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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness, not with a casual desire, but with an intense, burning drive? Do you want to walk with God, not just to know about Him, or even to minister in His name, but to really know Him in a deep walk with Him?

You cannot carry limitations within yourself. God did not impose them by one Word that He spoke. Not one time did He impose limitations. The Scriptures tell you that you have an unlimited, perfect provision for every need until the whole man, spirit and soul and body be preserved unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it. I Thessalonians 5:23-24.

What shall we do with these promises? We should hate every day that we live short of God's provision! How can we enjoy life when it is so limited? No matter how successful we might be in walking with God, the restoration of His truths for this hour will not mean much if we do not appropriate the total experience that God has provided for us. Oh, how we should grieve in spirit before the Lord with deep intercession and crying in our hearts. God Himself is the only answer for meeting us now.

Either we have a Word from God and Christ's resurrection life as our reality, or we have a religious philosophy, a mental assumption that we do not believe will ever really work for us. Let us believe with faith. We should be disturbed, we should not cease to be on our faces before God until our experience totally measures up to the Word we profess, the word we believe. This would end the gap between provision and what we experience of the provision.

This coming year you should declare war upon the unbelief of your own heart. Declare war on the satanic lie that sometimes calms and soothes you into accepting something short of what God has really said over your life. To be half-healed, to be half-delivered, to have God touch your eyes and yet see men as trees walking (Mark 8:24), to have a taste but not really to know all that God has for you- that must end!

What we have received from God so far is not enough. We must not stop until we have a meeting with God- not a meeting where He pats us on the head and says, "Your a good boy." He must meet us so that we can be  in fellowship and walk with Him.

Let us demand an end of partial fulfillment- of seeing through a glass darkly, of knowing in part, and speaking in part. We must put away the childish incompleteness (I Corinthians 13:11-12).

If the devil can stop you in your personal walk with God, he surely will stop you as you try to carry the gospel of the Kingdom to others. It starts with you. It is time to seek the Lord and say, "Pardon me, Lord, I was misunderstanding things. This is not going to happen anymore. What You said is what will be. What You set before me is what I am going to experience. I shall no longer settle for anything short of entire sanctification-spirit, soul, and body.

We must see God's purposes accomplished. Instead of merely existing, let your faith anticipate resurrection life. Go after the life that God has for you.

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