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Thursday, November 29, 2012

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One of my patio art works in my yard.
The ceramic vase is a self contained fountain. Water bubbles up to the top and spills down the side then back into the vase. It makes the most wonderful water sounds which echo within the vase. The backdrop I made for it is wooden circles with a small circle of roofing nails that have slightly rusted just above the fountain. To complement the perpetual water fountain sound I have hung a professionally designed, musically tuned, wind chime that resonates in tones that add a spiritual quality when coupled with the sound of water. The nature of this wind chime sounds out differing notes that harmonize and resonate together softly for a few seconds after the wind passes through it. To top off the whole visual of the art I have a riverbed plant that blooms with delicate blossoms of bright magenta.

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