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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Adam/ Eagles Nest Ministries/ Dr.Gary Greenwald

 This story is real and accurate and verified.
This is Adam. Adam is my son's childhood friend. Adam is 28. He was born with only one side to his jaw bone. This made him a deformed baby with one side of his face caved in. His parents took him to Eagle's Nest Ministries. Pastor Gary Greenwald prayed for the baby Adam.

The parents took Adam home and the next day a new jawbone had grown and Adam was healed! The parents did not go back to let Gary know what had happened, no praise report, but now Gary does, years later, because of this posting. Adam is a good looking young man who was healed under the ministry of Gary as an infant. H

Had the parents not taken Adam to the Eagles Nest to be prayer over, I can only wonder what might have been Adams fate in life.

Today Adam is struggling in his walk with the Lord. Could you take a minute to pray for Adam just now? There is a strong call of God upon this young mans life. I have heard him share from the Word of God and I can say that he is truly anointed when he shares God's Word.

Note: The level of faith in the congregation of Eagles Nest is great, I know of no other ministry that I have visited since 1967 where the people have such a high level of faith. People are healed there frequently. The demon winds have blown across Eagles Nest Ministries several times and it has bounced back up stronger each time. Gary is one tough bird!
Dr. Greenwald has been noted for the creative miracles that take place in his ministry. Adam is one of the many who can testify to the power of God in Gary's ministry.If you or anyone you know needs a touch from God, i would go to the Eagles nest!

Thank You
David Sloane

1 comment:

  1. Lord Adam belongs to you. He has felt your power as a young boy and now it's time for Adam to come back into your Army. Father, I ask you to visit Adam in dreams, visions, and send laborers across his path. Let Adam know how much you love him. I bless you Adam the precious blood of Jesus covers your mind. May you have a special visit as we approach the Jewish Feast of Pentecost. A fresh outpouring precious one. Amen!