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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Calvary Chapel May Have Reached It's Full Extent

I went to Calvary Chapel one Sunday morning. I listened to pastor Chuck Smith teach from the Bible.
 The last time that I spoke with him was a few years back. God had me give him a prophecy. It was on that Sunday morning.

 I believe God had me say to him, "Chuck, you will see the full extent of your Calvary Chapel family with your own eyes." My heart was beating fast as I delivered the message to him in the presence of the self appointed entourage that had gathered around him as usual. Some approving and others perhaps not of my delivery of what I believed God would have me to share with Chuck.

Oden Fong confirmed the message a day or so after I had given it to Chuck. Oden told me that it "was from the Lord."

A few years after that Chuck went on tour with the 60's Christian band "Love Song" to visit all the Calvary Chapels. So I guess the message was correct because Chuck had seen all of the Calvary Chapels with his own eyes before his graduation to heaven.

So does this mean that since he saw, what at the time of the tour was, all of the Calvary Chapels, that there will no longer be Calvary Chapel church growth?

Apparently there is something going on right now that threatens the CC empires future as it were. Pastor Chuck Smith believed in the operational "Moses model." But only a portion of it where he was in the Moses role so to speak.

He did not have a young "Joshua" as would have been fitting in with the complete Moses model.He left no young Joshua with his explicit directions, only his son in law who took over the helm by default so to speak.

 Now please don't get me wrong, I love Brian Broderson. I think that he is a wonderful man of God who is fully capable of teaching the Word of God. But I do not believe that he is the Joshua of the Calvary Chapel Moses model of Chuck Smith.

You see Chuck always took the easy way out. Taking all things to the throne of God and letting go. Fully trusting that somehow someway that God was going to work it out. That was his way always of dealing with anything that confronted him. Not that it is wrong in any sense.

And yet Chuck was always reluctant to take charge as it were. This left some people feeling as if Chuck just did not care and that he was not being responsible. In reality he was, even though he did not seem to take any action.

I think Chuck believed that God was going to sort out the Joshua aspect Himself.

OR...perhaps he knew that all of the Calvary Chapels that he visited while touring with Love Song were the "full extent of his Calvary Chapel family."

Here is just a peek into what one man thinks of all this. This man obviously has some experience at public speaking and knows how to get his point across. He is a professional like Alex Jones is a professional. I can't say that he is right or that he is wrong. Only that something is apparently taking place behind the carefully constructed and maintained public facade of what is known as Calvary Chapel. And this man has been chosen to be the spokesman for some of the factions that have banded together to prop up the image so beautifully maintained all these years of Calvary Chapel.

Is Calvary Chapel starting to crumble into oblivion? Leaving behind the shell of it's former glory like so many other churches have over the centuries?

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