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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ok...I spilled liquid on my PC laptop keyboard and killed it the other day. I took it to the repair shop and purchased an old Mac ibook G4 from them while they try to revive my laptop. This is my very first Mac.

I went to Fry's and got a 1gig memory chip for it because it only had 500 gigs. You Tube stutters and is choppy even after the upgrade. This thing is ancient. At least I can surf the net on it. And it seems to be able to use Java for this blog.

It does seem somewhat stable. Only froze up a few times on me. Once when I tried to install a program not intended for a Mac and once when I was trying to access a cd that was designed for installing a wirelessN USB card. Other then that it is more responsive then I am used to with my PC.

The finger tip mouse pad is way better better then my Toshiba's. And this is one of Mac's older units...LOL

After searching the net I found that these things are what most schools used and a lot of people have them as surplus units that they picked up.

Some of them have been able to upgrade the OS to the next level that came after OS X.

I still will want to use my PC laptop. More out of tradition then anything. Been using PC since Dos 3.0. I followed along with each new OS that Microsoft has come up with.

The old line was that PC was unstable and prone to attack etc...

That line is no longer valid today. Windows Vista started the new stability and windows 7 vastly improved upon it. Macs are no longer safe like they used to be...
Sorry if the above links do not work...this Mac won't let me copy and past URLs as working links for some reason. Most likely operator error on my part.

I will be open to Macs but will do most of my work on PC. Never built a Mac hybrid, built plenty of PC's.

David :-0

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