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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Visualizing Radio Waves In Chemtrails

Those of you who have followed this blog for a few years or so know that I have observed geoengineering and am not shy about exposing it.

One thing I have watched is when the emission of microwaves hits the micronized metallic powders.

They have the tendency to separate into wave patters 
mimicking and revealing where the strongest microwave concentrations in the canopy above us are focused.

Like a giant oscilloscope in the sky. 

You can actually see where the microwaves are by the wave patterns in the sky. When the focused radio wave emitters are turned off the definition of the waves slowly dissipates.  You can actually observe this.

Watch as the canopy rises really high as a result of the radio waves targeting the micronized metallic powders that the jets have released into the sky. (Banned Episode Jesse Ventura HAARP Exposed)

The powders always rise when hit with microwaves, thusly raising the canopy, which if your patient you can observe every time you see those tell tail waves.

Evidence always demands a verdict.

Here is an article of visualizing radio waves in another spectrum...

2.4 GHz Waves

There was this art piece that circled the internet a few weeks ago which used a tablet to visualize WiFi and other signals and it was complete fake.

 It was cool, and it approximated where radio waves emanated from, but it wasn't actually measuring them for display. 

Greg Charvat has built his career on Radar and other RF design.

 Seeing that demo he realized he could show you what actual microwaves look like

He used a radar that he built himself from coffee cans.

 By altering the circuit just a bit he is able to move the receiver around the room and illuminate different LEDs based on the signal traits.

 A long exposure photograph captures this and lets you see the radio waves. It's like a charcoal rubbing but for electromagnetic waves.

Watch the sky, look up and observe the controlling of our weather by man.

Want to see some of the radio transmitters?

Drive up 395 on your way to ski at Mammoth Mountain.

Every mile or so you will see giant white golf ball like domes on top of small hills...

Some have called the many types of antenna for these radio waves TTA (Tesla Tech Arrays.) 

 If being sprayed like insects isn’t bad enough, we are also being exposed to unseen electromagnetic waves, HAARP waves, ELF/VLF waves, SCALAR waves, VECTOR waves and various microwaves that work in conjunction with the toxic metals being dropped into our atmosphere from chemtrails. 

ELF/VLF radio waves penetrate deeply beneath the surface of the earth and interact with the geologic structure of the earth and other EMR/EMF-based systems and are transmitted into the atmosphere. 

This may explain the ringing in your ears and or the dim sound of Morse code telegraph key like sound. 

Most people believe it to be a medical problem like tinnitus but it actually is not.

We are breathing air filled with ethylene dibromide.

 Our atmosphere, our health and our genetic makeup is being geoengineered at this very moment.

Between eating the genetically modified foods and being exposed to what ever is being sprayed in our air our DNA is being altered sideways 

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