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Monday, June 06, 2011


I had saved your e-mail to me from two years ago and wow just re-read it.
I seemed to have circled here again. Two weeks ago my daughter Macy who
is now a young woman who has gotten fired up for the Lord. She wanted to
know about the Jesus movement. I began doing some research to share with
her and again came face to face with Lonnie.
David, I am sincerely interested in knowing more about Lonnie's life. Macy bought a video on his life done by your friend I believe.

It brought back so many memories of that time. I went to Calvary Chapel
tonight and found myself looking back at that time and feeling that we
need another revival in this place and in this country.

I did not realize until I saw the film that Lonnie had been molested. I
have worked for several years in ministry with people who have been
through that experience and it made me think about this.

The wounds left inside a soul from that kind of experience can manifest in
so many ways and one of those ways is what Lonnie went through. The lack
of freedom to come out with his pain in an open environment of love and
grace and liberty to confess without reproach is what trapped Lonnie. I
did not know him but want to know more about his heart. I heard him
preach for only a short time as I came to the Lord in 1976. He just
seemed to disappear off the scene and up until I heard from you 2 years
ago I knew very little about his life except I really remembered his name.
He must have left a real impression on me.

Can we ever chat I would really like to understand more about him from
someone who really knew him. I have compassion for him. I wish that he
could have been embraced into healing instead of ousted in disgrace. One
of the big issues of people who have been molested is a huge weight of
shame that they carry along with anger and bitterness. As I heard
testimonies from the film I saw this week, I realized poor Lonnie was
trapped by shame and the body that so readily embraced him in the good
times, threw him away in his hard times.

Would you mind chatting some about this period with me. What Lonnie
showed is what I long for. I believe that God is so real and wants to
manifest himself in great power and the churches I visit have neat little
rituals that include the preaching of God's word, but I do not see the
fire that I once experienced as a young woman. I cried tonight when I
left calvary and told the Lord that I long to see Him in power and glory
and to see His spirit pour out.

Where are you in your life today. What is the Lord showing you?

I do not think it was coincidence that you wrote me 2 years ago and nor is
it that I saved your e-mail and that my own daugther is curious and wants
to experience what we had experienced then.

I am excited about one thing and that is that I believe God is going to
bring revival again and its encumbent on many kindred spirits uniting in
prayer and seeking his face and we will see his glory again and there will
be many lost saved in large number. I really sense that.

What are your thoughts. There is so much about Lonnie that exemplifies
what I am talking about. The church failed Lonnie in my opinion. They
failed to show grace and to take up his cause and help him to overcome.
His sin was not like the sin of gluttony that is OK in the church and they
failed to understand the dynamics behind the acting out behaviour. Lonnie
had to have been a very wounded man inside and I wished I had gotten to
know him. I feel like I do just from the footage I have seen. But mostly
I feel like I know him in my heart. I feel I know his passion for the
lost and because I worked in a ministry for the wounded in spirit and
soul, I really understand his wounds that led him to acting out. He
needed to be loved into healing and repentance. Jesus I know knew that
about Lonnie and it must have broken His heart too.

I do not condone what he did, but I think sin is sin and God forgives me
of mine and so we should have been able to help Lonnie heal with love,
accountability and compassion and mostly prayer.

What happened to him in the last years is what I would like to know from you.

I wonder why God has me coming back to this subject again.

Here is my phone number 949-555-5555 if you would care to chat with me
about your dear friend and brother in Christ Lonnie. I know that we will
rejoice with him in Heaven because I know in my heart that Lonnie loved
Jesus in spite of his failings.

May you have a blessed Easter and I hope that you are doing well. I saw
you on the film too and Steve Zereth who I had not seen in years. May I
have your phone number too.



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