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Thursday, December 31, 2015

HAARP-Generated Blockade Installed 12-30-2015

Wed Dec 30th

 A blockade of high pressure is being installed once again, the timing of which is synchronized perfectly with the arrival of two large storms - one of those a hurricane force system and a Gale force system.

 Santa Ana winds are forecast starting tomorrow morning in the Foothills of the Los Angeles area.

 TV weather says rain may arrive by Sunday but I don't see how that will materialize at this moment with all of the strong high pressure located on the East side of the large vertical front off the West coast.

 The barometric pressure has risen to 30.10" because of the high pressure being installed in preparation for the weather offshore.

 RH is currently 62%; Dew Point is 27F and the temperature at 11:30 PM is 38F.

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