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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Van Life

In 1974 I bought a 1964 Ford Econoline van from Tony Meston

Tony tells me that he got the van from Lonnie Frisbee who I believe got the van from the contractor who built Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, James Diemer.

Tony had put wood paneling in it and installed two vents on the roof for fresh air.

I put a small mattress in the back and curtains for the back windows and curtains for the front just behind the driver and passenger seats.

In the rear, there was a small deck with an ice chest I could use for food on long trips.

Of course, having long hair and a beard flagged me as a hippy kid to be pulled over by police which happened frequently in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa Ca.

Each and every time was not for legitimate reasons. Phony tickets for speeding when I was driving the legal speed limits.

It wasn't until I shaved and got a haircut that the being targeted by police finally stopped.

I had a place to live in Laguna Beach CA where the police did not once pull me over.

I liked my van because I could go anywhere and have my home away from home with me where ever I traveled.

I could find a place to park and sleep there overnight.

I had, for that period of time, a decent sound system that got a lot of usages.

My cassette tape player was fun because I could play my mix tapes that I created of music that I liked.

I used Tony's Sony equipment to make my tapes because he always had the latest Vinyl records.

Life in a van was all good for me at that period of my life as a young single man.

Here is a good story of a couple that lives in a van.

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