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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Prophetic Gold Over America

I stood there in awe as the men of God began to prophesy. 

These were no ordinary men.

 Out under the hot desert sun they had patiently waited all day upon the Lord for the Word of the Lord to come to them.

 It was now evening and they were gathered together around the camp fire in a loose circle. The fire casting dancing shadows upon their faces as they stood there leaning upon their walking sticks.

The smoke of the fire rising and swirling with it's aroma that only desert wood can give to smoke. Scenting their clothing, marking them as men who had been recently near a desert camp fire.

These were men who were very accustomed to hearing the voice of God. Men who knew the Word of God.

They had 'primed the pump,' so to speak, this evening, by worship and praise of our God.

The Holy Spirit had manifested Himself during worship and there was this other world like atmosphere like no other I  had ever experienced any where else.

 A reverence and an attitude of holiness had descended upon the men. I became as one who dared not move as I listened and held the microphone of the cassette tape recorder towards them.

 I could hear the gentle whirring of the tape recorders motor in the silences between their powerful prophetic utterances.

There was no evidence of fleshly soulish activity present, only the moving of the Holy Spirit upon men of God. Prophets of God.

 Prophets who had taken their weekend to dedicate them selves to speaking the Word of the Lord out in the desert places over the land.

These men were trained, they knew Him, they knew His voice, they loved Him and served Him. Jesus Christ was lifted up among them as their Lord and Savior

I witnessed the out working of the Word that evening as the desert wind softly rustled the camp fire.
  1. 1 Corinthians 14:27
    If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and let one interpret.
    1 Corinthians 14:26-28
  2. 1 Peter 4:11
    If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
The following are King James style excerpts from prophecies given by prophets of another time and place regarding the American national situation...
"For the Lord hath yet a purpose to perform within the remnant of His people. The Lord hath a thing that He shall bring to pass. 

Behold, the Lord would say unto thee that thou shalt not be passive in this matter, lest the purposes and the plans of God should be set aside many years, perhaps generations. But thou shalt believe, for there must be a performance of all that God hath begun within this generation.

Rise in faith to believe that God can take this house and bless this nation; that the prayers, faith and the ministries that God raised up can be like the jawbone of an ass in the hand of Samson to bring down the high and mighty who would lead the nation to destruction.

 Behold there are many who see the need but wander in confusion; for they know not what to do, and there are no weapons in their hands. But the Lord shall place within thy hands, O house of God, weapons of faith and prayer, that ye may turn the tide, if ye will believe to be the instrument in the hands of the Lord.

Thou shalt be mindful of the words of Jonathan, "The Lord is not limited to save by many or to save by few." Art thou willing to be that remnant in the land that shall contend for righteousness and see the Lord restore again the foundations? Can ye believe? 

Is thy heart so deceived that ye shall believe that this nation must surely fall under the hand of antichrists and Satan and be judged? Or will ye believe that this nation can be the salt that has not lost
its savor?

Oh, rise in the Spirit, ye saints of the Lord, for it is the day to make thy claim before the Lord that this house shall walk wholly in the Spirit. Regardless of what persecution shall come, they shall rise in faith, in one accord, to be the instruments in the hand of the Lord to turn multitudes to righteousness  and see the saving grace of the Lord visited upon a land that god hath brought forth.

Yea, thou shalt arise in the Spirit and thou shalt rebuke the horde of evil that should rise to bring revolution and destruction in the land.

 For hatred shall rage by devil power, but thou shalt believe the Lord and there shall be a flow of love, a love that shall cover and conquer.

 Thou shalt believe, and thy Lord shall minister to the needs of many.
Behold the insidious plots shall be discovered and shall be tripped, not because there are wise men at the helm, but because there are intercessors in the closet who love the Lord their God and do contend for righteousness.

 Thou shalt not look upon the vicious systems and say, "Behold they are corrupt and beyond redemption." Thou shalt look at the mighty hand of the Lord and say, "All things are possible to him that believeth."

Be thou glad and rejoice in this that the Lord hath chosen thee to do. And say not, "My hands are helpless," for in thy hands will the Lord place great grace. 

And in thy heart shall the Lord proclaim a word, and thou shalt be faithful to speak that word. Behold it shall produce a trembling in the hearts of men of evil, and it shall produce a leaping within the breast of those who look unto the Lord for deliverance.
Would you be willing to stand as a part of a company that God will use in this land? 

Oh this is a cause, this is something worth living for with all your heart. We will print it; we will speak it; we will send it out where ever we can through all media, we will minister it by the force of our hands. 

We will bind at the throne of God principalities and powers and see them broken. 

Lord, give a revival in the land of righteousness. Let us pledge ourselves to be instruments in the hand of the Lord.

It is a time that He shall demand a commitment and a dedication from thee such as thou hast not walked in heretofore. 

He shall call upon thee to spend hours before His face, crying unto Him one for another. Travail shall enter upon the soul of many, for the Lord bringeth forth a new thing on the earth, the like of which has not come forth before. 

He shall gird thee with His strength, and thou shalt continue to labor and to travail and to pray until thou hast seen the hand of the Lord establish a great and mighty thing in the earth.

 Rejoice in it, and if it should be thy life that ye should forfeit as a sacrifice for that which the Lord bringeth forth, count it a joyful thing, for few people have ever been permitted to walk before the face of the Lord and to know His greatness and know His power as the Body of Christ shall know it as they follow on to know the Lord.

The words that shall come to this house and to this land shall be very strong; for behold the wickedness and the iniquity of the people shall be proclaimed, and the treason in the land shall be uncovered

This which God is doing will not be a political movement or part of a party, but it will be a proclamation of the treason that is in the land. 

The unfaithfulness and the rebellion against the Lord shall be made known, that there might be a turning of the hearts of the people unto the Lord. 

God is raising up a people who will speak forth His word with such a boldness, but it will not be a political movement; it will be a spiritual force. 

The people who hear the Lord will take action in the parties. 

God wants His Church to speak His word and to be that force for righteousness!

 Be not dismayed, for the word of the Lord in the mouths of those with faith shall be as a chisel that shall chisel away at the walls of Babylon and bring them down.

When the Lord did bring down a nation, did he not raise up a prophet? And the word of the Lord came unto that prophet to prophesy against the country. He did prophesy against it; and though it seemed to be flourishing and strong, it surely came down according to that Word.

The Lord hath spoken unto thee and said, "Behold, thou shalt prophesy the word of the Lord."

 For the word of the Lord shall grow and be multiplied, and it shall bless thee. The Lord shall bring down every false, haughty thing that has exalted itself against the knowledge of the Lord. Thou shalt indeed be a blessed people, rejoice in it!

The Lord thy God hath settled upon this house a mantle like that which was given to the prophet Elisha by Elijah. This mantel has been given unto thee as a sign of God's presence in thee, even as it was prophesied in the word that God's judgment shall be with this house.

 And this mantel shall be a symbol that His judgment is with thee to be used against anything that shall rise against this house. It shall be used for that which comes against thee as a Body.

This judgment shall be used against anything that comes against this country, for it is for us to use. Take ye the judgment, and use it even as God has given it unto thee; for He has given thee the sign that this mantel has been settled upon this house, even as Elijah gave his mantle unto Elisha.

 The word of the Lord shall be in thy mouth as a sharp two-edged sword and it shall bring judgment upon the evildoers who have set themselves to bring destruction to this nation.

Let the prophets become creative. Let it become like a mighty machine of war. Ye shall prophesy, and there shall not be a stronghold of the enemy that will stand, for thou shalt be an instructed people that shall war by a word from the Lord.

Let there be a hearing ear to hear what the Lord hath proclaimed. 

For the word of the Lord shall be committed unto thee, and thou shalt speak it forth. Yes, thou shalt not cease to speak it forth. Day after day and week after week thou shalt not weary of it. Thou shalt not make thy prophecies according to the clouds upon the horizon or the wars or rumors of wars that shall attend the nations of the earth, nor shall they be of the distress of men's hearts being perplexed.

These things shall not invade thy thinking, but thou shalt be the people of the Lord who prophesy against Babylon and prophesy against the dragon that cometh forth; thou shalt speak the words that shall preserve a people in the midst of the earth.

For behold, the under regions are stirred, and they are disturbed because of the blessing that the Lord hath turned loose. 

Like an appointment of eternity, the calendar hath come to a certain day and hour, and they are aware that this is that day that they have dreaded. This is the hour that many of them shall be sent to the abyss and the judgments of the earth shall begin upon the earth.

 Yea, the wicked and ungodly and the devil powers shall be broken and be brought down, and it shall seem to be an hour of chaos until thou shalt behold the mighty hand of God that hath brought it forth; for the Lord shall have vengeance upon all who have rejected and mocked the ways of the Lord.

Behold, there shall be sincere men who shall seek thee out to find the prophet in thy midst. 

For in the midst of soothsayers and witchcraft, in the midst of evil, in the midst of devil-possessed men that shall harass the country, shall there not also be that which the Lord raiseth up that shall instruct men in the way of righteousness?

For behold the Lord saith, "Thou shalt be the salt of the earth, and thou shalt not lose thy savor; but thou shalt preserve in the midst of the land the workings of the Lord and that which the Lord bringeth forth."

We cry unto Babylon that she shall come down by the word of the Lord. Babylon, thou art to fall! There is to be no remainder of the people of the Lord who are held captive and a prey within thee!

For we cry unto the people of the Lord, where ever they be found; "Come out of her, come out of her, O people of the Lord! Be not a partaker of her sins, for the day has come! The day has come of thy liberation! Thy appointed judgments are completed, and now the Lord shall purge thee with hyssop. He shall search thee out until truth is found in thee."

O God, let the purposes of Satan to create an adverse image of every righteous and good man that standeth forth in the land be rebuked and exposed, and let integrity come forth. 

O God, we would see Thee place some of thy men in high places. Bring forth thy Jeremiahs and Thy Isaiahs in this hour for the glory of God, for Thou art not slack concerning Thy promises. Lord, start it even now.

O thou nation raised up by the Lord, we bless thee. We bless thee that the Spirit of the Lord shall bring conviction unto thee and that sin shall once more be sin unto thee, and righteousness shall be righteousness unto thee. 

Behold, the righteous man shall not be made evil in thy sight, nor shall the evil man seem to be righteous in thy sight.

But the day shall come that the Lord shall expose and bring down the refuge of lies in this
nation. He shall bring His glory and visitation upon it again.

Ye shall not break ranks, but ye shall march forth as the army of the Lord. And who shall stand against thy prayers, O house of the Lord, if ye be so united in the Lord.

 Oh, let there be a crying together again until the Lord shall move upon the land. We are not raised up to be blessed here. We are raised up that we shall be a voice that shall reach this nation.

O my God, wilt Thou not open up the wisdom of prophets in this place, that statesmen and politicians and men in high places may seek it out, that there shall be wise counsel again?

Someone has to plead our country's cause. Plead our country's cause every day. The leaders are not doing this, but we must.

God is requiring action of His people. there shall be a prophesying against the confusion in the land, a prophesying against the rebellion, a prophesying against the leaders who are playing into the hands of Satan to bring confusion to this land.

 The principality of perversion that turns the hearts of the people and the institutions to confusion is being broken.

Say not that the rulers and the courts of this land are right. They are not right. God raised this nation up, and He hath proclaimed it, and it is His!

They may rule Him out of the schools and say that men may not call upon His name; they may bring many things to pass. But the Lord will yet humble this nation, and it shall pray- in school and out of school.

The Lord will bring this nation unto a place where they must call upon the name of the Lord, but let it be that thou shalt cry unto the Lord that the judgment shall not be punitive, but that judgment shall instruct and that judgment shall correct; it shall be a corrective thing that shall come to the house of God and to the nation.

Let your heart rejoice, for this is the day that the word of the Lord shall come in creative power from the lips of the humblest saint. He shall prophesy and behold, there shall be the judgment and destruction of Babylon's walls.

Behold, in a day when the Caesars were living, in the days in which mighty conquerors were upon the earth and when there were men of valor, it was in those days that the Lord God did pick the tax collector, the fishermen, and men by the wayside, the one sitting under a fig tree, and said unto them, "follow Me."

And behold, upon them did rest the anointing of the Lord that did turn a century and did bring down empires and did change the course of time and caused men to make their calendars from those days, all without cell phones, ipads or computers on the internet.

So it shall be in this hour.

Behold, they who think to bring revolution and change to the earth in purges of blood, they shall be forgotten before the sons and daughters have come to maturity.

But remembered shall be that heritage of the Lord that hath come forth in the time of travail, that had been manifested in an hour in which the world was preparing for their coming.

They shall reap where they have not sown. They shall bring down by a Word, because it is prepared from of old that that Word should be spoken in the power of God.

Behold, thou art brought forth in the Lord to upset all the battles that Satan has worked in the kingdoms of this earth.

 Oh, that thy heart should look unto the Lord in this hour; for is it not devil power in government that hath brought about confusion and a state of anarchy within this land?

Behold, riots have filled the land because of devil possessed men who have moved into a place of rule.

 Thou shalt rise in the name of the Lord and know that this is indeed a word from God: there shall be that shall bind in the name of Jesus and bring down these things that have been a spoiling of the nation, and they shall bring an end to the slaughter and sacrifice of the innocent unto the gods of war.
prophets and there shall be companies of righteous ones

Thou shalt arise in the name of the Lord, and thou shalt bless and glorify the Lord of Hosts, for His is the power and the Kingdom and the glory forever

. Thou shalt replace the usurper. Thou shalt bind him and bring him down, for he hath not the right to rule nor dominate a nation that God hath raised up for a destiny.

Be filled with the words of the Lord, that ye shall speak them and echo them again and again (Fulfilled once again here in this place). For by the words of the Lord that shall come forth living and anointed in this hour shall the Lord do signs and wonders, shall He establish Zion, shall He bring utter confusion to Babylon and bring the counsels of the wicked to naught.

Even principalities and powers shall destroy one another in an amazing reaction to their purposes being frustrated by the hand of the Lord God. 

Thine eyes shall see the conclusion of many things that have been the conflict and the controversy of ages. Thou hast been raised up to see a completion of all of these things. Hath He anointed thee for a beginning? Behold, He shall perform it.

We take the faith that was in God's people as they stood at Jericho's walls, and we cry for the fortresses of the enemy to come down in the name of the Lord. Let them come down in the name of the Lord! And that which the Lord hath proclaimed, we claim it.

The word cometh from the Lord in this hour the like of which men have yearned to see and have not known. many shall stumble and draw back from it, but those who weigh it carefully and look to the Lord until it is confirmed and becomes a living, burning thing within their spirits, they shall walk in the miracle of the word of God in this hour.

Be concerned about preserving the liberties and the freedom in America long enough for God's remnant to be established in a true spiritual walk with God. 

If a remnant would be faithful to the Lord, there is no reason why the United States could not be preserved right into the Kingdom and be the instrument God wants it to be. Even though there has been a serious deterioration of morals in America, there is a remnant of New Testament believers coming up strong.

For the sake of the remnant, God can spare America.

 There is a strong , spiritual, prophetic voice in the land that God wants for the end time. God has always had His men.

 In the decline of Israel, He had Elijah come to protest and speak the word of the Lord. In the days of declension when judgment was about to come, He had Jeremiah weeping over His chosen.

The prophets always appear when God is ready to bring the end of one age and the beginning of another. The judgments upon the old age are proclaimed by the prophets.

But they have a two fold ministry. you cannot read the old prophets without seeing that they prophesy immediate destruction in judgment, but then they lift up their eyes and see what is out ahead of them- the mountain peaks of blessing and glory- and they prophesy that, too.

 Even though the Old Testament prophecies were primarily related to the immediate circumstances, yet every prophet has the vision that sees the peaks which would be invisible otherwise, and every prophet proclaims what is to come.

The message of the Kingdom must be preached; but at the same time, the Holy Spirit is leading His remnant to prophesy against that which Satan brings to destroy.

Do not be fooled; Satan is trying to destroy the whole human race. 

Jesus said it would be so. He said that unless these days be shortened, there would be no flesh saved alive (Matthew 24:22).

 God's remnant is in, as it were, a spiritual contest to hold back the powers of darkness until the children of God get through the Red Sea. Then God will let the waters go, and the judgments will come.

But this message must be established in the earth; His remnant must have the freedom to do it.

The Lord directs at times to prophesy against certain political candidates whose deceitfulness makes it evident that they are dangerous men.

 Believers should prophesy that God will bring down demonic political machinery. God has spoken that the principality of deception will be broken in these matters, but His believers must realize that the judgment of deception is up to them.

 God also spoke that when Satan makes his bid to take over the United States in an antichrist form of government, he will attempt it through a political party; and the Lord said, "Rise up and curse the influence of the demagogues."

The Body of Christ will do something besides bringing down some godless candidate. There will be many good people in the organization under such a man.

For the sake of the good in the political parties, keep praying for these people and for the remnant of real Americans who are found in them. Pray for God to establish them.

There have been great men in the parties of the past, and there are great ones in the parties today. These men are not the ones who are publicized, nor are they the ones who will do the damage. But for their sakes, for the sake of what they will be trying to do to hold back the tide of devil-possessed men who are infiltrating every party and every sort of office...

Prophesy against the satanic invasion that is coming into our government. It is coming in everywhere. This country faces a time of violence. People are being shot down in the streets. Gangsterism is everywhere and is more corrupt than people realize.

Cry out against these things; cry out before the Lord!

Prophesy against the corruption in high places of government. God help the few men who stand against the tide.

We need good Christian men in positions of influence. We need Daniels to stand in the midst of all of the corruption, praying three times a day before God; men like the Centurion who feared God, who gave alms to the people and served the Lord day and night. On them let the Spirit of the Lord descend.

Ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt have lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? Matthew 5:13.

Believers do not have a responsibility to politicians or to a political party, but they must recognize that God has created them to be a spiritual force that can bring down the powers of darkness if they wield the authority of the name of Jesus.

If you walk with God, you will have to have faith in what God speaks to the men of God who lead you.

 Do not be naive- test the spirits if there is a question in your mind. But keep yourself open. You cannot be moved by any prejudice that you might have. Be less concerned about political ideas at this point and be dedicated only to the Kingdom.

 As a citizen of the Kingdom, rise and prophesy against that which the enemy would bring.

The enemy is coming in like a flood and the Spirit is lifting up a standard against him. The Body of Christ must rise in the name of the Lord and curse the trend that Satan brings.

God's people must be exhorted to not draw back from fervent prayer and intercession. They must stay
with it, for God is not going to do anything except through the intercession and prayers of the people.

Let us cry out to Thee against every evil thing, for hereunto You have called Your people.

The multitudes will reject what God is speaking. They may rise up in anger, saying, "This thing should be put out of the country, this should be banished, this isn't patriotic, this isn't American," because they are caught up in witchcraft and in deception.

The Lord prophesied that the time will come when people will kill you and think they are doing God a favor (John 16:2). So be it. the remnant of God does not stand alone; it stands with Him.

People by the hundreds will turn away from the truth which God's true believers will be speaking. Never the less, men of God have a responsibility to be what God raised them up to be and to do what God raised them up to do.

 The Lord Jesus will be their hiding place in the time of storm that is coming upon the earth.

Millions are going to be saved in this generation!

 Oh, how faithful we should be with the message of grace and deliverance, with all patience exhorting the people to save themselves from this generation.

How we should battle to bring everyone in, not to let them go, not to let them be victims of this great flood of inquity.

If the American people pray and seek the Lord and prophesy against the present trends. God can preserve their country, so that it can be the vehicle and instrument God raised it up to be before the whole world.

Satan has done everything he can to discredit America in the sight of other peoples, yet 90% of the missionaries and the support of those missionaries for the last hundred years has come from the United States of America.

When ever there are people in need, the American government, despite all its politics and
corruption, has sent relief into the area. America has done what she could.

People have torn down the American flag and burned it and spat upon it; they have mocked and threatened American statesmen. Those who love God still love the Stars and Stripes, because God Himself was behind the founding of this country, as certainly as He was in the raising up of Israel in the Old Testament.

According to Scriptures and to prophecy, God is going to bring down everything exalting itself against Jesus Christ.

We believe in America, even though we may be disillusioned with much that is happening, with the futility of our wars and various other efforts. Political corruption gets into these efforts until we wonder how much we are accomplishing.

 A serviceman may feel the same way. Although he is a part of the military, he may wonder sometimes, "What am I doing worthwhile?"

But if he seeks first the Kingdom and fulfills efforts. Political corruption gets into these efforts until we wonder how much we are accomplishing.
Although he is a part of the military, he may wonder sometimes, "What am I doing worthwhile?" But if he seeks first the Kingdom and fulfills his place, he may find that God has positioned him there. He is not there to defend the things that are wrong in the American way of life; but he can stand as one man to somehow hold back the tide to keep this country as free as he can while others are laboring to send out the message of the Kingdom. 
Such a man can consider that he is defending a remnant in America.
This is speaking of the true American who is dedicated to the America God first brought forth. 

This America includes the people who support ninety percent of the missionary effort around the world, who help the poor and the afflicted around the world. This is what a military man is defending, not a system of conspiracy that is wrong.

Any believer who is in the military can have this dedicated attitude: "Lord, help me as a Christian, so that every effort that I put forth will help God's remnant in what they do. Let me be a part."

They serve their country best who serve God first. They do not advocate its downfall. 

We cannot have things go on as they are. Something must change in America. The only hope for revival is that America suddenly faces the fact that it is in jeopardy and is going to go down.

Then perhaps it will listen when someone comes with a word from God...

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