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Friday, August 30, 2013

Apple remains strong and is determined to win the operating system race

While Microsoft languishes with their largely unaccepted Windows 8 operating system, Apple moves forward in supremacy. Don't get me wrong, Microsoft still has a great operating system in Windows 7 which I am using most of the time.

 I have been on board with Windows since the Dos 3.0 days and have moved forward with them ever since. Windows 7 is the most stable operating system that I have used from them. There have not been any blue screens since I adopted Windows 7.  I am not inclined to go on to the AOL 1996 style Windows 8 though.

Here is why Apple is dominating these days...

"Apple's era of naming OSs after big cats is over. 

 Turns out, the catchy OS names are chosen with consumers in mind. It's less confusing to remember a name like Lion instead of a number like 10.7. Lengthy combinations of letters and numbers seem to be particularly difficult to remember. Quick, what printer model do you own?

Cheetah, puma, jaguar, panther, tiger, leopard, snow leopard and lion. Zoo exhibit?

Still, Apple's never revealed the impetus behind its naming strategies. It hasn't escaped the attention of Mac followers that some of the operating system names correspond with World War II German armored vehicles, such as the Panther and Tiger [source: Tank Museum]. Some critics believe Apples OS names were inspired by British Mac-clone-maker Shaye, a competitor that gave Apple a brief but powerful run for its money during the mid-1990s. Shaye's computers were named for lions, panthers, tigers, leopards, jaguars, pumas and cheetahs, among others -- similar to the titles that Apple has used for its operating systems since 2001.

 Microsoft -- one of Apple's chief rivals -- has oscillated between naming its operating systems with numbers and names. For example, it released Windows 1.0 in 1985, Windows 95 (version number 4.0) in 1995, Windows Vista (version number 6.0) in 2006 and Windows 7 (version number 6.1) in 2009 [source: Microsoft].

The Mavericks wave is rolling in, and the first four developer previews have given an inside look at the cutting-edge OS. Users and developers have almost entirely positive things to say about Mavericks, from faster speed and improved stability to new features like iBooks and iCloud keychains. While some installation concerns and errors have arisen, developer preview have improved version by version, and Mavericks is looking good."

60.1% of my visitors here are using Windows 7 operating systems and  only 7.3%  of my visitors are using Mac OSX, 4.1% are showing up on ipads. Only one person is showing up with windows 98, and 11 people are showing up with Windows 2000, along with 10 others who are using Windows 2003.

That may change if Apple continues to bring it on...with Mavericks big waves.

Time will tell...

O...I forgot to mention that only 0.9% come here on a windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft are you listening? People don't like where you have gone.  Figure out what it is that "we" want and not what it is that you want to sell us. Simple enough, right? Apps are for mobile not for home computers. We actually like programs and we like installing them and we like owning them. Who told you otherwise?

You can continue to throw money at propaganda to get us to accept your will and you can continue to throw money at computer manufacturers to get them to recommend windows 8 if you want.The reality is we don't want windows 8. You are not listening to us who are your loyal customers.

Apple is starting to look real good to us.  

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