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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From the Prophetic school: "Waiting upon the Lord" (Continued, part three)

Isaiah 40:31

King James Version (KJV)
31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
 Waiting on the Lord has a twofold function: It is a procedure to come into spiritual perception, and it is also the actual mechanics of deep spiritual perception.
In this lesson I covered a cycle, and yet some of these points may overlap. You may spend many weeks worshiping in a Word that God has given you.

You may spend many weeks following that sixth step of looking for confirmation to a Word that He has given you. Do not be too quick to speak about a Word that you think is from the Lord.

Until you receive confirmation, do not quote it as a Word from God. Have you worshiped in that Word? Have you walked in it for some time?

People often make decisions too hastily. When some of the old-timers back in the Midwest had to make a decision, they would often say, "Let me go home and sleep on it."

They knew that if they went to bed, thinking upon that problem, a certain process would occur at the time they were falling asleep.

The subconscious mind would receive the problem and work on it all night long. When they woke up in the morning, they would have the answer clear in their mind.

So it is not a bad idea to "go home and sleep on it," when you need to make a decision.

We are quick to say that we had a Word from the Lord. I have written down  thousand of things and after trying and proving them, I put many of them aside.

The conscious mind is still open to many things, but when you have really waited upon a Word, the situation is changed.

A Word comes in its force and it begins to expand and fill your life and God confirms it. 

When you worship God in that Word for days, it will become such a living powerful force in your life that it could move mountains.

It is real to you.

It is written on the tablet of your heart.

No Word means anything to you if it is fleeting, conscious thought. But if a Word has gone so deep that God has burned it with fire on the tablet of the heart, then it will change your life and the lives of the people around you.

There is something mystical to the nth degree about waiting on the Lord, yet it is absolutely scriptural and very simple.

We do not want to be a move that does not care about the leading of the Lord whatsoever, but goes its way and says, "We will make our plans and our program and hope God will bless us."

Let us go to the other end of the pendulum where we are absolutely led by the Spirit of God. 

If we are going to listen for the Spirit's leading, we will have to really know it, because in between are the people who are "spooks."

They will say, "Oh, the Lord told me such and such," as they go their way making havoc in the lives of everyone around them with the revelations they are receiving.

We cannot afford to be in that class.

If we are going to have any leading at all, we have to get it right. We have to know the voice of God and know the way of the Lord.

If you are not yet at that place, keep on going. Do not become spiritually proud. Do not assume too much. Do not think you have arrived when you have not.

Learn the process. Just because you learn a few keys does not make you a master. Keep learning; keep reaching. The Lord will bless you in it.

Let us briefly review the 7 keys.

1. Contrition- the inner focus until everything is taken care of.

2. The focus on His provision and His grace and His Word.

3. The focus on the Lord Himself, not just upon His promises. Make it almost abstract. Focus on the loving Lord, the compassionate Lord.

4. The anticipating and appropriating period of waiting for the Word, for the blessing. In this stage, after you are completely in tune with the Lord, you start drawing from Him.
5. After the Word comes, let it expand until it becomes so great that you are filled with His fullness.
6. Look to God to miraculously and supernaturally confirm that Word to you again and again. This is safety. This eliminates any mental tricks, any self-deception or deception from anyone else.
You are putting God in a place where He delights to be.
He will be God and He will confirm His Word.

Every Word will shall be established by two or three witnesses.

7. Begin to worship in that Word. It is in the worship that the great fulfillment of power is released.

(When teaching young prophets and prophetess it is always important to let them understand that they will come into spiritual battle when they press into the Lord.)

This lesson will help you when you are in spiritual battle or having difficulty waiting on the lord. Often your conscious mind tends to be so completely focused on the assault that it is hard for you to be distracted from the battle long enough to contemplate the Lord.

When we are all hung up with a problem or in the midst of spiritual assault, some kind of distracting action can help you. Run or walk vigorously around the block several times until you are out of breath.

You may want to work out in a gym or lift weights. When you are exerting yourself physically, you are not worrying about anything.

An attack from Satan comes on a psychic level, and if you are not worrying about anything you will not be hit in a psychic battle.

When your mind is no longer dwelling on your problems, you are in an excellent position. When a person does not worry, the assault cannot reach him. He has three square meals a day and he works hard.

Then he lies down and sleeps hard. Nothing reaches him.

There is another tactic you might try in order to distract you from the battle. Watch a movie filled with slapstick comedy.

You may be in the midst of a spiritual battle, with the pressures coming in; but if you watch a couple of clowns throwing pies at each other, soon you will be laughing and the pressure will be forgotten. Then you soon realize that the contact is broken.
Any actions that distracts you, so that consciously or unconsciously you are not dwelling on the pressure and on the battle, is of tremendous value.
Writers who are concerned about the mystical realm have learned that principle too. They have learned that you do not sit down with your pressures and start meditating.
If you are under great pressure, the first thing to do is to go into some distracting activity. As soon as the contact of satanic pressure is broken, then you swing right into the Lord's presence.
Go right on in your worship and praise and waiting on the Lord.
For your own information and blessing, let me give you a list of Scriptures that are related to waiting on the Lord.
There are several Scriptures that contain commands to wait upon the Lord. They make excellent reading at the beginning of a period of waiting on the Lord when you are commanding everything within you to turn to the Lord for the answers to all problems.
Of course, Isaiah 40:25-31 should always be on your reading list. Hosea 12:2-6 refers to Jacob and waiting on the Lord.
The following Psalms are excellent:
Psalm 25. Verses 5 and 12 are especially good.
Psalm 27. Read the whole Psalm. Note especially verses 8,11,13,14.

May you be blessed with understanding and comprehension of what has been shared in this study. May you go on to times of waiting upon the Lord and may He grant you many Words of living life in Him to the fullest. 
Your growth in Christ is very important to God therefore He desires that you move on from the milk of the Word to the meat of the Word. 

God loves you so much and wants you to enjoy His creation and to function in it with Him. Please take the time to wait upon Him and seek His Word for your life.

The fact that you have come across this lesson in waiting upon the lord is a tap upon your shoulder that you are being called into His presence chamber.

If you have never done this before you are in for the adventure of your life. If you have done this and have gotten away from it you are being reminded that it is time.

And for those of you who are prophetic or being called into the prophetic, this is for you! Reread it and get it into your spirit. This is apostolic teaching from the Word of God. This is for building you up in Jesus Christ.

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