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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Intel Knows It's No Longer Inside (The Verge.com)

During the early 90's when we all started getting on the Internet and began to learn how to build computers of our own, Intel was the premiere CPU.

"Intel Inside" was their slogan.

Each iteration of Intel's CPU's cost us dearly.

Then along came a competitor named AMD.

AMD was more affordable.

So we switched to AMD.

But Intel would up the game and come out with some newer whizbang CPU.

Back and forth we went trying to obtain the latest and the greatest advances in CPU tech.

We had bragging rights if we built the fastest computers with the best video cards that we could afford.

Only a few had the budget to keep up with the cutting edge in technology.

We all had a great time playing the computer building game

Well those wonderful days are all but gone.

None few care to build their own computers and most of us have transferred to our phones and iPads for Internet access.

You don't hear "Intel Inside" too often these days.

Intel knows it is no longer inside.



 Two years since the release of Intel's Haswell-E platform, which popularized 8-core processor to users. On Tuesday, the chipmaker unveiled Broadwell-E family, which consists of an "Extreme Edition" of Core i7 chipset that has 10 cores and 20 threads.

 (Do note that Intel is intentionally not calling it deca-core.) Intel says the Extreme Edition is designed for games, content creators, and overclockers. From an NDTV report:

The 7th generation Intel Core processors are built on the 14nm fabrication process, and are part of the 'semi-Tock' release -- neither in the Intel Tick or Tock cycle. and come with Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 for more efficient core allocation for single-threaded processes, giving up to 15 percent better performance compared to the previous Haswell-E generation.

 All four new Intel Core i7 Enthusiast processors, codenamed Broadwell-E, support 40 PCIe lanes, quad-channel memory, and bear a TDP of 140W. Give Intel $1,723 and the Extreme Edition pack is yours.

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