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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Less Than?

Pastor Tilson and I have talked about this topic a time or two. Here is the typical scenario...

Today I had a man kind of disrespect me. I don't know him and he certainly doesn't know me. We just
have seen each other one other time before today. It is no big deal but it is something we can go through.

I was disrespected even though he was cordial to me I could see there was something there and I could feel it.

When this happens it always leaves you feeling that "Less~then" feeling inside. And of course it bothers you. The root of it is usually because someone has said something negative about you to them.

Well anyway here I was confronted with this and i did not like how it was making me feel. This time I did something different, after analyzing the situation and going through the "why do I care what he thinks about me" stage, I took it to the Lord and let it go.

And guess what, it worked, I no longer cared one bit about what the man thinks about me. It was so wonderful to "windshield wiper" it all and not care anymore.

I am sure we all go through this kind of thing once in a while at work or at church etc.

So the next time you feel yourself "feeling less than,"  take it to the lord and leave it with Him.





The Very Last Time I Saw Brant Baker By Pastor Tilson Shumate.

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