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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My dad makes a pirate ship in the front yard every year... Sailed it??

Your Pin Number 

When life gives you lemons...

Police Brutality: This is how you react.

There can be good:

Reward Offered for the Identity of the Police Officer Who Shot Marine Vet Scott Olsen

Nevada Makes Illegal Foreclosures Felony - Responding to homeowner complaints, Nevada has become the first state in the nation to make illegally repossessing a home a felony, and may send bankers to jail for doing such.

TIL that US Customs can confiscate any electrical device capable of storing data with no need for suspicion. You could then be prosecuted for any number of things including piracy.

I've had the same thought recently. What if a country sent troops to USA to protect the protestors from the evil government. Who would you like to see do it? China would be most likely. Afghanistan would be ironic. Canada would be hilarious.

My friend made his own Wolverine claws in the machine shop. Nailed it? 

My dad just got a negative scaner he took this picture in 1977

"I've been watching OWS and so far I've gone down a couple of weekends to protest myself. I've tried going more often, but I do have a wife and kids. So I do what I can.
Anyways, I've started to notice that more and more OCCUPY protests have been heavily policed. Food tents being taken down, generators being shut down, and with Oaklands riot police. I've always seen how our country has supported protests in other countries, but when it comes to our own, apparently it's something that needs to be shut down.
I'd never thought I would be one to say this, but I think it's time that we should up the ante on these protests. I think it's time that we should take over government buildings and any corporation that opposes American freedom. I'm not talking about a full on riot and looting. I don't want small business' being destroyed because of the change we need in this country. I'm talking about we step into city halls, police stations, hell even the DMV's. Step into these buildings and demand a take-over. They can't arrest us all. They can't even kill us all. We go in there and demand that they leave their posts.
This is our country, everyone. Not the big corporations. Not the police. This country is for the people."

850-year old wooden church. Borgund, Norway. Where the Vikings were told to stop believe in Thor and Odin.

Best dog Halloween costume ever. 

You should never cover Pink Floyd... unless...

Where Brant Baker and I waited to see Kathryn Khulman.

TIL that in July, 36 years after the event, a federal judge ordered the release of a secret grand jury testimony from Richard Nixon regarding many of his political scandals. The Obama DOJ has still not released it. 

A Thought:

"We have millions of our own citizens in prison, we have a near police state atmosphere that cracks down on dissent here at home, we spend more on military than the rest of the industrial world combined, we have spread that military all over the world,and we engage in wars in far away lands that have nothing to do with national security. Our government has turned airports into international shakedowns where the traveling public is exposed to radiation, frisks, and groping pat downs.
Lets not even talk about our corruption of governments around the world with the so-called drug war, our support of dictators, juntas, military coups, and monarchies. We proclaim to be capitalistic, when in fact, our own Government engages in activities with corporate executives to ship, literally, millions of jobs to Communist countries.
What has this nation become...?"
Um, this list describes U.S. "interventions" just in Latin America (you do know why Iranians stormed the US embassy, right?).

Nutty Russian "Parkour" dude...

America Land Of The Free;
Occupy San Diego shut down, dozens of arrests including legal observer and vets
For a second time, a Nashville night judge dismissed arrest warrants of arrested protesters.

Don't forget the good cops

A Must See:

And they were never seen again...WIW?

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