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Saturday, June 26, 2010


He changed the name to Brant Baker Ministries and then disappeared. After the show was over and everyone went home, he wanted it all back. I remember wondering where I could go to see him ministering again, but he was nowhere to be found.

Years later I was fasting for seven days with a friend of mine and passing out “The Big Question” tracts by Arthur Blessed in Long Beach. We met an old man that told us about an anointing that someone had, and he said it was so intense that we should not miss seeing it. He invited us to attend a special meeting that afternoon at a nearby school. His invitation had a sense of urgency about it, and he made it sound as if it were important that we be there.

When he talked about this guy with the anointing, he called him Brant Baker. But something was strange, he didn’t seem to know anything about Shekinah, or any of Brant’s prior success in the ministry. The service would start in a couple of hours, so my friend and I decided to attend.

It turned out to be a guy that I did not recognize until he began ministering. The anointing and voice was Brant Baker but it took awhile before I could bring myself to accept that this was really Brant. The Brant that I knew was good looking and had very nice looking thick brown hair. This guy had short bleached hair and looked like a transvestite.

When he called for people to come to the front for a touch from God, I got in line with a handful of others to be blessed. They were falling as he laid hands on them and prayed for them, but when he came to me, he said, “Lord it’s got to be real” and then he passed me by. Years earlier when he laid hands on me I fell to the floor and he told me that my ministry would come to pass in the last days.

Brant was right. It’s got to be real...

'Keepin it real'
Pastor Tilson Shumate