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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blessed To STill Be Alive

I waited and waited and when no message came I knew it must be from you.

Ever have the feeling that God is silent when it comes to yourself? You know all these people that say, "God spoke to me and He told me..." But you never quite have that kind of an experience with God yourself.

What exactly is the language of God to me. Yes, I have a Bible and I read it. And yes God does speak to us through His Word, the Bible.

God also speaks to us through other ways. Silent circumstances that are 'highlited' by the Holy Spirit can speak clearly if we are aware of them as such. You know, "Let him who has an ear hear..."

God is and always is still seated on His throne and is always applying the sovereignty of God to our lives in ways that we may not perceive. He does speak in the silences of life. Always transforming us into the image of His Son Jesus Christ.

Yesterday I was driving my small Ford Ranger truck in the fast lane of the freeway, going about 65 MPH. Suddenly there was this very loud 'Wham' on my side window near my face, then a crackling sound as the window completely obscured and cracked into small segments. Naturally it caught me off guard.

I was near the police dept so I drove there to report it, just in case others may be having the same experience on that stretch of the freeway. Here in the LA ~ Orange County area there have been incidents of people throwing rocks at vehicles at times.

As I drove away from the police station I started to think about what had happened. Adjacent where my window got hit there is a golf course. I think that perhaps an arrant golf ball may have hit my window, a long drive.

My window was up because a few weeks ago I got some air conditioner stuff and recharged my air conditioner so I could use it since it is summer now. If I had not done that, my window would have been down today and the object that broke my window may have hit me in the temple and killed me. Or it could have just knocked me out...and we all know how that could have turned out. I came to the realization that my life had been spared either way.

Another thing that I thought about was the fact that there is an after market Mylar window tint film on the inside of that broken window that kept the thousands of small pieces of glass from flying into my eyes.  And it kept me from getting hit by the object. It actually gave the window strength to resist the hard impact and deflected what ever had hit it so that it did not enter the vehicle. What if there had not been any Mylar?

I believe God had spared me one more time...oh ya there have been so many other times. Like the time when a car ran into a large diesel truck hauler on the freeway in front of me.  I was heading right into the mess before I could even react and hit the breaks.Suddenly I find myself driving along on the other side of the accident. In split second timing I was transported to the other side of the crash when by all normal rules of this earth I would have been part of the accident. I saw that I was just about to become part of the mess and then there I am safely driving away from it, looking in my rear view mirror to confirm to myself that there indeed was an accident. There was absolutely no way that I drove through the accident. It was a wall of fire in front of me that I was heading straight for. The fact that I was still breathing meant He wasn’t done with me…God was in charge, He was at work and nothing could stay His hand or thwart His purpose.

God speaks loudly to me through these incidents. I am loved and anything has to pass through His nail pierced hands before it is allowed to get to me. Yes God can and does speak to us outside of the Bible as well as within the Bible.

So pay attention, watch for those highlites of the Holy Spirit. God speaks in the silences like no other can!

David Sloane

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