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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi, My Name Is David And I Am A Jesus Juker...

The religious side of me says, "So what's wrong with that." But the common sense side of me knows full well what's wrong with that. I have seen many Christians over the years do this. And every time the sense that it leaves me with is that the sender thinks that I or the other targets are not being spiritual enough for their tastes. And if any of us responds in any other way other then joining in the "Jesus Juke" the sender frowns down upon us as if we are unwashed Cretan nematodes lacking in any kind of spirituality.

In all honesty I have been a Jesus Juker. It is part of the journey from baby Christian to fully equipped saint. Extend grace.

For the first time I have come across someone who is not shy about addressing this religious practice. Bold, very bold indeed...

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