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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Bible, Our support letter

As Christians, we have all the support we will ever need written in the Bible. 

Man has no control whatsoever over God’s promised provision.

When God opens the windows of heaven to pour out a blessing, no man can stop it.

He opens doors no man can shut and shuts doors no man can open.

When God gives us the green light, we are unstoppable.

We need not kiss up to man or depend on man for anything at anytime.

God is on the throne and not man.

 God’s thoughts toward us are good and his blessings are bountiful.

 We need not ever trust in our self or anyone else.

The Bible has never asked us to trust in ourselves or the child within us, or the hero inside.

 If you ever found the child within you ‘he or she’ would be corrupt and you will never find a hero inside of you.

When Jesus returns every eye will see him.

All they who pierced him will look upon him to see the price that God paid for the redemption of mankind and none of us will be exempt.

 All of us who pierced him will see him because it was our sins that nailed him there.

It was on an old rugged cross that God provided us with a savior when he offered up his only begotten Son.

 Jesus died a brutal death in our place shedding his own innocent blood.

There is absolutely nothing innocent about our blood: No innocent child within; no hero, no way of self help.

Our hope is in the Lord.


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