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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday I heard a sermon taken from 1 Kings 13 about an old prophet challenging the word of a younger prophet. Today at lunch it happened to me. An old prophet walking by our table recognized the Bishop that I was having lunch with. They talked a while catching up on ministry things when the word of the Lord came to me.

I told the prophet that he had a green light from the Lord to pursue the ministry that God had given him. He said, "I don’t receive that." I agreed that he could easily build a good case against the word of the Lord by saying such things as, "Lord, the last time I tried people spoke against me. I went into dept. I was hurt and the one left holding the bag."

I was extra bold, because I had just been answering a question the Bishop was asked me when this man walked up and sat down. The Bishops question was, "What is it that God has called you to do?" I surprised myself with this reply, "Encourage prophets"

When the word of the Lord comes to us it will usually increase as we act upon it. Sometimes it comes in the form of a disturbance within your own soul or spirit and all you can do is try putting it into words.

The old prophet rejected my encouragement because it posed a personal threat to him.I told the old prophet that he was in a pit and didn’t even know it.

When Jesus called fishermen to become fishers of men, the Bible says, "And they straightway left their nets and followed Him" (Mt. 4:20).

It is always wise to wait upon the lord, but never wise to wait upon circumstances.

Pastor Tilson Shumate

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