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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Could Use Some Prayer

David Sloane

The last few weeks have been hell for me.

I found out that I have prostrate cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes of my hips and a few other places.

So of course I had to go through every medical test they have.

I am starting to feel like a pin cushion with all of the blood drawn and all of the shots.

I had the "Turp Procedure" on Monday, spent that night in the hospital where you get no rest because of the hospital staff coming in every 30 minutes to do something to you.

Blood pressure, heart beat, temp and such.

I am at home now.

The urologist wants me to go to an Oncologist.

I have seen a few good people pass on because of the chemo therapy that destroys the very thing you need to survive cancer, your own immune system.

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