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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shekinah Fellowship Blog Story

When I first started this blog in about 2006 or 2005, can't quite recall, the name Shekinah Fellowship in a Google search brought up zero results. Zero.

If anything that Brant Baker did had a lasting effect on society, it would certainly be introducing the name Shekinah Fellowship to Christendom.

My story, sort of.    
 No one showed up and and the comments section remained largely empty on this blog except for the spammers with their penny stocks and Viagra pitches etc.

What is Shekinah?

Today Google says there are 281,000 Shekinah Fellowship results when searching for that name on the net. That is truly impressive don't you think?

The first site to appear with a slight mention of Shekinah Fellowships "choir" was Susan Dixon's website. I got excited about that and contacted her, she was at least acknowledging the existence of Shekinah Fellowships Choir.. Back in those days it was still taboo to even mention Brant Baker or Lonnie Frisbee's name. Bless Susan for being the first person bold enough to stand up against the current and take a stand.

Susan seemed ambivalent and had nothing much to share about Shekinah Fellowship or Brant Baker when I emailed her. Jim Ewing contacted her with much the same results.

Today she is not ashamed to acknowledge Brant Baker or Shekinah Fellowship. I would like to think that this blog had played a part in the open dialog about these things to where people are now free to mention Shekinah Fellowship or Brant Baker. I wanted to restore them to the historical public record and have achieved my goal in a sense.

Hannelore  (Lori W) showed up. Calvin showed up. And I started to receive emails from around the world. I started getting around 200 page views per day back then. I guess because i was breaking new ground in outing the something that others were trying to bury away and forget about, I don't really know.

Today I only get about 20 page view hits on average per day. We have now become old news and now everyone knows about Shekinah Fellowship and Brant Baker.

Brant Baker was a fallen man with deep issues who over came self condemnation and did the best he could to point the way to Jesus Christ.

What do I think happened to Shekinah Fellowship?

Here is one story with a few errors that need correcting but a good overview of sorts. And here is a more accurate story. But the behind the scenes story has not been publicly told. I have heard from a few of the men who were involved with Brant Baker and their accounts. They all say that even though Brant had a double life he still had a passion for Jesus Christ and the things of God that was very inspirational. Most of them to this day still are walking with God because of Brant's influence on them. There was something unique about Brant that drew people to Christ.

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