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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Georgia The Free Spirit

Off The Grid

His name was Georgia because he had hitch hiked from there to Laguna Beach CA and no one ever really knew his given name.

It was the late sixties when I first met Georgia at main beach where the old life guard tower is.

He was a hippie with long hair, sun tanned and in good physical shape with a smile that lighted up everywhere that he was.

He told me that he was currently living up in the old Indian caves at the "Top of the World."

Georgia knew that a group commonly known as "Hare Krishnas" served healthy food for free to the public in what was once a church.

  Western values were being questioned by the Hare Krishnas, so Georgia was comfortable in that context.

Hare Krishna
He ate well as a result of the Hare Krishnas's kindness to others.

Turned out that Georgia knew his Holy Bible well.

He loved the Lord and loved his own carefree life style and shared Jesus with all who he encountered.

He was the first person that I had met that lived like he did and truly enjoyed it. 

Many is the time that I had long conversations with him standing on a side walk of Pacific Coast Highway.

Almost everyone in Laguna knew of Georgia, some tried to give him money or clothing, he was always just wearing shorts, no shoes, no shirt.

Vincent, a volunteer carpenter in the Pyrenees,
A true nature boy.

He refused the money and clothing saying, "I have everything that I need."

Today there are many others who are living a similar life style in varying degrees around the world.


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