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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Truth

The Truth:

"In defending his recent activities with Glenn Beck, David Barton wrote "By Their Fruits," in which he explained his belief that "no one has yet been to point to any instance where Glenn has attacked or undermined Christ or Christianity on any of his programs." He then suggests that Beck is a Christian, by asking "Is God using Glenn to help recover our national strength and health, both politically and spiritually? If so, why would God be using him?" Apparently Barton doesn't consider Glenn's denial of Jesus Christ as the ONLY way to heaven (salvation) as bad fruit."

Coming Soon:
"I plan on writing more of my thoughts on “watchbloggers” or ODMs at my new web site http://williamalnor.com (or .net or .org) in the near future. As some know, I am a former Calvary Chapel teacher and author and a founder of The Christian Sentinel magazine and of a former web site known as cultlink.
I do not endorse the discernment activities (on-line or not) of a relative working in this area, nor am I involved in any type of knowledge of that person’s writings (often attacks) until I hear about them well after the fact.
But here are some more important things that pastor Bosch writes in “Contentiously Contending” that I mentioned in my previous post here on PP. See http://www.antonbosch.org. (And he is hosting a discernment conference at his church in September.)
“Unfortunately, it has been my observation that many (not all) who get involved in apologetics ministries are not skilled at teaching. They live in isolation since they believe that they alone have the Truth. People like this often find it hard to relate to other people, let alone impart wisdom to others. Thus many of them sit in their glass houses, discern error and point fingers at those around them.
“Let me very very clear on this: No one who is not involved in a local church (no matter how small), and who does not regularly teach the TRUTH, has the right to teach against error.
“… Money is made out of books, tapes and speaking tours exposing the latest sins. Authors and speakers need to strike first since no one wants old news. Others need the scalps to feed their egos. And sadly, others just love the `excitement’ of the kill!”

Written by
William M. Alnor
 (or .net or .org)

And There Is Ron Paul's Truthful Shocking Message To The Tea Party:

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