blessed us so much! If you want to come with us we usually can make arrangements to bring you, but it's even better if you have an off road vehicle.
Turtleshell Campsite

The dudes posing at Turtleshell Campsite. That's The Road Hogs truck "The Great White". No other truck has gotten a nick-name but this one.
Zyyxx camp

A photo from the bank top at Zzyxx campsite. Looks to me as though it were Sunday Morning. You can see the sunlight coming off in the distance. The campsite is in shadow as the sun first comes up. We put up this tiny cross when we first found this site and are amazed that no one has ever taken it down in all the many years it has been there. Our big Monument cross we erected was taken down with in weeks and yet this one still stands!

This is the young man Erik. Erik is a prophet who has the ability to see future things. Prior to the Gulf war "Desert Storm" Erik saw scud missiles intercepted by American weapons in a vision and then it shortly came to pass after he had declared publicly his vision. We want to see more young men like Erik come to the desert to be trained and raised up as prophets.

This is Johnny the man of God. Johnny has a unique prophetic flow that is always on the move. His style of prophetic delivery is very enthusiastic and inspiring. We are blessed to have Johnny in our midst. There is a lot of depth to this man of God. If you were to come to the desert with us you are sure to get a Word from God through this prophet!

Paul Cain

This is a man of God with a mature gift of prophecy. You would be surprised if you knew how many well known people in ministry he has touched. Being a prophet he has come under major attack from outside the Body of Christ and from within. And through it all he still stands and delivers for the Lord. This man knows Jesus Christ... He prophesied to a young Chuck Smith, way before the sixties, that he would be the youth pastor of thousands and thousands of young people.
Matthew 10:41

Whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever welcomes a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward.
The young prophet Erik with the old prophet Paul Cain. When old prophets impart their wisdom and knowledge to the young prophets it is a very great thing indeed! Paul Cain was Pastor Chuck Smith's (of Calvary Chapel) ministry partner in the days of their youth. Paul had a healing ministry where Chuck was in charge of setting up the tent  and leading the worship service back in the day.
The men of God honoring the prophet Paul Cain during one of his birthdays. They laid hands upon him and prayed over his life.
Paul's Birthday

Table display at Paul's birthday. If you look real close you might notice some very interesting photos (Click photo to enlarge) from Iraq...See Paul shaking some one's hand in the picture on the table. Apparently President Clinton had asked Paul to visit in Iraq to see what he thinks about weapons of mass destruction...Paul was well received at that time and invited to preach the gospel message in Iraq in Babylon. You can also see a picture of Benny Hinn and Paul.
This is a pic of Benny having a deep conversation with our Shekinah Fellowship's pastor Tilson Shumate.
Pastor Tilson and his wife with Benny.
Prophets get sent to a lot of people...God moves through them and speaks through them. The modern day church needs more prophets in their midst. But Bible teaching schools do not produce or train up prophets. Nor do they produce many men of God in ministry. Don't believe me? Ask yourself just why it is the same old names keep popping up for every conference and Christian gathering together? Over the last 40 years or so the same old names will be advertised as the guest speakers at my local Bible school teaching church. Wouldn't you figure that the Bible teaching school would have produced a lot of new names, young men in ministry? But nope, only the same old same old. FAIL!
Something is very wrong. Where are the men in ministry that are being produced? I know of one young man named Joshua who got the call to ministry. He was very anointed and very motivated. The Bible teaching school did not give him any opportunity to serve. He eventually went back east to serve in a church, they marginalized him instead of encourage him. He suffered shipwreck in his faith and fell away.
Our own pastor Tilson tried to serve in the Bible teaching church. He was told to just sit in the back and observe for a year. After a year he was allowed to move up a bit closer but still not allowed to pray with the men of God. Soon he too was discouraged and went else where.
Something is very wrong with this picture. where are the up coming young men of God in ministry? How come year after year it is the same old tired names in ministry that are being advertised as the "guest" speakers. Where are the fruits of ministry being kept? Where are the "Timothys?" Don't they love their Timothys? Don't they give them opportunity to serve in their ranks? Don't they watch over them? Don't they include them in ministry? Paul the apostle did!
1 Corinthians 4:17

For this reason I have sent to you Timothy, my son whom I love, who is faithful in the Lord. He will remind you of my way of life in Christ Jesus, which agrees with what I teach everywhere in every church.
1 Corinthians 16:10

When Timothy comes, see to it that he has nothing to fear while he is with you, for he is carrying on the work of the Lord, just as I am.
Philippians 1:1

Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, To all God’s holy people in Christ Jesus at Philippi, together with the overseers and deacons :
Philippians 2:22

But you know that Timothy has proved himself, because as a son with his father he has served with me in the work of the gospel.
Colossians 1:1

Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother,

1 Thessalonians 3:2

We sent Timothy, who is our brother and co-worker in God’s service in spreading the gospel of Christ, to strengthen and encourage you in your faith,
The next time you hear an advertisement for some Christian activity and the guest speakers are announced, pay close attention to who the guest speakers are. Nine times out of ten it will be the same old names you have heard year after year. Where are their Timothys?!
I know where of I speak because I once was a once a youngTimothy, a Timothy that got marginalized and cast off as of no use to the point that I too got discouraged and left their ranks. Something is not right in the Bible teaching schools.
 Where are the prophets?

David Sloane