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Thursday, December 26, 2013


I recently took a walk at this bluff where I shot the pictures for this video. The city had ruined it with signs and fencing and turned it into an 'official' park. Today it is not green like it was in my video. There are no pools of water and there are not plants everywhere. A sadness came over me as I walked around there. We had the driest winter on record thus far and it showed. I am blown away by how many people have viewed this video, 11, 697 views to date.

I love clouds, something we rarely see these days now that there is geoengineering programs above us. But in the days of my youth there were big billowy fluffy clouds gently floating by overhead. Today all we get to see is the aftermath of the massive chemicals being sprayed globally. Few clear blue sky days anywhere on the globe. Sunny southern California has fewer sunny days. Most days might start out clear but by noon the spray program has the sky ruined with a sickly dinge of wispy man made crap.

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