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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Current comment update

Dr. Gary Greenwald, The Eagle's Nest Minstries

I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind for a few days. I have been looking over the past in my memory about what I know about Dr. Gary Greenwald of the Eagle's Nest ministries.

I first was introduced to his home by a man named Mike McDonald in the early seventies. We went to see Larry Arthur who lived with Gary I believe. Gary's room was well decorated and was clean and tidy. Larry worked for Gary in his sign company in Tustin at the time.
My next exposure to Gary was his sign company. The same man, Mike, took me to see the sign company. Some of the people who worked there showed me how Gary had revolutionized sign making by using structural foam with plastic overlay for creating letters for exterior signs.

Then I finally met Gary at Dana Point Community Chapel. Jerry Froemmling was the prophetic pastor. Jerry was a man of the Word who taught and was not afraid of the gifts of the Holy Spirit being fully exercised. Jerry actually started his church in South Laguna on Coast Hiway and Victoria street and later moved to the Dana Point community Center. My family attended this church while we lived in Laguna Beach.

Jerry would show Christian movies every Friday night. God would anoint this ministry and heal people. This is when I finally met Gary face to face.

Then awhile later I heard that there was a man showing Christian movies at "Vangard University" in Costa Mesa. And guess what? The man was Gary. Gary had obviously been deeply impressed with Jerry's ministry and replicated it. In 1975 one of his employees attended my home Bible study and gave me a large "D" made out of foam and plastic from Gary's sign shop.

I recall listening to one of my favorite Christian radio stations in the 70's and hearing a program from the Eagle's Nest. Gary had grown and was more polished.

In the 90's my friends and I had discovered Gary again and started to attend his services.

Lonnie Frisbee believed in Gary and respected him.

I watched Gary take faith and move forward in ministry. I watched Gary struggle through some hard places in life. Gary believed in his ministry and has the fruit to back it up. I place Gary in the same league as Lonnie Frisbee and Brant Baker. He is still among us...

Now to my main point here...Lonnie Frisbee, Brant Baker, Greg Laurie and Gary Greenwald all had something in common. They were all able to not look at themselves, but unto Jesus Christ and His promises over their lives. They were able to believe that God could move through themselves inspite of themselves. They all learned to yield to the Holy Spirit.

If you enter into The Eagles Nest, you will first experience the overshadowing presence of God Almighty. Then you realize that the congregation has a very unusual high level of faith.

Jesus is hindered in His ministry to others when people harbor unbelief.

Matthew 13:58And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Mark 6:6And he marvelled because of their unbelief.

You see, Gary has this God given ability to raise the level of faith in people. The net result is that miracles happen. I love the atmosphere of The Eagle's Nest. It is uplifting and encouraging. The congregation is ultra friendly and spiritually healthy.

If you need a miracle or a touch from God, by all means, get to The Eagle's Nest. Your chances of receiving your miracle are greater there then in some 'Bible teaching' environments. No matter how good a pulpit is at the theoretical and academic things of God, there is always the need to bring God's people out of unbelief and into the positive position of believing. The Bible is not only for explaining, but for believing.

Gary believe's in his calling. He has had God take him down to death's door to get his attention. The lesson was not wasted on him. This anointed man of God gets it, he understands.

The only thing possibly holding him back is what Lonnie told me, "I hope he doesn't touch the gold..."
Eagle's Nest Ministries Phone: 1-949-724-8803


Hey Mr. Sloane, I was wondering if you had any more info on Jerry Froemmling's ministry? I have been searching for what ever I can find, I am his grandson Brian Froemmling. I am also in ministry and have only got bits and pieces of his time in ministry. thank you for your time!
  1. Your request sounds as if Jerry is no longer with us. Almost a year ago Laura Froemmling your mother, showed up here:

    Jerry was a powerful man of God who believed what he taught about the Holy Spirit. He stood up for the truth and was an incredible bible teacher who influenced a lot of young men who went on with a deeper knowledge of what God can do.

    Brian You were in Tenn or there abouts, I hope that you are like Jerry and deeply impact those around you for Christ. Jerry never lifted up his own work in the Lord, only Jesus was lifted up in his ministry. His fruit in the prophetic and in healing were powerful. There is something my friends and I call "Heritage anointing" that you can tap into by faith. Your family has a heritage in ministry that your grandfather paved the way in.

    Hope your mother found employment. We couldn't do much for her other then pray because we do not take in any offerings or funds. I do this site by myself and am self supporting.

    Everything any of us here do is totally done on faith.

    Pastor Tilson and Pastor Jim both work to support themselves. We don't believe in taking advantage of position like others may do. Some have become very wealthy from their position, not us...LOL!

    Don't ever give up, stay the course, you have a lot to offer others, as you already know.

    Like apostle Paul told young Timothy, "Fan to a flame that which is in you by the laying on of hands..."

    You fan the flame. You step it up by your faith. Your vision and your dream is yours. Stand strong and deliver that which the Holy Spirit gives you. Believe in yourself in Christ.

    And like your Grand father read the Word. He loved the amplified Bible and as a result so do I. Cling to, rely upon and trust in the Lord. Velcro to Him...

    Your mother has a prophetic gifting in the Lord. I saw it first hand so long ago. And I do believe that you, Brian, have a prophetic calling also.

  2. Thanks David! Grandpa Jerry is still around and I believe back in Southern California. I have not seen or talked to him for over 25 years and can't seem to get much info on his ministry. I am hoping to get an opportunity to talk to Rolland and Heidi Baker about him this year. I am apart of Larry Randolph's ministry team now. Thanks for the history on my heritage;) Bless you friend!

    Brian Froemmling
  3. Hi Brian,

    Dr. Gary Greenwald was at your grandfather's "Dana Point community Chapel" when I was there. After the services some times Gary would pray over people and they would receive healing. Gary's ministry is in Costa Mesa CA. Here is his website:

    You might try to get in touch with Gary, perhaps he can fill in some of the blanks for you concerning your grandfather. I believe he influenced Gary in ministry. Because Gary started out in ministry by duplicating Jerry's Friday night Christian based movie ministry at Vangauard University in Costa Mesa during the seventies.

    I saw Larry Randolph at the Vineyard Church when John Wimber was alive and I also saw him minister at a ministry called Harvest Rock in Pasadena during the early 90's..

    I was totally impressed with him. His style of ministry was very mature in the Lord and he displayed humility that was refreshing to witness as he ministered to God's people. He is one man that I give a thumbs up to.

    You do well sitting under such a man of God! What an honor for you. Very blessed to know your in a place of incredible balance in ministry. Larry has had a very long road in service to the Lord and knows so much that he shares freely with those who hunger. Really great to know he is still ministering.

    David Sloane

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