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Friday, July 29, 2016

Free Upgrade To Windows Ten Ends Today Better Hurry Or Pay $119.00 Later

Exactly one year ago, Microsoft released Windows 10 to the general public. 

The latest version of company's desktop operating system brought with it Cortana, and Windows Hello among other features.

While users have lauded Windows 10 for performance improvements, the Redmond-based company's aggressive upgrade tactics have spoiled the experience for many.

 Whether it was installing Windows 10 on computers without users' consent, or eating up tons of bandwidth for users who couldn't afford it, or whether it was deceptive dialog boxes, Microsoft definitely deserves a lot of blame -- and rightfully, a bunch of lawsuits.

 But many of these things, hopefully, will end today -- July 29, 2016 (or to be exact, Saturday morning 5:59am EDT / 2:59am PDT)

Today is officially the last day when eligible Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers could be upgraded to Windows 10 for free of charge. After this, an upgrade to Windows 10 will set you back by at least $119.

We asked you a couple of weeks ago whether or not would you recommend someone to update their computer to Windows 10, and the vast majority of you insisted against it.

What's your thought on this now?

Those who opt out of updating to Windows 10 will also miss the Anniversary Update -- and its features -- which Microsoft plans to release on August 2 for free of charge.


Been a Beta Tester from the beginning.

I can say it is a good operating system if your not worried about personal privacy.

Really nothing to worry about.

It is rock solid in comparison to past Windows.

Has a lot of great features and did I mention it is free today?

Better get it while you can folks.

Do it right now while your at your Windows computer. 

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