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Sunday, July 31, 2016

America Uses Stealthy Submarines To Hack Other Countries' Systems (washingtonpost.com)

When the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump asked Russia -- wittingly or otherwise -- to launch hack attacks to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails, it caused a stir of commotion. 

Russia is allegedly behind DNC's leaked emails.

But The Washington Post is reminding us that U.S.'s efforts in the cyber-security world aren't much different.

(could be paywalled; same article syndicated elsewhere From the report: 

 The U.S. approach to this digital battleground is pretty advanced. 

For example: 

Did you know that the military uses its submarines as underwater hacking platforms?

 In fact, subs represent an important component of America's cyber strategy. They act defensively to protect themselves and the country from digital attack, but -- more interestingly -- they also have a role to play in carrying out cyberattacks, according to two U.S. Navy officials at a recent Washington conference. 

"There is a -- an offensive capability that we are, that we prize very highly," said Rear Adm. Michael Jabaley, the U.S. Navy's program executive officer for submarines. "

And this is where I really can't talk about much, but suffice to say we have submarines out there on the front lines that are very involved, at the highest technical level, doing exactly the kind of things that you would want them to do."

The so-called "silent service" has a long history of using information technology to gain an edge on America's rivals. In the 1970s, the U.S. government instructed its submarines to tap undersea communications cables off the Russian coast, recording the messages being relayed back and forth between Soviet forces.

 (The National Security Agency has continued that tradition, monitoring underwater fiber cables as
part of its globe-spanning intelligence-gathering apparatus.

 In some cases, the government has struck closed-door deals with the cable operators ensuring that U.S. spies can gain secure access to the information traveling over those pipes.) 

These days, some U.S. subs come equipped with sophisticated antennas that can be used to intercept and manipulate other people's communications traffic, particularly on weak or unencrypted networks.

 "We've gone where our targets have gone" -- that is to say, online, said Stewart Baker, the National Security Agency's former general counsel, in an interview. 

 "Only the most security-conscious now are completely cut off from the Internet." Cyberattacks are also much easier to carry out than to defend against, he said.


From the Odyssey files:

Government Brain Invasion.

The network that the military uses to communicate with the subs around the globe is one of the most successful sophisticated encrypted resources of all time.

Only one major problem.

Apparently human beings can pickup on the communications.

Not audibly as you would normally hear with your ears, but in their skulls.

It sounds as if were coming from inside your head.

To those sensitive enough to notice, it is exactly like a very fast Morse code key that they are "hearing."

It is dim and very faint so most people start to notice it when they have their head on their pillows at night and it is quite.

The signal can go for days and then suddenly go silent for a time before starting up again.

The governmental spin doctors have been working real hard to get those who are aware of the signal to believe that it is a medical condition much the same as Tinnitus.

And that you need meds to control it as if it were possible.

If you check out some of the Tinnitus forums you will see that there are people out there without a clue as to why they are getting the Morse code signal.

Some describe it as hearing "Typing."

The very low frequency of the military source signal resonates in our skulls.

You may be one of the unfortunate ones who can pick up on the signal without even being aware of it.

Tonight, when it is quite and you are in bed, concentrate on listening and see if you are picking up on very fast Morse code.

Most people are receptors but are not even aware of it until someone points it out to them.

Just for some added bonus interest here are a few fun links:

The Lilly Wave.


Another aspect of electromagnetic brain invasion.

As always we are only reporting what is out there on the net and make no assertion as to the verasity of these things reported here.

We only want to mention the data to you for fun and your enjoyment.

Oh...by the way...

High-Frequency Electro-Magnetic Pollution Remover


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