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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Actual Weather Reporting


 Pt. 2;

 A small upper level low pressure rain system is approaching the Los Angeles and Southern California region tonight from the Pacific, and should be delivering a small amount of rain to our area.

 What happened instead is the chemtrail jets were out spraying aerosols from about noon onward and by late afternoon the approaching clouds from this low's moisture field were blanketed entirely with aerosol chemtrails, which prevent lift and prevent precipitation.

The chemtrails are causing a capping inversion layer, preventing much needed rain to the Southern California area.

Today is another example of deliberate and covert weather manipulation - and the poisoning of the atmosphere to stop a mere 0.25" - 0.75" of rain potential from a small weather system!

 The local news puppets reading the weather script on TV won't be sharing any of this information with their viewers. Referenced link in video:http://wxshift.com/news/this-map-shows-how-lucky-hawaii-has-been-this-hurricane-season

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