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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pastor Brant Baker "The Power Of Grace And Mercy" Tape #452 MP3 Surround

It is the anointing of the Living Word that comes across to us from the printed pages of the Holy Bible.

 The vehicle of auditory reception through spoken language or reading the printed page are all vehicles of the anointing of Almighty God towards us.

Without that anointing it is just spoken words or typed words on a page that will have no more meaning then any other words we hear or read. It is the anointing of Almighty God that makes the difference.

One can listen to the Bible or read the Bible and even know it in one's own memory, but if there is no anointing upon it it becomes just more words to us. When Almighty God anoints His Word to us through what ever vehicle He chooses the Living Word of God comes alive to us and does what God intended it to do in us and through us.

It doesn't matter if the printed words are misspelled or misspoken, it is the Word of God just the same.
We still experience the anointing of God through His Living Word.

Today I have a perfect example of this.

I have taken a copy of a copy of a copy of a simple old cassette tape. A low grade analog audio tape made 40 years ago. Because of the many times it has been copied and because of the fact that it was originally produced on a mass production cassette tape copier the quality of the audio is very poor. There is crosstalk in the background and tape speed differentials along with sound threshold spikes.

And yet the Word of God is still the content of this particular tape recording inspite of all it's auditory artifacts.I still got super blessed and edified as Brant Baker and Shekinah Fellowship had intended when they first made this tape available as a ministry tool..

I totally knew that I had to use all of my computer skills and a few audio cleaning programs and such to do what ever I could to bring this teaching from the Word of God to a new generation.

I formatted it into MP3 Surround after I balanced the stereo image and cleaned up as many of the artifacts as possible with out loosing clarity.

There still are quite a few rough patches that nothing could be done about. And yet the anointing of Almighty God is unmistakable even though the vehicle of transmission to you and I is flawed in comparison to today's digital perfection and high definition that we have all become accustomed to .

That is what is so wonderful and awesome about the Word of God. It is alive and active no matter how God should move towards you and I. Even through a 40 year old low grade recording.

I am making this teaching available called "The Power Of Grace And Mercy" #452 first given from the Fox West Coast Theater in Long Beach CA so many years ago, by pastor Brant Baker of Shekinah Fellowship

It took me a few days to clean up this tape and reformat it to MP3 surround and upload it to a file server. I think that you will like it.

It is my hope to be able to do this with all of the cassette tapes I have of Brant Baker's teaching of the Living Word of God. Unlike most so called ministries we here at Shekinah Fellowship today do not believe in the common practice of using anything we can to generate income or donations for ourselves.

 When God guides God provides.

The calling of God is the enabling of God.

He doesn't need our help or our schemes to generate income.

Romans 1:17

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

The Power Of Grace And Mercy
By Brant Baker
Shekinah Fellowship
Tape Ministry #452

The above link has expired and I can't seem to locate it at the moment.

I offer a short video while I try to locate the tape:


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