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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"For such a young man like Brant to be thrust so quickly into such a stressful and high-profile situation produced huge pressures on him, I am sure. He was a frail young man, a recovering homosexual, who came from an unhappy family situation, who needed sources of seasoned guidance, truthful support, and wise counsel. For him to become increasingly isolated as he did was a recipe for disaster.

It also didn't help that many of the other Shekinah ministers begin to hold him in too much awe, thus becoming increasingly disinclined to correct him when he was wrong. His being turned into a celebrity came upon him before he was spiritually ready to handle it--and it destroyed

"This is one of the valuable lessons that I think can be learned from Shekinah. All the members of the Body need each other. Brant needed everybody else, because it was dangerous, to begin with, for such a young xtian to be thrust so quickly into such a stressful, high-profile ministry. Brant had a heart for this ministry, but he also had great weaknesses. In some ways, he was let down by all of us who unduely idolized him.

I don't say this to excuse his sin, by no means, but I say these things because the Church needs to stop forgetting its mistakes, to stop sweeping them under the rug. It needs to remember its mistakes, to truthfully enter them into the historical record, so that perhaps it will begin
to learn from those mistakes. It has to stop covering things up."