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Thursday, June 26, 2008


The answer is obvious

Your sick friends would be healed.

Your life would bring joy instead of sorrow.

Your countenance would shine with love.

Your motives wouldn’t be what they are and your heart would be at peace.

I have found that when I simply give up and believe, my giving becomes uninhibited and a prevailing peace floods my soul. It’s almost as if I have been wrong all along about everything I have ever thought I believed. I simply begin to believe in Jesus again without the questions. I have compassion and I believe in miracles. I believe every miracle recorded in the bible just as if it is still true for us today. If they are not true for everybody, they were never true for anybody. I embrace the fact that God truly is love and that I can depend on that love in every situation.

Is healing for everybody, all the time, every time? Every demon is subject to the name of Jesus and must give way to God’s will. No demon in hell can prevail against us. The devil simply cannot violate the blood of Jesus Christ. There is power in the blood. We overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. When we command demons to depart in the name of Jesus they must depart, and if our command is to never return, they must never return. That is always God’s will.

The destroying death angel had to pass over every house in Egypt that had the blood applied to the door. There is no way in hell that Satan could have dishonored the authoritative power behind that blood. All power in heaven and earth cannot and will not stop the power unleashed by faith in that blood. Demons must bow, sickness and disease must bow, poverty, anxiety, loneliness, and all addictions must bow. Nothing can by any means hurt you when you believe in and apply the blood of Jesus Christ.

Now I can hear the voice of human reason saying, "But what about…" I don’t care what doctrine, what logic, what scholarly theological argument that you or anyone may have. I am leaving them all behind to embrace a faith that says, "Yes and now" to every miracle of God. I have determined within my soul to believe the word of God. To take it for what it says, to believe on it and to act upon it. We are unstoppable, indestructible, and completely dependent on the predictability of God’s word. He means what He says and He even says it before it happens. What He has decreed will be.

The outcome of our faith is without doubt predicted by the word of God. It will come to pass just as you have believed. Jesus said, "Be it unto you according to your faith." If we stand in faith, as it is written, we will also receive by faith as it is written.

By faith be healed, be delivered, blind eyes see, deaf ears hear. Nothing but unbelief can stand in the way of Gods healing power. In Africa we say Kira – (be healed) and people are healed. What do you say?

Pastor Tilson

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