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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Your Anointing By Pastor Brant Baker #006

I cleaned up the audio on this old cassette tape of a Wednesday evening meeting at Shekinah Fellowship. I then put the audio to a movie that I had made out of pictures of Brant and Shekinah Fellowship and uploaded it to Google video back when you could upload files of unlimited size. That was a few years ago. I had changed the title of Brant's teaching to, "The priest are unfit to minister."

There was some sort of a large Christian convention that picked up on it and shared it with their attendees. I believe that it was Paul Cain who shared it with them intially.

I had to remove it from the net because someone requested that their image be removed from the movie. Which necessitated the removal of the video from the net along with a few others. By the time I tried to re upload the video, Google had changed to a no video upload policy. They allowed me to keep the other videos that were still up on their service and they remained active.
This morning I came across that old cassette again and turned it into an MP3 file. I wanted to share it with you one more time.

I think that this has to be one of Brant Baker's best messages. It is a timely word that is still applicable to all of us today.

There is a powerful message of inspiration for anyone who has struggled with the failures of the flesh and felt that as a result they were of no use to God. There is also a powerful rebuke to those who use the position of the ministry to do other then the work of the ministry.

This file is available for download for one month as of todays date. So download it now! I believe that I have done a fantastic job with the recovery of the audio. I was fortunate to have a better copy of this cassette to start with.

You can download it or play it now with this link:
#006 Your Anointing Brant Baker.mp3 - 38.1 MB

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