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Monday, November 25, 2013

Freed Brother Saeed Iran!

Saeed-Abedini-ACLJPastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen, has been imprisoned in Iran for over a year for the crime of being a Christian.
In recent negotiations with the government of Iran his plight was ignored by our administration.
We cannot, will not, do the same.
As member of the church militant, the Body of Christ, when one member suffers we all suffer.
Our brother is suffering…and we must enter into that suffering with him and seek God’s power to free him.
This is what I propose.
I propose the single loudest outpouring of support via social media to free Saeed in the history of the church.
On Wednesday December 4, every Christian with a platform, great or small, will feature Saeed on it and demand that our government secure his release.
If you have a Facebook page, you have a platform.
We will use the Twitter hashtag #freesaeed… use it on Facebook and other social media as well.
Our scattered voices can be ignored, but if we can come together across denominational and political lines as one voice the church may break prison chains once again.
We need every single Christian to spread the word to friends, family and any media outlets.
Pastors, we need it featured on your websites and blogs.
Bloggers, we need it on your front page.
Brothers and sisters, we need your Facebook status.
We welcome any ideas to further this cause and we covet your participation and promotion.
This is an historical moment for the American church…shall we participate in it or pass?
Please feel free to copy this content or modify this content, and post it as your own on your own media!

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