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Friday, April 30, 2010


What happens when you as a Christian meet someone that smiles and says all the right things but leaves you feeling rejected?

That is a clash of spirit and it will linger upon your heart until you have either fully discerned it or foolishly rationalized it away. If you try to pass it off as a mistake on your part and think you misread them, you may be allowing Satan to undermine your spiritual discernment causing you to doubt yourself in the Lord.

In the natural, we are all subject to making mistakes, but when your spirit becomes troubled, it is a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit protecting you from something that lurks ahead and we should not ignore it. When we are in fellowship with the Lord, we are in the pursuit of truth and nothing can hide from us. No persons smile can hide the rejection we are feeling.

When we walk into an empty church sanctuary and feel the presence of the Lord but when we encounter the leaders of that church we become grieved, it is a clash of spirit.

The Holy Spirit is showing us Gods willingness to pour out His Spirit and also revealing to us through the gift of discernment that the work of His Spirit has been quenched.

When this happens, it is important that you receive the full measure of Gods presence that He had intended for the people to receive. You evaporate the presence of God where He is being grieved and then God uses you in pouring it out on those who are willing to receive.

Like a sponge soaks up water so it can be dispensed elsewhere.

When the glory of the Lord has departed from one place, it will rest upon another. It never dies. The river of God’s living water will always continue to flow.

Jesus said, "If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink." This is the constant refilling process of the Holy Ghost. As people freely receive the Spirit of God, they must freely give of the Spirit of God. Rivers of living water come upon us so it can flow out to others. If someone obstructs that flow, the river will bypass that person and flow around Him.

Living water will always take the path of least resistance. The more we yield to the Spirit of God, the more of His Spirit He will pour out through us.

Pastor Tilson Shumate
Shekinah Fellowship