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Friday, July 29, 2011


Greenwald: "The Norwegian response to the Oslo attack was so glaringly un-American, even though its core premise -- a brave refusal to sacrifice liberty and transparency in the name of fear and security -- was once the political value Americans boasted of exhibiting most."

Banks Want To stop Whistleblowers, in a bill introduced by Congressman M. Grimm (R-NY), employees who strive to reveal corruption at the banks would be penalized unless they report it to their bosses before going public, risking their jobs and giving the corporations a chance to cover their tracks.

Michelle Bachmann proclaims her husband "off-limits." Remember those times she slammed Michelle Obama during the '08 campaign for her supposed un-American views?

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Wow! - The Real U.S. Budget Problem: Defense & War Spending Equal 94% Of All Federal Income Tax Revenues

Ron Paul: I’m An Easy ‘No’ On Boehner’s Plan, Both Sides Fail To Understand America Is Bankrupt


New NASA data destroys global warming alarmism

California takes out insurance against US debt deal failure.

US Congressional committee passed bill forcing ISPs to log users entire web history

China is appalled at how reckless US Congress is

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