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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Stage 4 cancer cured with just honey and baking soda

Battling Cancer

Here is a story i came across unexpectedly today in Youtube.



I learned in early September, 2014 that my 88 year old grandfather had stage 4 colon cancer.

He was being taken off chemo & sent home from the hospital to die with his family, about 400 miles away. He was given 3 days to live, this was day 1.

He lives in Thailand and my family lives in the US.

Day 2, the family in Thailand was gathered to say goodbye to my grandfather and my mother was called to also say goodbye to him. While on the phone, I blurted out something about the "Baking soda protocol".

I was skeptical but he was about to die anyway so why not. He was able to stay alive for another week or so; however, unconscious, unable to eat, unable to make bowel movements, he could not talk or walk, etc. He had massive organ failure and bowel movements required enemas.

My aunt had to help with his bowel movements and occasionally take him to the clinic to get a more proper enema. She noted the clots and flesh that was evacuated with the BM. She also described the smell, as if he was already dead. About a week in we finally got a few of our family members to understand the baking soda protocol and the ingredients. Two months in, my grandfather is awake, talking, making BMs in their own bathroom, cooking his own food and he walked a bit. He was taken to the local clinic about that time to get a check up, lol. A check up, this man was suppose to be dead. I told my mom to tell her sister, in Thailand, to NOT say anything to the doctor. All the videos I watched about the protocol said that doctors were very aggressive in steering patients away from the protocol, even telling them they will die from ingesting baking soda. Too late. My grandfather was asked what he was doing to make himself better and he told them. Baking soda. They tell him to stop immediately because baking soda will make him sick. The doctors prefer chemo to make their patients sick over baking soda, the irony. Anyway, he told them to f--k off. Literally. By January of 2015, my grandfather was a bit of a celebrity around the town he was staying. He was repairing my aunt's cement wall. He was, and is still, riding a bike around town. A man that had stage 4 colon cancer, riding a bike. He told his friends his grandson sent him magic medicine, to explain his recovery. About that time, he returned to the oncologist 400 miles away. He stepped to the doctors desk, my aunt described the doctors face as if he seen a ghost, my grandfather tossed a bag on the desk with baking soda and honey inside. He yelled at the doctor, accusing him of trying to kill him with chemo.

The doctor asked how he was able to cure himself and my grandfather says he has an American grandson who is a doctor, who sent him some new type of cancer drug.
My grandfather then goes around the ward he was being treated in, he tells all his old friends to get out of the hospital because they are trying to kill them. Cops are called. He was in such a bad state when he initially left the hospital that 5-6 of the other patients immediately left with him. The ones who did not, he left bags of baking soda and honey with them. The cops throw him out of the hospital. About 2 months later, he visited the clinic for a check up (colonoscopy). He was instructed to return in a year or so. The cancer was too insignificant to note. I tried to get more information, at that point, but communication was difficult. My aunt just kept repeating that the cancer was completely gone. The only real set back, came from when he'd go back home to his wife. Most of the time he stayed with my aunt who took care of him and made sure he took the baking soda.

When he felt better he'd go home to his wife, who, did not take very good care of him, for whatever reason. Usually he'd spend 2 weeks with his wife, during which, he did not take any baking soda. He'd get sick, feverish, etc. Immediately taken home and put back on baking soda, where he'd recover.

Present day. He's still riding his bike and only dealing normal 88 year old aches & pains. The end.

Note: I am a real person, I'm a tattoo artist & I make gaming videos.

I say this because I had watched so many "cancer cure" videos out of curiosity and I was a bit pessimistic about the sincerity of the persons who made the videos and/or the commentators of the videos.

Well, if anyone out there in youtube-land are still on the fence about the validity of the baking soda protocol or myself, I'd be willing to chat with you. I see so many facebook "share" threads or "donation" threads to support cancer treatment, primarily the ones that show some poor bald kid, who most likely can be cured with just a few weeks of baking soda. Please, pass on this story and if any of you need more convincing or if you know anyone who needs more convincing, just simply message me.



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