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Thursday, April 21, 2016

So What did Greg Laurie have to do with Shekinah Fellowship?

Greg Laurie Was A Part Of Shekinah Fellowship

Greg made this flier for Shekinah Fellowship when he was attending Shekinah in 1973.
He actually tried to go in the healing ministry direction early on, had to be influenced by Brant Baker's ministry. 
I recall attending a home fellowship in Laguna Beach that was taught by Mike Macintosh on Monday evenings in Laguna Beach at what was being called the "Hallelujah House."

 Mike couldn't be there one night so Greg filled in for him.

 During the course of Greg's meeting he started calling out healings that he felt the Lord was performing. 

Don't recall if people were healed or not, but it was cool to see Greg stepping out in faith like that.

 This was before Greg was well known, when he was still in training by the Holy Spirit.

I recall sitting next to Greg in the back of the little Calvary Chapel on Sunflower, he showed me a bible tract that he had drawn.

 It was drawn on some white cardboard.

 He was going to show it to Chuck Smith the pastor. 

Greg was a very good artist. 

And a very happy person who always seemed to be getting revelations from the Word of God
 that he was so eager to share with anyone willing to listen to him.

 I think that Greg was the original energizer bunny, he had so much enthusiasm and zeal.

 Who knew that this would grow into what we see in his life today. 

I marvel that he has never changed!

 What you see today is what we saw in him as teenagers.

  Although I do see a seriousness that has developed over the years and spiritual battles that he has faced.

 I bless the man of God!

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