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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We interrupt the flow of postings for this important public announcement.
Poison~pill to spammers...
An E~mail spam cure.
Email harvesting bots, otherwise known as data miners, follow links, grabbing email addresses out of each page it visits. When one of these bots comes to your site, all sites you've linked get crawled for email addresses.

Use the bottom link in any of your public internet postings to end e~mail spam.

This site renders these harvester's lists useless by filling them with invalid e-mail addresses. Once a spammer hits this site, they enter an infinite loop of randomly created email addresses (starting with the ones it generates when it first comes to the site) Once a mailing list has been poisoned with a number of invalid e-mail addresses, the resources required to send a message to this list increases, even though the number of valid recipients has not. This forces the spammer to exhaust more resources to send e-mail, in theory costing the spammer money and time. A best-case scenario would cause the spammer to throw out the mailing lists completely.

If you link to this page, whenever a harvester visits your site, it gets filled up with superfluous email addresses. These email addresses change every time this page is visited.

Here is the link data miner bot boy, enjoy!

And there is also the very effective snail mail spam cure:

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