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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Ark

The Man Who Found The Ark Of The Covenant In 1982

In the mid seventies I stood on top of the place of the scull, "Golgotha." I knew that I knew deep within that I was standing where Christ shed His blood for humankind. But what I did not know was the fact that exactly 20 feet below where my feet were physically standing was the Ark of the Covenant! Hidden for hundreds of years in a cave with other things.

One very significant discovery was that the blood of Jesus Christ had trickled down a natural crevice in the cliff on to the Ark of the Covenant. As if all had been planned by Almighty God. The Ark was the place of His presence upon this earth, His earthly throne.

I did experience the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit as I stood there. I could see pastor Chuck Smith and a handful of other visitors over on a viewing platform above the Arab bus station. They could see me standing up there in front of them. I was standing where no one was allowed to stand. In an Arab graveyard on top of Golgotha.

Few of us have had this unique experience of standing there. But I had determined to stand where Jesus had died for me. I was young and strong and very able to scale the twelve foot wall that would get me to my destination.

All I can recall was standing there and experiencing supernatural power. So strong that I panicked after a while and went back down the way that I had come up. A human who was just twenty feet from the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Ark of the Covenant. You can only imagine how that felt and how powerful the presence of God was manifesting to me.

Today, even if you stood there, it would not be the same. They have obviously hidden away the Ark. Stored away for the rebuilding and re instituting of animal sacrifice as predicted.

You can see the video's of this fascinating discovery on youtube.com.
Just look up the name of Ron Wyatt.

Here is a video I have selected to wet your interest:

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