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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Is Dictator Of Facebook Nation; There's No Democracy Online: The Pirate Bay Founder (cnbc.com)

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is the "dictator" of "the biggest nation in the world," says Peter Sunde, co-founder of the controversial website The Pirate Bay. 

Sunde, who appeared at The Next Web conference on Friday, added that there is "no democracy" online.

 From a CNBC report:

"People in the tech industry have a lot of responsibilities but they never really discuss these things... 

Facebook is the biggest nation in the world and we have a dictator, if you look at it from a democracy standpoint, Mark Zuckerberg is a dictator.

 I did not elect him. He sets the rules," Sunde said. "And really you can't opt out of Facebook. 

I'm not on Facebook but there are a lot of drawbacks in my offline world. 

No party invitations, no updates from my friends, people stop talking to you, because you're not on Facebook. So it has real life implications."

I can't be found on facebook.

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