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Monday, December 30, 2013

Aimee Semple McPherson

This is the woman who started the era of  the cult of "celebrity" before anyone had even thought of it. She had the first AM radio station that was so powerful that it could reach from LA to the middle of America. Paul Crouch of TBN fame once worked at this station called "The Kings Herald of Faith" KHOF.

She was the first high profile woman in ministry. Today Benny Hinn's style of ministry is a root from her ministry by way of Kathrine Khulman who attended Amiee's ministry as a young woman.

 I have had the privilege of having coffee with a man who used to attend all of her services. He told me that she was a genius at showmanship and won the hearts and minds of everyone in the services. The people were led in worship by someone until at a certain point the lights were lowered and a spotlight would shine on Aimee standing at the top of a circular staircase dressed in white while holding a dozen red roses in her arms as she slowly ascended the stairs. The atmosphere was electric and made a deep impact on those present.

I visited Angelus Temple in 1992 and talked with the then pastor Sanders. He gave me a private tour of the place and shared his knowledge of Aimee with me. At the time I did not know that pastor Sanders was the same man who had outed Brant Baker to Paul Crouch of TBN for being secretly gay. Pastor Saunders gave me some cassettes of Amiee speaking. I since have lost track of them.

What most people do not know is that Pastor Chuck Smith was brought to these Aimee services as a youngster by his parents. He later graduated from her Life Bible College and served in the Four Square Gospel system for the early portion of his ministry.  Kathryn Khulman was there at the same time as Smith.

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