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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pictures of Sudan's forgotten Nubian pyramids

More pics

Hebrew oral tradition avers that Moses, in his younger years, had led an Egyptian military expedition into Sudan (Kush), as far as the city of MeroĆ«, which was then called Saba. 

The city was built near the confluence of two great rivers and was encircled by a formidable wall, and governed by a renegade king.

 To ensure the safety of his men who traversed that desert country, Moses had invented a stratagem whereby the Egyptian army would carry along with them baskets of sedge, each containing an ibis, only to be released when they approached the enemy's country.

 The purpose of the birds was to kill the deadly serpents that lay all about that country.

 Having successfully laid siege to the city, the city was eventually subdued by betrayal of the king's daughter, who had agreed to deliver the city unto Moses on condition that he would consummate a marriage with her, under the solemn assurance of an oath.

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