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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anyone Here Recall Sly And The Family Stone?

This kid is only 13 and he rips the bass like Sly!

By the time he merged two existing bands to form Sly and the Family Stone in 1967, Sylvster "Sly" Stewart had already made quite a mark on the Bay Area musical scene, scoring local hits in family gospel, doo-wop, and R&B, DJing at San Francisco's R&B outlet, and producing national hits for the Autumn record label. Nevertheless, Sly and the Family Stone -- which did indeed include three siblings also active in the SF scene -- didn't receive much national attention (outside of some critical raves) for its debut album A Whole New Thing. CBS head Clive Davis wanted something "more commercial."

Davis' demands rankled Sly so much that he set out to record the most ridiculously commercial song he could, so that when it flopped, the suits would be off his back. Of course, "Dance To The Music" became an immediate smash Number One hit. But after several attempts to mold similiar followups into his vision, Sly finally broke through the with the psych-soul of Stand! and its big pop hit, "Everyday People." Musically as well as physically integrated and perfectly suited for both the age of Aquarius and the birth of funk, the band rode a wave of popularity that crested with a ferocious performance at Woodstock.

Sly Has A website:

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