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Thursday, February 23, 2017


The heavens declare the glory of God. 

All of creation is a display of His glory. Nature itself testifies.

All around us we see the supernatural miracle of creation.

The very existence of beauty, in any form, is a reflection of God.

All things were created for Him and by Him.

Visible creation, though supernatural in origin, has become normal and natural to us.

We are accustomed to the visible, tangible world of sight and sound.

These are the works of God, but they are only works of old. God desires, in these last days, to be known as something more than natural.

When Jesus showed us the father, He did it by changing the natural course of things:

Rebuking the wind and the sea - Raising the dead -. Lepers were cleansed - The deaf were made to hear - Blind eyes could see.

His life was a demonstration of the Spirit and power of God.

Healing and deliverance were among the more prevalent miracles used by Jesus and the early church.

 They validated the invisible presence of God in a visible way.

I believe this is the year for signs, wonders, and miracle.

 All my life, I have prayed and believed God for healing. I have seen and heard a lot of miracles, but nothing compared to what’s ahead.

 Every failure that we have ever experienced in praying for the sick will be redeemed.

God will make it up to us.

Those who have stepped out on the water in faith and sank will rise.

 God has never, ever, rebuked me for failing. He has always encouraged me for trying.

This is the year.

 I am writing this on New Years Eve in Kauai.

 No matter what condition the sick are in, God can, and I believe He will, heal them.

Pastor Tilson Shumate

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