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Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Wednesday James O'brien Board Transfer And Laird Hamilton Pier Shot

We just had some of the biggest waves in a while here on the California coast this week.

There was one dude who surfed the wedge in an unusual way. He paddled out on a long board with a short board. After he gt into the wave on his long board he transfers to the short board and abandons the long board. This guy is epic!

One observer told me that James made one wave and did not make another.

Jamie O'Brien Board Transfer @ Wedge 08/27/14

And Laird Hamilton shot the Malibu Pier as if he does it all the time at an extremely fast pace. 
Laird Hamilton shot the Malibu Pier.. Videoed from a drone.
Videoed from the sand...and another angle...

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